Your yard is much more than her sanctuary or your pet’s favorite territory; it may additionally be a prime place for fleas and also ticks. Learn about effective yard treatments for fleas and ticks, and also other actions you deserve to take to stop an infestation.

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Flea and tick infestations deserve to start once stray pets and wildlife — like raccoons, opossums or two foxes — bring these parasites into your yard. Flea eggs and ticks autumn off a visiting animal, leaving them in your yard because that you or your pet to pick up.

As lot as we’d like to think fleas and also ticks will remain outside, their existence in her yard bring them that lot closer to invading her home and also your pet.

So, how can you regulate your environment and assist get rid of fleas and ticks in your yard? follow these 5 steps come treat your pet and also your yard.

Step 1: Treat your Pet

Fleas and ticks feed on your pet and also may usage them to hitch a ride into your home. To minimization the risk of more yard and home infestation, incorporate your pets as component of the solution.

Chewables, tablets, shampoos and also spray treatments allow you come combat existing fleas on your pet. As soon as you have trained an infestation, maintain protection v a consistent application that topical, collar or dental flea and tick preventive.

Step 2: Prepare her Lawn

Long grass and also overgrown foliage defend fleas from sunlight and administer ticks v a place to climb, so be certain to keep them trimmed. Shorter grass and foliage assist decrease moisture and can enable chemical applications to with the fleas and ticks much more easily.

To make your yard much less hospitable to fleas and also ticks, take it the following steps:

Mow her lawn.Prune foliage regularly.Clean increase clippings and yard waste.

Step 3: store Your yard Tidy

Fleas flourish in shady, humid spots and also typically protect against sunny or dry areas. Rid her yard of this potential flea and tick hiding spots:

Discard empty bird or rodent nests.Remove stacks the bricks, logs or unused garden pots.Pick increase pets’ and children’s toys.

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Step 4: Treat her Yard

Choose a premise spray labeling to death adult fleas and ticks. Spray along fence lines, under trees and bushes, and also around doorframes. Be sure to treat areas with lots of shade, together as:

Dog houses or kennelsSheds, patios and crawl spacesShrubbery as much as a height of 2 to 3 feet

Continue come treat your yard and home exterior follow to label directions.