I had actually 5 lbs that shrimp that were huge. Cooked castle this weekend (on the grill) but found they had a very strong idodine taste. It was so negative I could not eat them. Mine fiancee' claims he did not notification but I found it overwelming and quit eating them. Walk anyone know what causes this and also is over there anyway to remove the idoine taste?
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next time, soak them in lemon juice for a small while prior to putting ~ above the grill. oh, and wrap them v bacon to also kill the iodine taste.
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I think ns would just pass ~ above those shrimp(can't be healthy)....and allow the market know around it...

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What you room referring to together "iodine taste" is most likely ammonia i beg your pardon is indicative of less than new shrimp having actually preservatives included to prolong its life.
quote:What you space referring to as "iodine taste" is more than likely ammonia i beg your pardon is indicative of less than new shrimp having actually preservatives added to prolong its life. I have never heard that ammonia offered with shrimp. What sort of preservative are you talking about?
They were wrapped in bacon yet I could still taste it. Can not complain as they were provided to me. I have heard of bleach being included to shrimp to make them watch fresh however have not heard the amonia. Ns am not eating them and was all set to throw them out yet my financee' does no taste it and also said he to be going come eat them. At least I am his benificary top top his insurance! have actually heard the this yet never competent it and just wondered if that was because of the truth they were so large.
it likewise could have actually something to perform with the type of shrimp they are. I have heard the deepwater gulf shrimp have actually a more powerful "iodine" taste and are less sweet than varieties recorded closer inshore.
I dont think he intended ammonia was added I think he intended that the failure of the shrimp from not being fresh causes an ammonia 'like' flavor.

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quote:it likewise could have something to execute with the form of shrimp castle are. I have actually heard the deepwater gulf shrimp have actually a more powerful "iodine" taste and are much less sweet than varieties captured closer inshore. correct this is correct. Depths water (live farther away from shore) brown shimp and sometimes white shrimp feed on more iodine wealthy foods. Iodine is normally occuring the end in depth waters that the gulf. Deep water browns (the shells will certainly be a redish brown color)tend to be a lot higher in idodine content than white shrimp. Texas actually prefer the taste that browns end whites. Ns don't think the iodine can hurt you. It simply comes down to what civilization grew up eating. Below in Louisiana civilization prefer whites due to the fact that they are an ext abundant here. and also I have actually never heard the anyone using bleach top top shrimp. Sodium Bisulfate (sp?) is used to clean few of the black color off of larger shrimp by some fisherman or also some retailers. If you soak the in water, ice, and sodium Bisulfate the black color on shrimp will end up being less noticeable. Sodium bisulfate is a white powder by the way. This is not really harmful come people but it is not the finest thing to execute with shrimp because it will certainly mask the age and freshness the the shrimp.