This 3 ingredient DIY coffee scrub for cellulite is something that you can make at home and show the cellulite who’s boss. It’s not a cure, however it help my legs look a tiny smoother and you might love this too!

Cellulite. Just around every gal has actually it. It’s super common however that doesn’t mean I’m interested in simply accepting it. For the last couple of years I’ve really started to notice that, together you age, you’ve obtained to change things up. What worked before doesn’t work-related anymore.

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I’ve began trying an ext at residence remedies come not just save money, but take my aging into my very own hands!


This short article contains affiliate links. What that means is if you acquisition something through one of these links, ns may get a small monetary reward. It’s typically only sufficient to pay for component of a Starbucks coffee (which i won’t be rubbing on mine legs), but hey! I’ll take it! initially posted Sept. 2017 and updated come include more helpful information and also steps to do it perfect every time.

Why is Coffee Scrub good for Cellulite?

Coffee completely isn’t simply for drinking in the morning. Caffeine is one of the main ingredients in cellulite creams since it helps rise your circulation.

That, in addition to some manhandling, in the form of her hands or a roller (I just acquired that one), aid to rest up the component of the cellulite that provides your legs look head cheesey. Which way you may look better naked. And also who doesn’t want that?!

There really isn’t anything that can be done for cellulite and stretch marks once you have actually them. I’ve asked. There is some an innovation that is beginning to come out, prefer lasers and also such, that will aid the appearance. Yet you recognize that is going to be pretty expensive.

For now, we have to rely on a good diet and also a couple of homemade recipes favor this coffee scrub diy to make our dimple-y skin look better. And also some civilization are predisposed to much more cellulite 보다 others so why not eat the cheeseburger, girlfriend know?


I first got stretch clues in college. I had actually a growth spurt and also so they to be horizontal ~ above my upper thighs. And I hated them. So ns hardly ever wore shorts.

The cellulite has actually really been showing itself in the last few years. Together you age and your skin loser elasticity, ns think the starts to show more. And I’m yes, really self-conscious about it.

Earlier this summer, I used the critical of my favorite coffee scrub. I always use it as soon as I have to be in a shower suit. I use it about 3 days before I leave on a trip. And also I always make certain to obtain a spray tan too. I could be vain, yet if I’m going on a vacation, I prefer to try to vacation from mine insecurities together well.

So when I may take a tiny time to carry out these cosmetics things, ns feel an ext comfortable lounging around in a swimsuit coverup and sundresses after I do these things.

And when it may be subtle, ns feel favor I notification a little change in the appearance of my skin after making use of the coffee scrub.


How to make a DIY Coffee Scrub

This DIY coffee scrub because that cellulite needs just 3 ingredients. While the coffee scrub gives temporary help, it’s far better than nothing! yet truly, I an alert a difference when I usage this! mine skin appears smoother and also less bumpy. I beg your pardon is AWESOME!


1/2 cup provided coffee grounds1/2 cup street (brown or white sugar will certainly work)

This is something you can conveniently put with each other after making and also drinking her morning coffee. And you probably already have sugar and coconut oil hanging approximately your house. This coffee human body scrub DIY is supervisor inexpensive!



Make sure your coconut oil is in a fluid state, and at room temperature or a small bit coolerMix her (cooled) coffee grounds and sugar right into the coconut oil

All you execute is mix the 3 ingredient together. It can’t get any type of easier. Yes, really the only thing you must pay fist to is if the coconut oil is heavy or liquid.

If her oil is solid, you must melt it, yet then let it come to room temperature. If it’s hotter than that, it will certainly dissolve the sugar!


How to use the Coffee Scrub

Massage a big amount of DIY Coffee Scrub, in a one motion, on to your cellulite locations (mostly legs, thighs and also bottom).Let sit ~ above the skin because that 5 come 10 minutes.Rinse and also wash through a gentle soap to eliminate the coconut oil. Or leave it for extra skin hydration!

I prefer to use it if standing in the shower (usually on a weekend due to the fact that it does add time top top to her routine).

It is really messy. Friend will desire to have actually a cup in the shower through you to aid you wash it down when you’re done. The grounds get everywhere. And also I median in the shower. And also you, m’kay?

You will also want to be extra careful because the coconut oil can make the shower slippery.

Use a gentle soap to remove the oily residue from her body. Or leaving it if girlfriend feel favor you need the extra moisture. I have oily skin already so I choose to clean that off.

And don’t forget come clean the shower. I usually carry in the shower cleaner with me so ns can offer it a fast wipe under as soon as my shower is done. Simply imagine the next person stepping into a slippery shower…it wouldn’t it is in pretty.

You have the right to use the a couple of times a week yet I typically do the a couple of times a month. Or if i am extra lazy, the day prior to I’m attract a bathing suit. Outcomes are quite immediate. And also they are temporary (although ns am far to lazy to bring this DIY coffee scrub through me ~ above vacation).

How lengthy does homemade coffee scrub last

To save your homemade scrub, save it in one airtight container. It’s best to save it out of the hot, humid bathroom and store in a cool dried place.

Your scrub need to last about 2 months if stored like this. The ingredients may separate, just provide it a rapid stir. If you notice a funny odor or watch anything odd (like mold, it deserve to happen) discard and make a brand-new batch.

This coffee scrub for cellulite would also make a good gift idea! Pair it through a cute little wooden scoop and also a towel and gift to your ideal gals. Yet make sure they favor coffee first. It smells delicious except to people, choose my sister, that is revolted by the odor of coffee.

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Have you ever used a coffee scrub before? I’m not saying it will certainly make you desire to run approximately naked, but it will help with her confidence a little. If you are looking to make her own, this is the best coffee scrub because that cellulite.