The slushy drink in downtown las Vegas space renowned for their epic. Similar to many great things, however, there’s additionally potential hazard involved. In the situation of slushy drinks, it’s mind freeze.

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The medical name for a brain freeze, often dubbed an “ice cream headache,” is sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia. Try saying that five times fast.

Well, we understand what we’re having actually for lunch

Brain freezes take place when something an extremely cold come into contact with the roof of her mouth. Her blood vessels shrink, then relax again, and also that relaxation outcomes in a sirloin of blood to the brain, resulting in the emotion of her gray matter being squeezed in a vice. In some cases, a severe mind freeze can carry you to your knees!

Never fear, though. There are some easy methods to aid with that brain freeze. (Yes, they’re life-altering. It’s ~ above the Internet, therefore it must be true.)

The best case scenario, of course, is one where you’d have the ability to avoid a brain freeze altogether by maintaining your slushy drink away from the roof of your mouth. Through a small practice, you can master the an approach of letting the liquid flow roughly your tongue, i beg your pardon warms the drink before it touches the roof of your mouth.

When a brain freeze does hit, though, here are three go-to techniques that space recommended by bartenders at several of the out bars in ~ Fremont Street endure in downtown las Vegas.

1. Curl her Tongue

The score is to warm the roof of your tongue as easily as possible, and your tongue can help. Due to the fact that the optimal of your tongue is probably cold from your slushy drink, curl her tongue and touch the bottom come the roof of her mouth. Save it there till either the brain freeze subsides or someone asks girlfriend for your phone number.


2. Use Your Thumb

It can look strange to your other Fremont Street revelers, yet placing your thumb on the roof of her mouth have the right to quell a mind freeze quickly. This is our an individual favorite.

If world ask what you’re doing, tell lock adjusting her retainer.

3. Blow

Another fast remedy because that a brain freeze is the “cup and blow” technique. Just cup your hand over your mouth and nose and blow warmth air. Repeat as needed. Again, part social awkwardness might ensue, but we’re talking about a mind freeze emergency here, and also this method really works.

Special many thanks to our mind freeze test topic who was just 18% conscious these photos might end up on our Fremont Street suffer blog.

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Now, once your next slushy drink mind freeze hits, you’ll know what come do.

If you’ve uncovered something that functions better, we’d love to hear around it!