There are plenty of reasons for gaining a piercing and a lot of positive things that come with getting one. They room unique, they do you feeling good, they are appealing to look at, the list goes on. Thrown in there, though, are a grasp of points that can go wrong. Many of which space preventable. Keloids and healing bump are amongst those yet people have actually a hard time telling the difference in between the two. Allow us aid you out through that!


Keloids are really firm scars that are usually pink to red in color. These clusters of excess scar tissue raise up over the skin and also tend to grow larger and also cover more surface area end time. They space sometimes dubbed “a scar that doesn’t recognize when to stop” due to the fact that the cellular information passed during the proliferation and also inflammation stages in the healing process may it is in the culprit in this flaw. Keloid scars can be extremely itchy, tender as soon as you place any type of sort of push on them and can be painful at time too.

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Keloids room usually genetic. Prior to getting a piercing, girlfriend can constantly ask your immediate household if castle have ever gotten a keloid from a piercing, ~ a surgery, or native a chickenpox or acne scar.

Healing Bumps

Healing bumps are common and also easy to obtain rid of. They deserve to be discovered on any piercing but are most often discovered on nose piercings and/or piercings ~ above the ear. This bumps room filled with drainage, dead skin cells, and also other wound debris that can end up being trapped from lack of aftercare or making use of things prefer Neosporin and also Bacitracin. They are not super firm and also are almost “fleshy” as soon as you touch them. Lock may likewise fluctuate in size, beginning very tiny and growing, then going earlier down again specifically after soaking. Heal bumps suggest that the wound is can not to drain. They do not mean the piercing to be done incorrectly, or the you are allergic to the jewelry.

How come tell the Difference

The truth that keloids have tendency to spread out and also cover a larger area than the injury or wound itself is just one of the easiest methods to tell the difference between the common healing bump and also a keloid. A healing bang is a increased bump that generally just grow right above the piercing site.

Healing bump are usually skin colored and also can be light pink when keloids look an ext like scars and can selection from pink to a deep red. This article has some an excellent information ~ above what a scar is, why we scar, and some image on the various types.


If you’ve check out through this and also you’re still wondering whether you have actually a healing bang or a keloid scar, we welcome you come visit an nearly Famous body Piercing place near you and visit through a piercing professional. That way, we have the right to take a closer look at and better assist you. Unfortunately, that is unlikely the one would be able to get rid the a keloid scar there is no the aid of a plastic surgeon. Healing bumps, on the other hand, deserve to be really easy to get rid of. It just takes some time and also a regular aftercare routine. Because that a heal bump, we would recommend our ‘Soak-It!” non-iodized sea salt and also our “Wash-It!” glycerin soap. The sea salt is for this reason important since it rinses out the inside of the piercing and also pulls the end the trapped drainage that began the healing bang in the very first place. You want to soak that a minimum of 3 times a day with a maximum of ten times. Girlfriend can additionally purchase Tea Tree Oil to aid eliminate a heal bump. This have the right to be used topically and to your soak together well.

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There can be a many misinformation circulating once it involves the difference in between healing bumps and keloid scarring. That’s why we’re always here to help. We’re available by phone, email, messaging, and also in human being for questions on these subjects.