Medically the review by Cynthia Cobb, DNP, APRN, WHNP-BC, FAANP — composed by Helen Millar ~ above July 16, 2020

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Hard skin describes an area the skin that is thick and tough. It typically presents in the kind of corns and also calluses. House remedies may assist manage it.

Corns and calluses develop as a organic protective measure up in response to pressure and friction. They room not dangerous, but the skin might be uncomfortable if it becomes cracked or tender.

People most frequently get difficult skin on the hands or feet due to frequent use, yet hard skin may build anywhere top top the body.

There is commonly no must see a doctor about hard skin. Instead, a human may use home remedies to soften the skin.

Share on PinterestHome remedies can frequently soften hard skin that has arisen due come friction and also pressure.
A person can stop the skin native hardening further by minimizing the friction and also pressure the they exert ~ above the area.

The first step is to determine tasks and movements the aggravate the skin and either avoid them or use protection to reduce the effects. Because that example, a human may use gloves to safeguard the hands or cushioned socks to protect the feet. For more specific influenced areas, lock can shot applying corn plasters or pads.

The American Academy the Dermatology introduce that people manage hard skin by regularly:

soaking the area in heat water for 5–10 minute or until the skin softensusing a pumice stone, foot file, or sandpaper dipped in heat water to document down the dead skinmoisturizing the area with a product that includes salicylic acid, ammonium lactate, or ureatrimming the toenails, as long toenails have the right to put push on the toes when wearing shoes

It is crucial to avoid removing too lot skin, together this could cause bleeding and also increase the risk of contracting an infection.

If the tough skin is ~ above a person’s feet, castle should shot to prevent taking lengthy walks or stand for extended periods.

If the skin cracks, a person may:

use nail glue or a fluid bandage come seal the crackprotect the area v a thick Band-Aid

Natural remedies

People can try various classic remedies to soften hardened locations of skin.

The authors of a research in Italy indicate using the following natural remedies:

The sap native the flowering tree Chelidonium majus L., commonly known as better celandine or nipplewort, may have actually healing properties when people use it topically come calluses.Beeswax may be effective in softening locations of tough skin and protecting the skin against external pressure. Beeswax contains properties that might offer protection versus infection in areas of cracked skin.People can use vinegar come the influenced area that skin every day because that a week. As overusing vinegar may dry the skin out, world should stop using it after a week.

Other research study has shown that apple cider vinegar may have actually antimicrobial properties. Therefore, it can protect cracked locations of skin versus bacterial infections.

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There is a absence of scientific proof to confirm the effectiveness and safety the these classic remedies. A person should no attempt come treat a medical condition with natural remedies without speaking come a physician first.