When ns noticed my very first gray hairs, ns picked increase a box of henna hair dye at my local wellness food store, calculated the hassle factor, and put it earlier on the shelf.

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I didn’t want to touch increase my roots often, so i was pretty certain I’d finish up with two-toned hair before long.

Plus, i was came to that adding dye to my really dark hair would certainly make it also darker, i beg your pardon I likewise didn’t want. I want to look prefer ME, with my organic hair color, and I to be fine if that consisted of a few gray wispies.

My dad was completely gray by his mid-twenties, for this reason the genetic component that the graying procedure was no in mine favor. However, I’d had the benefit of a nourishing diet, which appears to have actually preserved a lot of my pigment. All that to say, ns wasn’t in search of a way to readjust anything as soon as I come acrossHairprint, yet I was immediately intrigued by it.

Hairprint is no a dye – it’s a means of replenishing brown or black color hair’s natural pigment while strengthening all at once hair structure.

How does Hairprint work?

The story of how Hairprint became is as weird as it is wonderful. Despite you may never heard of john Warner, you’ve most likely benefitted from his work. Along with Paul Anastis, man is considered the dad of environment-friendly Chemistry – a movement specialized to reduce and/or eliminating toxic chemicals through finding much better ways to make things.

In terms of credentials, john is the actual deal. He to be awarded the 2014 Perkin Medal in 2014, which is one of the many prestigious prizes in American chemistry. Other medal recipients incorporate Edwin Land, who designed the Polaroid process, and Stephanie Kwolek, who designed the essentially indestructible human body armor well-known as Kevlar.

So earlier to Warner: knowing that conventional hair dyes regularly contain toxicity ingredients likeknown carcinogens and parabens– and also even numerous “safer” ones have problematic ingredients – he chose to create a new way to shade hair using inspiration from beetles.

Yep, beetles.

You see, together beetles grow they shed their exoskeleton, i beg your pardon starts the end white and then darkens within a few hours. The darkening procedure happens by promptly synthesizing melanin, aka pigment. (1)

Warner wondered if he might use a similar procedure to add pigment to person hair, for this reason he tossed part ingredients together in his lab and also then dipped organic gray hair expansions (made from human hair) into the liquid. Weirdly, instead of all transforming one uniform color, the strands turn different shades that brown and black.

Weird, right? Warner believed so too, for this reason he called the supplier of the hair extensions and asked if lock all come from the exact same donor. Nope, the extensions came indigenous multiple donors. At that allude Warner realized that the systems wasn’t dyeing hair by saturating that in one uniform color – it was restoring the hair to its own inherent color.


About The Ingredients

Unlike coal-tar based dyes, which job-related by chemically damaging hair in order to make it porous sufficient to absorb color,Hairprintmakes use of the method hair naturally acquires shade while preserving its overall health.

In state of just how it work, Hairprintexplains it like this:

In this case, you have the right to think of your hair choose a heat of blocks. Those blocks room arranged in a unique shade configuration. They identify your hair color. Together the hair ages and also loses pigment blocks of color are removed yet the spaces/pattern remain. Ours product come in v eumelanin and replaces the missing color block in the north spaces only. That recreates your pattern.”

Your pattern is prefer your fingerprint, only with hair, i m sorry is why it’s referred to as Hairprint.

Here’s a look at at their ingredients:

Bicarbonate that soda

Yep, that would certainly bebaking soda. Though in mine opinion it’s too alkaline for regular use, it can be helpful for “de-gunking” hair if used appropriately. Along with other ingredients, it likewise helps to open up up the hair pillar so the the colors can obtain where it demands to go.

Sodium carbonate

Sometimes referred to as soda ash due to the fact that it can be make from burning kelp,seaweedand other vegetation, salt carbonate can also be developed by handling limestone and also salt. It’s likewise known aswashing soda.

Mucuna pruriens

This is an extract made from velvet beans, which room tropical legumes that have long been provided in medicinal preparations.

Ferrous gluconate

Aka iron, crucial mineral.

Manganese gluconate

Also an important mineral.

Diatomaceous earth

A fine flour made indigenous fossilized phytoplankton.Here room some other waysI usage it in mine beauty routine.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Our hair follicles normally make hydrogen peroxide – it’s one inherent part of producing eumelanin. SinceHairprintmimics that procedure it’s no surprised to find it on the ingredient list.


Whoa, what just happened here? We’re talking around all these naturally occurring minerals and extracts, and also now we’ve came down on carbomer. If you’re not familiar with it, carbomer is a thickener made from petrochemicals. So obviously, I had actually to research it. The eco-friendly Working Grouplists it together a 1, i beg your pardon is the best possible rating, and all the details I might find on it concluded that it is inert.

In fact, according to organic product formulator Lise Andersen, “Carbomer is actually one of a very few petro-chemical based ingredient that i am can not to find any kind of dangers, warnings, or even environmentally-worrying facts around – at all. Even the hard-core eco-friendly sites can’t discover anything negative to say about carbomer . . . Carbomer won’t cause irritation or allergic reactions – even if a product contains up to 100% the the stuff.” (2)

Pre-Treatment Formula

In addition to the key formula, each crate of Hairprint comes through a pre-treatment shampoo that is meant to cleanse the hair of overabundance buildup and also prepare it to obtain pigment. All of the ingredients space rated as a 1 or a 2 by the ecological Working Group.


My experience With Hairprint

I’ve to be usingHairprintfor several years now, and also I’m still just as happy through it together I was the first time i tried it. My hair has tendency to it is in a small darker 보다 my normal shade for a few days ~ an application, but after a few washes that looks precisely like my natural hair color, just without any grays.

Going back to the blocks analogy, Hairprint explains the result like this:

It does not include blocks of shade that were not there. So, it will certainly not go black if that is not your organic color. If girlfriend go through the lighter color there might not be enough eumelanin to change in the lacking spaces. The darker product just supplies an ext eumelanin. The darker color method you would have more of a opportunity of gaining your natural color to be stronger and also richer. That will appear darker in ~ first. Yet after roughly 3-4 washings will normalize.”

It sort of reminds me of how my skin has actually a baseline tone however will darken when I’m out in the sun due to extra pigment. And, the course, it will revert come its baseline tone if I’m no out in the sun as much.

The biggest downside in my endure is that it can be confusing to apply. Some human being get your hairdresser to do it for them, and from what I’ve heard Hairprint actually provides support come hairdressers who desire to learn about their product.

With that said, ns love the ingredients and also it’s totally worth the initiative to me. And unlike yes, really dyes, which space not recommended for usage with most homemade shampoos, Hairprint functions beautifully with myhomemade shampoo bar, vinegar rinseandcoconut milk leave-in conditioner, and my pigment doesn’t fade at all between applications.

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Where come Buy Hairprint

You can find theoriginal Hairprint hereand aColor-Plus version for special hair or stubborn grays here.


Tips & typically Asked Questions

Since I an initial posted this review a couple of years back I have received a lot of questions about Hairprint, so right here are the answers to the most typical ones: