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Everyone gets bad breath sometimes. Countless things, from the foodstuffs you eat come underlying health and wellness conditions, deserve to cause negative breath (halitosis). Two of the most potent cook offenders room garlic and onions, particularly when eaten raw.

Onions and garlic are members of the allium family. They’re similar in composition and also contain countless of the exact same sulfur compounds.

Sulfur compounds give foodstuffs their distinctive flavor. They additionally release distinctive gasses when reduced or mashed and mingle through gas-emitting bacteria, causing scented breath.

Garlic and onion can proceed to cause bad breath for hours after a meal. As part of the digestive process, your byproducts are soaked up into the bloodstream and carried come the lungs, giving negative breath an encore.

But bad breath is no factor to avoid garlic and also onion. Their wellness benefits are worth it, and it’s possible to counteract your smelly effect.

1. Eat develop like apples, spinach, or mint

If you’re having actually a specifically garlic-heavy meal, eat apples because that dessert or chew on new mint leaves.

One study suggested that the chemical makeup of life or cook apples, lettuce, and mint helped deodorize garlic breath. Hot eco-friendly tea and also lemon juice may also help.

2. Brush and also floss after eating

Much the the bacteria the causes bad breath lives listed below the gum line and in plaque buildup on teeth. Brushing and also flossing after eat onions or garlic can aid eliminate odor-causing bacteria and food residue.

Using an electrical toothbrush can assist you come brush listed below the gum line and also reduce plaque. This keeps breath fresher for a longer period of time. It’s also helpful to tenderness brush the roof of your mouth and your tongue, together far ago as a toothbrush will go.

For on-the-go situations, try keeping floss the fits in her wallet. To buy flosscards online.

3. Use a chlorine dioxide mouthwash

There’s some scientific proof that mouthwashes comprise chlorine dioxide are reliable for poor breath.

Chlorine dioxide can assist remove plaque, tongue-coating bacteria, and food particles. This is the exact same ingredient supplied to purify and also improve the taste of outdoor water as soon as camping.

Mouthwash generally works ideal after brushing and also flossing. It’s additionally important to keep in mind the instructions on the party to protect against overuse or mouth irritation.

Buy chlorine dioxide mouthwash online.

4. Use vital oils

Essential oils can be added to alcohol-based mouthwashes. In enhancement to freshening breath, some additionally have antibacterial properties. You can also make your own homemade mouthwash with necessary oils and a transport oil (coconut, sweet almond, or olive).

Essential oils v proven services for eliminating poor breath include:


Swish 1 tespoon of carrier oil with a autumn of peppermint oil in your mouth to assist get rid of food particles, bacteria, and also odor. You deserve to purchase food-grade oil at grocery stores or online. Be sure to watch the end for added sugars.

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5. Shot tongue cleaners

Bacteria also thrive and also multiply ~ above the back of the tongue wherein your toothbrush can not reach. A white tongue deserve to indicate dead cells, microscopic food particles, and also bacteria.

Tongue cleaners, such together tongue brushes and also scrapers, can help you reach the very back of her tongue. They’re likewise effective for removing odor-causing residue.

To usage a tongue scraper, begin at the earlier of your tongue and gently scrape forward. This will carry the white residue to the prior of your mouth. Proceed to rinse and also repeat this process until yes no clearly shows residue ~ above the scraper.

You have the right to use a tongue scraper everyday or after eat meals comprise garlic or onion.

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6. Continue to be hydrated

Drinking lot of of fluids throughout the day deserve to be a great strategy come keep poor breath in ~ bay.

This is partially since a dried mouth have the right to increase the manufacturing of sulfur, which deserve to lead to poor breath. That can also prevent dehydration and ensure the you’re able to produce enough saliva.

Plus, drink water or other fluids can also aid rinse her mouth come remove any type of lingering food particles or bacteria, both of i beg your pardon can add to odor.

7. Drink eco-friendly tea

Drink a warm cup of green tea after a meal to temporarily minimize odor until you can gain to the bathroom come brush her teeth.

In one 2014 study, 15 participants used a green tea catechin mouthwash and found it comparable to antiseptic mouthwash because that antiplaque effectiveness. According to one more review that studies, environment-friendly tea was able to reduce bad breath and also prevent the development of bacteria.

8. Chew spearmint gum

Chewing spearmint gum deserve to temporarily neutralize garlic breath. It also may mitigate acid reflux, which can diminish the lingering results of garlic and onion ~ digestion.


Garlic breath doesn’t last forever, also if its impacts tend to linger.

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Plan ahead if girlfriend feel prefer you can be at risk for garlic- or onion-heavy breath. Because that example, you can avoid eat an onion bagel for breakfast before a job interview.

Alternatively, you deserve to experiment through these residence treatments to view which one works for you and take the one the does the trick.

last medically the evaluation on June 15, 2021


Medically reviewed by Debra increased Wilson, Ph.D., MSN, R.N., IBCLC, AHN-BC, CHT — written by Corey Whelan and also Rachael Link, MS, RD — to update on June 15, 2021

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