Have you ever gotten a piercing only to find a week later on that a small bump has appeared right next to the piercing? more than most likely you have actually a keloid! don’t worry. We understand all about those pesky little guys! find out what lock really are, what causes them and, the course, just how to remove them best here.

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What is a keloid?

Keloids room those tiny bumps the occur roughly the site of a piercing - usually on the entrance or exit of a piercing. Basically this is a build up of scar tissue.

What’s the difference in between a keloid and also hypertrophic scar tissue?

Absolutely nothing. Keloid is the slang term more commonly used, when hypertrophic scar organization is the more technical term.

Which piercings are prone come keloids?

Keloids can take place with any kind the piercing, they take place after an abrasion in the skin. But they are an ext common in some kinds of piercings. These include nostril piercings, cartilage piercings and industrial piercings.

What reasons a keloid to form?

Each piercing has actually a heal period. Throughout this healing period, over there is a scab on the within of the piercing. As soon as healing a piercing you should always shot your ideal to leaving this scab intact in order because that the piercing to cure properly.

If you perform play v your piercing, consistently readjust out her jewelry and also anything else that puts press on your healing piercing this scab will keep being torn over and over again. When repeatedly breaking under the scab, her body will start to kind scar organization which can continue to construct up and bubble out of the top and also bottom that the piercing. That’s what a keloid is!

How carry out I avoid keloids?

In the last inquiry we speak a little about just how keloids form. It’s vital not to repeatedly play with, twist or change a piercing in order to enable to piercing to appropriately heal. However that isn’t every there is to keloids.

They can additionally be lugged on by utilizing harsh cleansers choose alcohol and also hydrogen peroxide. These males will eat away at the scab and lead to scar tissue eventually forming. Constantly stick to salt water soaks when healing a piercing only!

Trauma to the piercing website can additionally cause keloids. This goes along with constantly rotating the piercing. It only takes a couple times of obtaining your piercing recorded on a towel or a piece of clothes to start developing a keloid. Don’t forget sleeping top top a piercing can reason just as lot trauma as well!

The edge of the piercing and also a short grade that metal in her piercing jewelry can cause keloids.


How to eliminate a keloid?

Sea salt soaks!

We can’t indicate sea salt soaks enough. Lock the finest solution for nearly any piercing problem and also are so essential in basic healing. When you have this procedure down friend won’t need anything else! discover out how to perform a appropriate sea salt soak by click the link above.

Cautiously applying tea tree oil can be an excellent for suck the moisture the end of the bump. Apply this to the bump and shot to leave contact in between the piercing and tea tree oil come a minimum.

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For much more information on tea tree oil examine out this article: Tea Tree Oil for Body Piercings Explained

Here’s how to do it: before bed, use a slim layer of tea tree oil come the bang only. Sleep on it and by the time you wake up there must be a slim layer of skin left top top top. Peal this off and re-apply immediately. Over time enough of these small layers must peel far to nothing!

Disclaimer: Before beginning to treat any kind of piercing, make certain you stop by your local piercing studio to make certain you know what you’re dealing with! these piercers’ should have the ability to tell automatically what the is that has caused her keloid and, in act so, the best means to act it.