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There are a many of different options accessible for cat owner who space being challenged with fleas. There are even some options available that are considered more nature-based. Right here are a few ways to get rid of fleas on cat the natural way.

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1. Prevention, not Elimination

friend may discover that few of these “home remedies” work good the first year and also then come to be less efficient over time. While these methods are safer, girlfriend will uncover that they are much more effective at staying clear of flea troubles than killing or getting rid of established flea infestations. Also, no single technique is going to work-related 100 percent, so it might be crucial to combine a few different techniques to reduce the level that infestation present in her home and on her cat.

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2. Limit Outdoor Exposure

If your cat spends many time outdoors, you will probably have actually more an obstacle controlling fleas naturally, because they may be strongly created in the yard (or wherever her cat frequents) as well as in the home. Be conscious that not every flea control an approach will job-related for every situation. You might need to use one technique for the yard, another for the home and yet one more for her cat’s body.

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3. Lather, Rinse, Repeat

your cat can advantage from a basic and thorough rinse v cool water come expel fleas native the body and also hair. Following the water bath, using a cedar, eucalyptus, lavender, or citrus-infused shampoo may assist to keep fleas in ~ bay – they space all known flea repellants. Including extra omega-3 fatty acid supplements to your cat’s diet will improve skin health, too. This is especially beneficial for protecting the skin from dry out once you are using regular shampooing for eliminating fleas from the haircoat.

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4. Flea Comb it Out

If her cat no water, try using a flea comb. Friend will need to make certain the comb gets down close come the skin, but you will should work slowly, together the comb might pull ~ above the hair while you room dragging the through. While combing, concentration on the areas of her cat’s body wherein fleas choose to hide, prefer the groin, armpits and base that the tail. Also, have actually a key of soapy water adjacent when you use the comb therefore you can drown the fleas together you eliminate them.

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5. Nothing Forget the Home

Adult fleas will certainly lay eggs in her cat’s bedding, deep in the carpet, and almost everyplace her cat frequents, so girlfriend won’t have the ability to get rid the the entire populace of fleas by merely combing and also washing her cat. Friend will have to be sure to additionally clean and also treat the household and yard when fighting fleas. Cedar and also diatomaceous earth, because that example, deserve to be used in the home to repel fleas from areas where your cats sleep.

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6. Vacuum Diligently

girlfriend will should be very diligent in vacuuming and cleaning the inside and also outside of your residence when handling fleas, and also you will have to do it generally in order because that it do a actual difference. You may wish come initially have your carpets professionally cleaned to help remove some of the deposited eggs and larvae, but this will certainly not eliminate the trouble entirely. You will must vacuum every one of the surface of your home every few days (disposing the the vacuum bag at least weekly) and wash all of your cat’s bedding virtually as often.

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7. Usage Salt

Salt might be sprinkled right into the carpet to work as a desiccant (drying agent) to kill flea eggs and larvae deep in the yarn of the carpet. However, salt would certainly not it is in a great solution because that those that live in areas of the country with higher humidity level (such together Florida), as it have the right to absorb water and an outcome in mildewed carpet. Be certain to vacuum her carpets and also any treated areas afterwards to make sure the eggs and larvae space removed and also to be certain that the salt does no absorb water and also cause future problems.

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8. Treat her Yard

The outside yard will likewise need to be kept cost-free of debris (piles of leaves, etc.) to help reduce areas for fleas come congregate. Planting details herbs and also plants, such together lavender, eucalyptus, fennel, marigold, in the garden may assist direct fleas far from her property, and also using cedar chips roughly the yard, especially areas where her pet safety time, can aid keep fleas in ~ bay. Food-grade diatomaceous earth can additionally be provided to act the garden without chemicals. The acts together an abrasive and drying agent, much like boric acid does. Just keep in mind the you might need come reapply the after a an especially heavy rain as it deserve to be washed away. But excessive rain and also flooding that the infected locations can also aid wash away the eggs and larvae.

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