What is a corn and callus?

There’s just one slight difference in between a corn and a callus: Corns happen at the peak of the feet and also over the toes, when calluses have tendency to come increase on the ball or bottom of the foot, says John Giurini, MD, the cook of podiatric surgical procedure at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical center in Boston, MA. In both cases, it’s a thick organization that develops over push points, Giruini explains. And both room usually caused by boney deformities—typically hammer toe can reason corns and abnormalities along the skeletal of the foot can lead come calluses. “They’re practically always related to some kind of abnormality,” claims Giurini.

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While Giurini says you have the right to use at-home treatments and over-the-counter meds to treat corns and also calluses, lock do regularly come ago (unless you fix the structural problem). In the meantime, shot these remedies to curb the issue. Here are more health tricks your feet great they could tell you.


Castor oil

Here’s how to get rid of corns specifically on toes: location a non-medicated, O-shaped corn pad approximately the corn. Use a noodle swab come dab a few drops that castor oil top top the corn, climate cover with adhesive tape to save it indigenous moving. Stay old socks in instance the castor oil leaks through. Store in mind, like apple cider vinegar, castor oil has actually an acid that deserve to irritate normal skin, states Giurini, for this reason it’s crucial to shot to stick it only to the corn.


Here’s how to get rid of corns with a pain reliever: Crush 5 or six uncoated aspirin tablets and also mix through equal parts apple cider vinegar and water. As soon as you’ve added enough to type a paste, rub it ~ above a corn or callus, utilizing a bandage to organize it in place. After ~ at the very least ten minutes, the bump need to be loosened enough to gently obstacle off through a pumice stone. This is among the more powerful acid combos, for this reason make sure you keep it to the corn or callus—avoid it functioning on your healthy and balanced skin. Find out the 10 indicators of disease your feet can reveal.

Epsom salts

For calluses, toss a grasp of Epsom salts into a container of heat water, then soak her feet for around 10 minutes. As soon as the dead skin has actually softened, use a callus file or pumice stone to record down the layers. Continue to obstacle the callus down a little bit each work after a bath or shower. Try these other homemade foot scrubs to pamper your feet.

Baking soda

Just favor an aspirin paste, baking soda measures up to assist you shave off her thick skin. Mix it through water to create a dough that you deserve to rub into skin. Next, learn the 27 tricks your podiatrist won’t call you.

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When in doubt, walk OTC

If you’re having actually trouble seeing outcomes with residence remedies, try an over-the-counter cream expected to law corn and calluses that consists of salicylic acid. Just remember, as Giurini mentioned, save the equipment to the spot of the special skin itself—don’t rub it every over.