A stiff neck can be painful and also interfere with your everyday activities, as well as your capacity to acquire a good night’s sleep. In 2010, much more than 17 percent of women and an ext than 12 percent of males reported some type of neck pain and stiffness.

That number is increasing with the prevalent use of mobile devices and computers, which compel civilization to crane your necks at awkward angles. In fact, looking down at your phone, laptop, or other gadgets is the many common cause of neck strain. This hunched position puts a strain on the muscles and soft organization of your neck.

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Other causes may include:

poor postureclenched jawstressrepetitive neck motionneck or spinal injury

We’ll look at at methods to assist relieve neck stiffness and also pain and also methods to protect against the pain.

stubborn neck prevention

Many times, you can prevent a stiff neck v some way of life changes and also ergonomic rectal tools. Avoidance may also mean break some negative habits, like negative posture. In addition, regular exercise deserve to strengthen her muscles and also make them less likely to it is in strained or injured.

Also, not cigarette smoking or quitting cigarette smoking can assist prevent neck pain. Quitting can be difficult. Speak to your medical professional to produce a quit-smoking arrangement that is ideal for you.

Create an ergonomic workplace

Many people work in ~ a computer desk because that eight hrs each day. This can add to a stiff neck, and also other ailments. Here are some methods to prevent a stubborn neck in ~ work:

Adjust her chair right into a comfortable place with your feet flat on the floor and your knees a little bit lower 보다 your hips.Adjust your computer so that it’s in ~ eye level.Use an ergonomic keyboard and mouse.Stand up to stretch and also move every hour.

Limit exactly how long you look at a smartphone

Constantly looking under at your phone pulls on your neck muscles and also puts a constant strain on them. If you need to use your smartphone often, shot some of these advice to reduce your neck strain:

Hold your phone in ~ eye level.Don’t host your phone between your shoulder and also your ear.Use earbuds or headphones.Take a break from your phone hourly.After using your phone, stretch come relax your muscles.

Don’t journey for lengthy periods at a time

Just like sitting in ~ your desk all day, sitting behind the wheel the your car can influence your neck. If you need to drive for long periods, below are part tips for preventing a stubborn neck:

Take division to was standing up and stretch.Set an alarm to repeat you to examine your attitude while driving.Set your seat in a place that provides you the many support and puts friend in great posture.Don’t text and drive. It’s illegal, dangerous, and also bad for her neck to be repetitively feather up and also down from her phone to the road.


Periodically protecting against to big is a good way to assist prevent obtaining a stiff neck. Follow me include:

Roll your shoulders earlier and forth.Squeeze her shoulder knives together number of times.Slowly relocate your ear to your shoulder on every side.Slowly revolve your head from side to side.

Change her sleep position

The position you sleep in in ~ night can also impact your neck. Sleeping on her side or your earlier puts much less strain on your neck than resting on her stomach. Once you sleep on your stomach, you forcing your neck to strain for long periods of time and also this can cause pain and also stiffness.

If you sleep on your side for all or component of the night, you have the right to buy a pillow v neck support.

If you have a painful, stubborn neck, girlfriend can try several remedies to mitigate the pain and also lessen the stiffness. Countless of these remedies can additionally be offered for prevention.

Apply warmth or ice

Apply ice for 20 minute a few times a day to help relieve neck inflammation. You can likewise alternate between applying ice and heat. Taking a heat bath or shower head or making use of a heater pad may also help.

Take OTC ache relievers

Over-the-counter ache relievers favor the complying with can assist reduce the pain:

ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil)naproxen salt (Aleve)acetaminophen (Tylenol)

Stretch however avoid suddenly movements

Stretching can assist relieve the pain and also stiffness, and also prevent it in the future. It’s essential to large gently and also slowly. Sudden movements can cause an ext inflammation, pain, and also a more serious injury. Use a heating pad or take a heat shower before stretching.

Stretches include:

Roll her shoulders backward and also then front in a circle.Press her shoulder chisels together and hold the place for a few seconds, then repeat.Slowly revolve your head from next to side.

Get a massage

Massage through a trained practitioner can assist to loosen and also stretch her neck and back muscles.

Try acupuncture

Acupuncture entails inserting needles into certain pressure point out on your body. While an ext scientific research is needed to recognize proven benefits, acupuncture has been exercised for countless years in eastern medicine. Visit just a certified practitioner through sterile needles.

Consider chiropractic care

A license is granted chiropractor can manipulate muscles and also joints to carry out pain relief. This form of therapy deserve to be uncomfortable or painful come some. Friend can comment on your comfort through a doctor.

Limit physical activity

If her neck stiffness and pain began after performing physics activity, you need to limit that activity until the stiffness resolves. However, you should limit heavy lifting and activities that may aggravate her neck muscles any kind of time you have actually neck pain.

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Reduce stress

Stress can cause you to tense the muscle in your neck. Reducing stress and anxiety can aid treat and prevent neck pain and also stiffness. Girlfriend may select to reduce stress in a variety of ways, including:

listening to musicmeditationtaking a holidays or break, even if it’s just for a couple of hours far from the office or a stressful environmentdoing something girlfriend enjoy

Exercise regularly

Exercise can aid strengthen your muscles to avoid injuries. Exercise have the right to also aid you to improve your posture to relieve and prevent neck stiffness. It’s also a an excellent way come relieve anxiety that may be leading to your stubborn neck.

Adjust her sleep environment

Adjusting your sleep setting can help relieve a stiff neck. Means to readjust your sleep atmosphere include:

getting a firmer mattressusing a neck pillowsleeping just on your earlier or siderelaxing prior to going come sleepwearing a mouth guard if you’re grind your teeth at night