Are you looking for an easy and effective ways to eliminate fleas in the house? most flea infestations stem from pets, however the irritating pests deserve to bite both you and also your animals. If your furry friend has actually fleas, it"s most likely your home, garden and also furniture will be targeted next.

As well together ensuring girlfriend comb her dogs and also cats through a flea comb regularly, there are plenty of natural ways to help avoid a nasty infestation.

What perform fleas look at like?

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Fleas are a reddish-brown colour, incredibly thin and have big back legs. They"re roughly an eighth the an customs long, yet it"s unlikely you"ll be able to see them clearly without a microscope.

Adult fleas live top top the hair of pets where they will lay their eggs. The median life bicycle of a flea is roughly 100 days, however they can live indoors for up to a year if the conditions are favourable to them.

They walk through 4 life stages:


Take a look at at some of the reliable ways friend can get rid of them in your home:

1. Usage baking soda

A surefire way to remove any fleas harbouring in the fibres of your carpet is to sprinkle part baking soda down, provide it a scrub and also then vacuum it up. Likewise, consistently vacuuming her carpet will also aid to store the pests at bay. Pay close attention to the areas where pet sleep, too. Fleas deserve to transmit diseases to humans, so it"s crucial you"ve given anywhere a thorough clean.

Read our guide on the tell-tale indications your pet has actually fleas for much more information.

2. Sprinkle salt

Much favor baking soda, salt works in a similar way. Follow to Rentokil, if girlfriend sprinkle some salt on her carpet, leaving for 2 days and also then vacuum up, it will aid to eliminate fleas quickly. Exactly how does that work? The salt acts together a dehydration agent, which will certainly quickly and also naturally get rid of fleas there is no the use of chemicals.

3. Lemon spray

Thanks to its acidic juice, lemon are likewise a excellent all-natural method to eliminate the existence of fleas in the home. To do your very own remedy, just follow the steps below:

1. cut a thin slice of lemon and place that in a pan over the hob. Add boiling water and let sit overnight.

2. The complying with morning, decant the lemon-infused liquid into a pour into a spray bottle.

3. Spritz onto any flea-infested areas, such together carpets, sofas, pet bed or chairs. Psychic to only light spray and also do check against fabrics beforehand. The solid scent will certainly kill the fleas and also leave your residence smelling fresh.


4. Wash all bedding in hot, soapy water

For soft infestations, wash her bed sheets in hot soapy water. The soap will kill fleas, while additionally destroying your eggs and larvae. Consider vacuuming your mattress together well. Don"t forget to perform the same to your pet"s bed.

5. Use rosemary

Fleas repel rosemary"s strong pungent smell, so this method also works wonders if her dog has actually fleas. In order for it to work, all you have to do is boil part rosemary in a pan through water and also leave it come cool under overnight. Then, drainpipe the liquid into a spray party (make sure you different the sprigs so none loss in). The next time girlfriend wash your dog, spray several of the natural solution onto its fur and also it will save the fleas away.

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6. Hire a vapor cleaner

Steam cleaning her carpets, furniture and also pet beds is a brilliant idea if you have actually a flea infestation. Many thanks to the mix of high heat and also soap, the fleas will be gone in no time.

7. Usage a powerful vacuum

While steam cleaning can be exceptionally effective, using a an effective vacuum regularly will also assist keep your home complimentary from flees. Few of the areas to salary close fist to encompass floors, upholstery, mattresses, and also those hard-to-reach corners. As soon as you have finished vacuuming, mental to north the bag or filter immediately.