With age frequently comes wisdom, grace, laugh lines…and pigmented clues on your skin. If it seems favor those stroked nerves brown things space multiplying through every passing year, you’re not imagining it. Period spots are exceptionally common and do often increase with, well, age. You currently know the prominence of sunscreen (yes, because that every skin type). Here’s every little thing else you have to know about age spots—what castle are, why lock occur, how to act them, and also most importantly, just how to stop them in the very first place.

What are age spots, exactly?

“There are many varieties of ‘spots’ that begin popping increase on the skin with age, however when most people refer come the ax ‘age spots,’ they are speaking that the brown, freckle-like spot on the face, chest, arms, and also hands that have the right to darken and enlarge quickly,” defines Nancy Samolitis, M.D., FAAD, owner/co-founder of Facile skin science + Boutique in West Hollywood.

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Why do age spots occur?

Remember exactly how your mother always fretted over you attract sunscreen? it wasn’t just about preventing nasty sunburns and future wrinkles. “I think we must all begin calling period spots ‘sun spots’ since chronic, cumulative damage from the sunlight is the primary cause of this skin lesions,” claims Dr. Samolitis. “If girlfriend look closely, they are much much more populated in locations of the skin that room exposed to the sunlight on a everyday basis—like face, neck, chest, hands, and arms—compared come non sun-exposed skin.” Ahem: like on her butt.

Are castle hereditary?

Yes…and no. As with so countless things in life, it’s a tiny bit nature, a small bit nurture. “Some world do have actually a hereditary tendency to develop much more age spots than others,” admits Dr. Samolitis, adding, “but taking actions to protect your skin versus the sun and also environmental damage can prevent them.”

What’s the main difference in between age spots and also freckles?

“Freckles space pigmented spots that can happen in childhood and also are made darker by sun exposure. Through age and also increased sun exposure, freckles can darken and aggregate creating lesions that later end up being known as age spots,” explains Dr. Samolitis. Over there are additionally different types of benign age-related growth that deserve to appear, such as seborrheic keratoses, which could look choose freckles or prosper into thicker, wart-like bumps.

Okay, so just how do you stop them?

Once an ext for the cheap seats—let’s hear it because that sunscreen. “Sun security on a everyday basis is essential! This method wearing a broad-spectrum sunblock—such as one v zinc and also titanium physical blockers—every work on all locations of the skin that room not extended by clothing,” Dr. Samolitis says.




She recommends additional sun protection by wearing clothes like sun hats, gloves and also long sleeves.

What"s the fastest method to get rid of age spots?

While, yes, period spots can be annoying and also you desire to remove them quickly, it’s crucial to certain they’re light first. “The most necessary thing come do first is come visit a board-certified dermatologist for a screening in bespeak to rule out that any type of of the period spots room cancerous or precancerous. If the point out are deemed benign, they deserve to be treated with laser or freezing v liquid nitrogen. Some period spots deserve to be lightened through peels and also prescription creams together well,” Dr. Samolitis explains.

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What space the ideal products come remove period spots?

Popular commodities for slowly lessening the appearance of period spots often incorporate lightening ingredient hydroquinone, such as Murad Rapid period Spot Pigmentation and also Lightening Serum ($72) and also Neutrogena rapid Tone Dark spot Corrector Serum through Retinol ($17). Other effective products include SkinCeuticals Discoloration Defense ($98), with kojic acid and also niacinamide, Burt’s Bees Skin Perfecting Serum ($19) through brightening yet gentle daisy flower, and Kiehl’s clearly Corrective Dark Spot systems ($52) with activated vitamin C.