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Nobody desires to check out lice on your pet, any more than they carry out on their kids. Lice cause intense itching and scratching, and can make pets a bit crazy through all the crawling and biting. The good thing is that lice seldom reason long-lasting problems.

Like human being head lice, dog lice are usuallytransfer in cases where dogs space gathered together. In this respect, lice infestations are a authorize of a pampered pet! The dog most likely to get lice room those who go to dog job care, puppy classes, agility, dog shows, or on group walks. The lice relocate straight native dog come dog by direct contact.

There are two basic groups of lice the infest dogs and also cats - biting lice and sucking lice. Castle differ only in exactly how they feed. Every lice have an effective claws on every 6 legs, through which they cling come the hair shafts. They are able to cave on tightly enough that also vigorous scratching and biting will not dislodge them.

Unlike fleas, lice live out their whole life bicycle on the animal. The adult female lice lay eggs, gluing them tightly come the hair shafts. The eggs are referred to as "nits". In the photograph to the left you can see two nits from a dog seen at our clinic. The eggs room actually glued on to the hairs. One has hatched (the empty shell) and also one is walking to soon (the brown egg). Nymphs flower from the eggs. These nymphs watch the very same as adult to the naked eye; lock are just smaller versions. Lock molt numerous times and become adults. The entire procedure from egg to adult take away 2-4 weeks.

The biggest difficulty that the lice produce is itching and also its attendant lose of sleep and general misery. In major infestations pets can end up being anemic because of blood loss; this is normally only viewed in young puppies or kittens. Lice can bring tapeworms, therefore infested dogs should be treated because that tapeworms as soon as the lice room under control. Castle can likewise (fairly rarely) transmit various other diseases.

Clinical signs

The an initial sign that lice that most people an alert is the scratching. Suddenly the dog is strongly itchy. Top top close inspection, you can see some small, tan to tool brown fancy critters down near the skin. You can tell lice native fleas by the color (fleas are fairly dark) and the rate (lice are rather sluggish movers, if fleas commonly zoom the end of sight prior to you room really sure you observed anything).

You can also notification the nits top top the hairs. They are quite an overwhelming to see through the naked eye. The empty shells look most like small bits the dandruff or dead skin. One means to phone call is to use a flea comb to collection hair from the area you room suspicious of. If you can shake the hair and the "flakes" autumn off ~ above the countertop, it"s just dandruff or debris. If the "flakes" stick tight to the hair, they may be nits.

Dog lice on people

There is no should panic if her dog it s okay lice! Dog lice do not choose to infest humans. Many lice are quite species-specific; that is, dog lice prefer dogs and people lice prefer people. The is definitely possible for a dog louse to gain on a person, and also it might even bite or try to feed, however it will certainly not collection up one infestation. If you check out a louse from her dog on yourself, just pick it turn off or squish it (once you"ve perfect screaming).

Treatment of every in-contact pets

Treatment that lice is fairly straightforward. Numerous insecticides kill lice. Many flea shampoos save on computer pyrethrins or organophosphates and also do a an excellent job of getting rid of louse infestations. Object insecticides choose imidacloprid (Advantage) applied topically every 2 main will additionally kill lice. Selamectin (Revolution), while no labeled specifically for lice, may also be effective. Permethrins (different from pyrethrins) are also effective insecticides but due to the potential for accidental toxicity come cats, I rarely recommend utilizing permethrins for dogs.

Use excessive caution when applying permethrin-containing assets to dogs v cats in the home.

Permethrins are really toxic come cats, and can acquire onto the cat from call with the dog.

Never, ever apply permethrins to cats - read all packaging carefully!

You need to keep in mind two things. First, the nothing will certainly "kill" the eggs. No insecticides will pass through the shell of the egg and also zap the growing nymph. And also second, most insecticides (there space some exceptions) do not have much "forward" effect. That is, lock don"t last an extremely long ~ above the dog"s coat and skin.

If girlfriend bathe the dog once, or apply one therapy of Revolution, you will certainly kill the adults and also nymphs. In a week or two, though, the nits will certainly hatch and also you will have a whole new generation that lice. Unless you have actually used a persistent insecticide (like Advantage) there is nothing left on the dog to death this brand-new generation.

This brings united state to the various recommendations for treating lice, and you can now evaluate the logic behind them. In order to get rid of the lice on her dog effectively and permanently, friend will should reapply insecticide top top a regimen basis for at least 4 weeks. All animals in the family should be treated even if it is you have actually seen lice on them or not.

Any the the adhering to should be effective at ridding your bad beleaguered pets of lice. There is no have to use an ext than one type of treatment.

1. Benefit or advantage Multi topical, used every 2 weeks for a total of 3 treatments. That is, applied when the difficulty is first seen, then again 2 weeks later, and 2 weeks after that. The brand on advantage calls for re-application every 4 weeks. The "problem" v this (for lice) is that the advantage does tend to stay off and also become less potent over that 4 main period. That is for sure to re-apply that after 2 weeks, and also you will certainly be keeping the concentration of advantage nice and high in order to zap the recently hatched lice as soon as lock emerge.

2. Insecticidal shampoos as soon as a week because that 4-6 weeks. A an excellent flea shampoo include pyrethrins or organophosphates will work really well. Make certain that you follow the direction on the label about contact times. Most insecticides must be left on the coat because that a 5-10 minute duration in order for them to death the lice. Each product will state top top the label how long to leave the shampoo prior to rinsing the off. If you rinse too quickly it will certainly not be as effective.

3. Revolution, used every 2 weeks because that 3 treatments.

4. Because that those who execute not desire to use insecticides, lime-sulfur dips are incredibly safe, non-toxic come pets (we offered to use it on tiny kittens to treat ringworm) and really effective. They have the disadvantage the staining the coat yellow (temporarily) and also having a rather objectionable odor (sulfur). They must be repetitive weekly because that 4-6 weeks.

5. Flea combs will assist to eliminate both living and also dead lice. Clean the comb climate by immersing it in a container of water through some flea shampoo or various other insecticide and letting it sit for at least 10 minutes, or till you don"t get the heebie-jeebies poignant it, whichever is longer.

Environmental decontamination

Wash all bedding in warm water. I would dispose of all combs and also brushes or various other grooming equipment, as they may have nits grounding to lock that will certainly be hard to remove. Castle will also be difficult to see you may never understand whether the combs space really nit-free. It"s much better to simply chuck the lot and also start end again with clean instruments.

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Everything else the your pets is in call with is also fair game for a hot water wash, indigenous doggie sweaters and other clothing to leashes and collars come kids. (Mostly kidding around the kids, but any excuse for a bath is a great thing.)


During therapy for lice your pets must be kept away from cases where they will certainly be in contact with other animals. They have the right to go come the parks and also for walks, yet they have to not pat with other dogs until at the very least 4 main of treatment have actually passed. Lock should specifically not go to dog daycare or various other high call places. If the insecticides may have actually killed the adult on your pet, you never recognize when those pesky eggs are going come hatch and release an ext nymphs, i m sorry are definitely contagious come the next dog.