Once every while you should sort out your likes to resemble your actual likes and also interests at the moment. In this quick tutorial I’ll show you how to find and also remove / unlike your facebook likes. So here it walk …

How to delete facebook likes:

1. On her profile just below your timeline cover click „likes“

2. Scroll every the method to the bottom till you find the ar „likes“

3. Make sure you’ve selected „All likes“

4. Hit the „See all“ connect at the end of the box:

5. The result tab will provide you a perform of all your likes as tiles through preview image. This is how you unlike every one:


A couple of details why you should actually care about your likes:

In my last post I showed you how to disable facebook from „selling“ your facebook likes come pages. You have to take a look at this option, if friend haven’t already.

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Now the you’ve disabled that, you at least safe the your friend won’t get spammed through some favor you walk a couple of years ago but you’re still in the loop. Exactly how so, friend ask? Ok, I’ll break it under for you. As soon as you began to use Facebook every little thing seemed rather straightforward. Friend „friended“ a girlfriend or friend „liked“ a page and from climate on you witnessed 100% the those short articles in her timeline. Not a problem, that’s exactly what you would certainly expect.

A few months / years later on let’s look at this instance again. According to on facebook (in 2010) every user on mean is linked to around 80 pages/events/groups and to around 230 friends (see here). Her friends „like“ stuff, lock „friend“ people, they post stuff on your wall, they upload pictures, they play games and also pages carry out the same. It’s noticeable that this results in a lot of stories for your timeline.

All these stories now fight for her attention. Facebook can’t show you all. It would certainly be too lot for every day. Vital stuff like say: „Your brothers is currently engaged“ would certainly be propelled down too quick for girlfriend to have the ability to see it since you’re not virtual every minute.

So Facebook requirements to decide weather something is much more relevant come you than various other stuff. How? The measure up Facebook provides is widely called „Edge Rank“ (Read details). It usually looks in ~ your activity on facebook to decide who of her friends are more important come you. Because that example: You write a most messages earlier and 4th with a few people on Facebook. This is a an excellent indicator for facebook that these are friends you’re near to at the moment. Facebook also knows that you hang the end with due to the fact that you tag human being on occasions like concert or parties.

Ok, so far so good. You’d maybe say: This is just fine, Facebook probably does a pretty an excellent job sorting the stuff.

This is wherein your likes come in:

The exact same rules use to articles by pages. Facebook mirrors those articles only to fans that have actually previously communicated or chosen stuff by the page.

The unconfortable reality for pages: Only about 16 − 20% of their fans will view their write-ups (see here). This is due to the facts I described above.

But Facebook has actually a systems for those page-owners. You have the right to pay money come reach an ext of your fans. As your friends i will not ~ pay any kind of money (at least not yet) to with you, their posts get propelled down more likely by a sponsored-story (a page-post thats backed with money).

The result: The much more pages you’ve previously liked, the larger the opportunity that your friends articles relevancy gets „bought down“ by ad-driven facebook-pages. That’s why you have to remove likes from facebook every now and then …

Updated top top June 5, 2020 through Stephen Ojo

Facebook has actually been around for over a decade and a fifty percent now and has continued to grow bigger as time passes. This app permits people to express their opinions and also thoughts in the kind of posts, and also in return, receive likes and also comments from various other Facebook users. This can quickly turn right into a conundrum of sorts, however, as your News Feed it s okay bombarded with articles from accounts and pages you’ve liked over time. This article covers how to remove all likes and reactions did you do it made on facebook posts and pages.


Remove Likes & reactions on facebook – net & Mobile

There are a pair of means to eliminate the unwanted short articles that to fill up her News feed daily, both top top a desktop computer browser and the Facebook app on her smartphone.

On desktop computer (Web)

These space the steps to follow if you space one to log onto facebook from your computer.

Visit Facebook and log into your account.Click on the drop-down symbol at the top right corner of the facebook homepage to open your Account menu. This will appear as a gear icon on the old UI variation of Facebook.Click on “Settings & Privacy”, and then “Activity Log.”On the left ar of the activity Log, choose “Filter.”Click top top “Likes & Reactions” and also then click “Save Changes.” every likes and reactions will certainly be presented in a chronological plan on the list in the left column. The likes and reactions are also grouped through year.Delete the like or reaction you left previously on a article by hovering over the post’s entry; click the overflow menu symbol that appears on the short article when you carry out that, and click top top “Unlike” or “Remove Reaction”.

The above steps work-related only for on facebook Posts. Come clear her likes and also reactions on facebook Pages:

Log into your facebook account and go to her profile page.Click top top “More,” i beg your pardon is found listed below your cover photo and also name.Click top top “Likes” and also this takes friend to every the facebook pages you have actually liked.Click ~ above “Liked” on any of the preferred pages and it will present you the alternative to uneven it. Refreshing the page and also the page(s) you have unliked will no longer display on the perform of your preferred pages.

On Smartphone (Android/iOS)

If you usage Facebook on her Android or iOS device, follow these steps:

Open the Facebook application on her Android or iOS device.Tap on the menu icon to display the choices (top the your display on one Android, and bottom of your display screen on one iOS device).Tap top top “Settings & Privacy” and then select “Settings.”Tap on “Activity Log.”Select “Category.”Select “Likes and also Reactions.”Open the menu to the best of each post you’ve liked and also select “Unlike”.

Here’s an alternative an approach to go about this on your smartphone. You could find it faster:

Open the Facebook app on your Android or iOS an equipment and madness on her profile photo.Tap on “Activity Log” and tap ~ above “Category.”Select “Likes and also Reactions.”Open the food selection by click the symbol to the right of each article you’ve liked, and select “Unlike.”

Although the process of unliking pages and also posts one after the other might be boring and tiring, it helps to keep going your facebook News feeding to suit your current interests and also things many relevant to you.

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How to Delete Likes on Facebook

Facebook’s like button has been around for practically ten years. It’s a handy thanks to present appreciation for her friends’ posts and express interest in niche facebook pages. There is no wasting time allow me share girlfriend a overview on just how to Delete Likes on Facebook

However, the variety of pages you wish have the right to accumulate quickly to the objective of flooding your News Feed.

Luckily, there’s how to eliminate all the likes from your facebook account. The methods below work for favored photos, post, pages, and just around anything did you do it thumbed up. You can’t continue to uneven a bunch of pages directly, so some patience can be required once you begin filtering v your facebook likes.

How come Delete Likes on Facebook

If girlfriend would choose to get rid of someone who likes your facebook page

When you eliminate someone who likes your Page, they’ll not love it. Confine her mind that Pages room public spaces, and other human being you’ve removed deserve to prefer to favor your web page again.

You may additionally ban someone from your Page. When you ban someone from her Page, they’ll no love it. Human being you ban will certainly still be all set to share content from your web page to other locations on Facebook, however they’ll no be ready to i have announced to your Page, prefer or talk about your Page’s posts, article your web page or choose your Page.

We introduce banning human being that continually publish spam on your Page.

To eliminate someone who likes her Page: 1. Click Settings in ~ the highest possible of your Page. 2. Click People and Other Pages in ~ the left column. 3. Click to see the box alongside the human being you would choose to get rid of. 4. Click and choose Remove from web page Likes. 5. Click Confirm.

If friend would choose to unlike Pages the you simply have liked

Here are fast and also straightforward tricks come unlike numerous Facebook pages: 1. Log right into your on facebook account and also click on your name in ~ the highest right-hand side of the page, next to “Home”. 2. Click the “Activity Log” button. (A shortcut to take trip on to the activity Log page is through copy-pasting this URL right into your internet browser window: https://www.facebook.com/YOUR-FB-NAME/allactivity. Substitute your actual facebook name because that YOUR-FB-NAME). 3. Top top the left-hand side of the screen, choose the attach for “Likes and Reactions” then choose “Pages and also Interests”. This display screens a handy list of all of the pages you at this time have liked. 4. Each page listed features a grey pencil symbol on the right-hand next of the screen. Clicking the pencil gives you plenty of options, consisting of “Hidden native Timeline” and also “Unlike”. 5. You’ll choose “Hidden from Timeline” if girlfriend would like to still follow the page, however you perform not want to ascertain updates indigenous the page on her timeline. 6. Select “Unlike” if friend would favor to prevent adhering to the page (this is the the alternative you will should settle top top if she approaching the border of the number of pages you’re enabled to own “liked”). 7. Occupational your means down the list, removing pages you no need. Voila!

A couple of details why you should actually care around your likes

In mine last short article I showed you means to disable on facebook from “selling “your on facebook likes to pages. You should take a glance in ~ this feature, if friend haven’t already.

Now the you’ve disabled that, you a minimum of safe the your friend won’t gain spammed by someone, such as you did a pair of years earlier but you’re still in ~ the loop.

How so, girlfriend ask? Ok, I’ll break it under for you. When you started to use Facebook every little thing seemed rather straightforward. Girlfriend “friended” a lover otherwise girlfriend “liked” a page and also from climate on you observed 100% the these write-ups in her timeline. Not a drag, that’s exactly what you will do expect.

A couple of months / years later on let’s examine out this example again. Regular with facebook (in 2010) every user on the mean is connected to about 80 pages/events/groups and also to around 230 friend (see here).

Your friends “like” stuff, castle “friend” people, they short article stuff on your wall, lock upload pictures, castle play games and pages execute an equivalent.

It’s evident that this leader to loads of stories for your timeline.

All these stories now battle for her attention. Facebook can’t present you all. It might be an too much amount of because that every day.

Important stuff favor say: “Your brother is currently engaged” would be driven down too quick for you to be all set to see it since you’re not digital every minute.

So, Facebook must decide whether something is an ext relevant to you than other stuff. How? The measure Facebook uses is widely called “Edge location “(Read details).

It basically looks in ~ your activity on on facebook to make a decision that of her friends are an ext important to you. Because that example: you write loads of messages earlier and forth with a pair of human being on Facebook. This is frequently an honest indicator for facebook that these room friends you on the brink of in ~ the instant.

Facebook also knows who you hang approximately with since you tag civilization on events like concerts or parties. Ok, thus far so good. You’d probably say: this is regularly just fine; Facebook most likely does a reasonably an excellent job sorting the stuff.

This is wherein your likes come in: The very same rules use to short articles by pages. Facebook shows those posts only to pan that have actually previously communicated or preferred stuff by the page.

The uncomfortable truth for pages: Only around 16 − 20% of your fans will watch their posts. This is often thanks to the truth I described above.

But Facebook functions a solution for those page-owners. You will do it pay money to succeed in much more of her fans. Together your friends won’t pay any money (at least not yet) to succeed in you, their posts get pushed down an ext likely through a sponsored-story (a page-post it is backed with money).


The an ext pages you’ve previously liked, the larger the possibility that her friend’s posts relevancy gets “bought down” by ad-driven Facebook-pages. It is why girlfriend ought to eliminate likes from on facebook every currently then

If girlfriend have any kind of queries regarding How come Delete Likes on facebook you deserve to ask us in comment section

You’ve probably liked a the majority of pages over the year on Facebook.

When Facebook an initial started, liking a web page was a means to tell civilization your preferences and also hobbies. Civilization liked movies, TV shows, bands, activities, and also even usual actions such as “going to tell who something and also then forget what you were going to tell them.”

Now, as soon as you favor a page, be it because that a group, restaurant, or something else entirely, it’s an ext so to follow those pages and keep yourself updated. World still favor their favourite bands and TV shows, yet they likewise like pages such together “existential despair” since the page articles funny memes.

Your likes additionally serve much more purposes nowaday for new features such as facebook Dating, where potential matches deserve to see if you two share the very same interests.

You may be wondering simply which and also how countless pages you’ve chosen – and maybe thinking about cleaning up and also getting rid that a few. The easiest method to perform that is to view all your favored pages.

Here’s just how to find liked pages on Facebook.

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How to uncover liked pages on on facebook on a computer

1. go to your facebook profile web page on a Mac or PC.

2. Under her cover picture on the far right, click the dropdown menu labeled “About.”

3. from the dropdown menu, close to the bottom, choose “Likes.”

4. you will currently see a perform of every your liked pages. If you want to, you can use the category at the height to kind them.

How to find liked pages on on facebook on a mobile device

1. go to your on facebook profile page on your phone.

2. Under your public around Info, tap the three dots labeled “See Your around Info.”

3. scroll down till you acquire to Likes, then tap “See All.”

If you want to delete your Facebook Likes and also Reactions ~ above others’ posts, climate this article will it is in able to help you. Facebook lets users manage, view, and remove likes and other reactions v the help of in-built options. Below is what friend will carry out to obtain the job done.


Since the beginning of Facebook, users have actually been utilizing the “Like” feature to show love towards a friend’s post, photo, video, etc. Except “Like,” the is feasible to show other reactions together well.

Let’s assume that you have liked someone’s short articles a couple of years ago and now, you want to eliminate all the reactions and likes. Although it is not feasible to target a certain person, you can remove her likes by applying some filters. That will help you to uncover all tasks on a particular date so the you can check and also remove the favor from one ar – even if it is it is a video clip or a 3D photograph on Facebook.

How to delete on facebook Likes and also Reactions

To delete on facebook Likes and Reactions, follow these steps-

Open the on facebook website.Log in come your facebook account.Click on her profile picture.Select Settings & privacy native the list.Click on Activity log option.Click the Filter button.Select the Likes and reactions radio button.Click the Save Changes button.Find the article to unlike.Click the three-dotted button and also click the Unlike or Remove reaction option.

Let’s examine out these steps in detail.

At first, you need to open increase your facebook account. For that, open up the official website of on facebook in your browser, and also enter her login credentials. When you space logged in to her account, click on your profile picture visible on the top-right corner. In the list, friend can discover an option referred to as Settings & privacy.

After click this option, choose Activity log native the list.


Alternatively, you have the right to open the same page by beginning the following URL in the internet browser addresses bar-

Once this page is opened, click the Filter button. ~ that, pick Likes and also reactions from the list and click the Save Changes button.


It is also possible to pick a year if friend want. For that, increase the Year drop-down list, and choose something as per her requirement.

If you have actually done that already, all the likes and reactions will show up on her screen. Hover your computer mouse over a post, click the three-dotted icon, and also select the Unlike or Remove reaction option.


That’s all! hope it helps.

BTW, have actually you seen our TWC video clip Hub yet? Do inspect it out.

Learn to delete all my Posts and Comments on Facebook.

Deleting all her posts and comments indigenous Facebook, that is to say, a the majority of the task that friend have arisen in this social network, is definitely not a straightforward task and also the society network go not market an alternative to eliminating them with a stroke and in a few seconds.

However, there are choices to manually delete those publications that you perform not want to store in vision and additionally an applications that permits you, after ~ a payment that $ 2.99, delete every the it is registered from your account.

In addition, you have actually the option to permanently close her account and different alternatives for various needs the in this write-up from MSNTECHBLOG explain them all.

You may likewise be interested in: how to uncover my facebook id using web Browser.

Easiest method to delete all on facebook Post and also Comments

If friend just worn down of this social network and also want come delete every Facebook and leave that once and also for all, climate the simplest and also smartest alternative is to deactivate your facebook account. When you do, it will take 30 days because that all details in your profile and the account come disappear completely, after that period you have successfully achieved.

To know just how to perform this we invite friend to read our article how to deactivate my facebook account.

Delete specific Posts and also Comments from Facebook

If the difficulty is that you want to delete specific Facebook posts and comments, then you have the right to do for this reason by identifying them one by one in your activity log area. The process for deleting old publication from Facebook is an extremely simple, you must log in to Facebook and then press the arrow in the top right, native the list of alternatives choose Activity Log.


On the left, you can choose between your posts or comments to start deleting them. Girlfriend will watch every publication or comment you have actually made in this society network per month, therefore you can go come the month the interests you, pick that comment or publishing that you desire to discard and press the pencil icon, which way that permits us to modify something, i m sorry Is top top the right. A little menu will certainly display and also you should simply choose the critical option come delete.


Delete Posts and Comments from on facebook without deactivating account

If none of this two options fit you and you want to delete all your posts and also comments from Facebook but without deactivating her account, then the just option is to download one existing extension for Firefox and also Chrome called Facebook activity Remover.

To download this applications you should pay $ 2.99 and also so you can delete whatever you desire from your publications and comments native Facebook.


Once you have downloaded the “Facebook task Remover” according to the find engine friend use, you need to log in to your on facebook account. Now, go to your activity log and select the task for i m sorry you want to begin such together your posts, likes, comments, etc. Once you room there girlfriend will need to press top top a widget through an R that will have actually been loaded in her toolbar, doing so the system will questioning if you want to delete all the task of her account that is pointing, because that example, her posts.

By agree the mechanism you will start to perform so, which have the right to take numerous minutes or also hours. Remember that this action is irreversible, therefore you should think well. Also, that is important that you know that this extension will only erase your activity, not that that any 3rd party that has actually tagged you. If it has actually been beneficial to know exactly how to delete all her posts and also comments indigenous Facebook, girlfriend may additionally be interested in this other write-up of a How to explain how to reactivate your on facebook account.

MSNTECHBLOG recommendation

If you desire to read more articles similar to How come delete every my facebook posts and comments, us recommend you to go into our social Networks category.

We all are acquainted with on facebook auto likers and why not? These room trendy from past few years. In this unrealistic world, everyone want to show-off and social media is an excellent platform for us. Especially Facebook wherein we judge civilization on the communication of likes castle get and also yeah it is true or actual to some extent but not all the time.


According to facebook policies, you can include only 5000 friends in a solitary account i m sorry is very big value. In addition it carry out follow option after this limit. By research and studies, the been found that a common person have the right to have just 200-250 friends. What most of the people do is they either send requests to unknown world or they use auto liker to get more likes on your status and also photos, can be fried aiming to get fame.

Adding unknown friend one by one is a really long procedure and that is quite risky together Facebook deserve to ban girlfriend from sending out requests or might be permanently disable of her account. For this reason we space left with 2nd option only, i m sorry is auto liker.

In my at an early stage tutorial I had actually posted an post on factors why you must stop making use of Facebook Auto Liker, where I clearly explain what auto likers are and how go they work. In addition what space their threats or why you must stop using them. I recommend friend to check out that article first.

Now let me tell you in short about the strategy on which lock work. In straightforward words, they works top top “Like for Like” System. For instance, If 50 users are already using auto liker website and you ( that is 51st user ) it is registered for the then all 50 customers will immediately like your condition or photo. Following time the sum total of all users will be 51 and this chain walk on and on. Each time a new user is added, a brand-new like is generated from his side. So what is the main trouble which you will certainly face? below goes explanation –

What trouble did on facebook Auto Likers create?

This is the key question i m sorry every on facebook user have to know. Also those which aren’t utilizing auto likers yet. As currently mentioned, they works on choose for like system. Way every registered user will like each various other photos or status whenever any type of of them request it utilizing auto liker website. They even work in background and behind your presence. You have actually no idea on exactly how your account is gift used. Some of difficulties that you usually face after making use of autoliker are listed below –

liking and also commenting unknown photos and status.liking unknown pages and also joining groups.Posting ~ above friends wall and groups to promote payment ads or their own website links.Following unknown people, even from different countries.

All above mentioned cases are enough to proof that your account is hacked or it is out of control. You deserve to check your task log to uncover these malicious activities and also if found any type of of them, girlfriend should immediately remove auto liker from your account. Currently the question just how to eliminate it?

How to remove Auto Liker app From your Account

Remember the an initial day you register for auto liker. It asked friend to enable app permission to your account. Apps are offered to retrieve user data and store them. They likewise generate accessibility token. What we should do is just remove the app and also it will instantly disable all your account access to auto liker. Merely follow below steps –

1. Login come Facebook and also move to settings.

2. Native the left sidebar menu, select apps.


3. Now click “Logged in through Facebook” option.


4. Right here it will present a finish list of all apps you’ve enabled. Simply find one i m sorry you supplied to login while making use of auto liker for the an initial time. Typically it is “Nokia Account“, “HTC Sense” or “Blackberry“. I choose to select those apps which room unknown for you.

5. Click the cross button next come selected app and also a pop-up box will appear. Lastly hit “Remove” button.

Facebook likes deserve to serve as critical way to assist companies, products, and also individuals acquire exposure and also expand presence on society media.

You can conveniently invite friends to favor a Facebook web page that you wish to promote on the platform. You have the right to invite human being to like any kind of Facebook page — it does not need to be your own — and the process is really simple. Here’s just how to do it.

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How come invite civilization to like a facebook page

1. Navigate come the page for i beg your pardon you great to obtain likes on your Mac or PC.

2. Click the three small dots beside the word “Share” and also then click “Invite Friends.”

3. check the name of those you wish to invite to like the page or find names in the search bar.

4. type in a message to go along with the invite (or go through the autofill), and also hit “Send Invites” to complete the process.

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Facebook and privacy have a complicated, ever-changing relationship, though things seem come be relocating toward stability now that they’ve i agreeed to make sharing opt-in. Still, some folks might want to walk away from Facebook and leave no trace. Exfoliate is an Android app that lets you permanently take under all or few of your posts, likes, and also comments indigenous your own or your friends’ walls.

Maybe you woke up indigenous a lengthy night and also realize you’ve make a terrible mistake, posting dozens of embarrassing images (or worse) to Facebook. Perhaps you’ve just determined that your 5 years on facebook were experimental and you’d rather move on.

In either case, deleting more than a pair of articles or pictures can be a significant pain. CNET’s Elinor Mills newly wrote increase a practiced Android tool dubbed Exfoliate that deserve to scour her Facebook background and permanently delete part or all content. (iPhone users have to see it involved the app Store soon.) Here’s how to usage it:

Facebook wall surface before Exfoliate.

Install Exfoliate native the Android Market.Tell Exfoliate i beg your pardon data to delete. This is greatly straightforward, organized into time and also content type. If things don’t it seems ~ to occupational out the very first time, shot again through Background Override checked. If you’re top top a network you trust, you have the right to uncheck usage Https only to speed up the procedure considerably. Action 2: select data come delete.Sign in come Facebook. Exfoliate doesn’t retain your log-in information.Authorize Exfoliate as a on facebook app. It requirements a lot of permissions, together it has a lot of work come do.Now is your last possibility to reconsider. Start Exfoliate by tapping the large button on the bottom the the screen. Action 5: start processing.If you acquire cold feet or unexpectedly remember you have to save a pic or two, friend may have actually a possibility to stop some deletions. Exfoliate starts v the oldest data, for this reason you have the right to tap the release button and also hope you caught it in time. If not, it’s unable to do forever, so think carefully.This is a slow process. If you’re deleting an ext than a couple of posts, girlfriend should more than likely leave the running and also plugged in overnight. Facebook wall surface after Exfoliate.

That’s it. As with any type of other application or company that makes irrevocable changes, you should think carefully before using it. For some users, though, Exfoliate can be a life-saver.

And hey, if you should delete all those tweets if you;re in ~ it, read Nicole Cozma’s “How come Delete All her Tweets” .


While surfing on the web we regularly see Facebook and many other social networking icons on most of the site and also when we discover them amazing we likes lock by clicking on the alternative of many social networking icons like Facebook and also twitter.

So every the likes we do on the internet or the likes we creates in our facebook profile choose movies, music, books, games, television and so on they all are stored there in our facebook profiles choose page. However how you can delete or modify your facebook likes in timeline?

it may be a inquiry for some one that is no much acquainted with the new timeline the Facebook and want come delete likes from facebook timeline. Currently you have the right to edit and delete your likes in timeline in tow means see below:

1- To edit your likes in timeline just go to your timeline and click top top the likes option listed below to her cover photo.


Then click the modify option currently to delete your likes just choose the choose you desire to delete and hit enter on your keyboard. See below:


2- to delete the other likes the you have actually made by surfing the web just look for the choice ”Other Pages you Like” below to her all likes in ~ the finish of the favorite page


Click on that and you will gain all your other likes perform to delete your likes just click on the uneven button and also the selected choose will be turned off to your Timeline.

F acebook has actually agreed to salary a document $5 billion negotiation to settle an investigation right into privacy violations, the Federal profession Commission (FTC) announced Wednesday. The firm will additionally create an “independent privacy committee” come ensure “greater accountability at the board of directors level,” an FTC press release says. Yet the negotiation won’t impact Facebook’s corporate administration structure, which lets Zuckerberg hold sway end the this firm actions.

Facebook has actually promised to clean increase its act when it comes to privacy matters. However the society media giant’s missteps have nonetheless expense it the to trust of part users. 74% that adult on facebook users have actually either readjusted their privacy settings in the last year, take away a break from the site, or deleted the Facebook app from their phones, according to the Pew research study Center.

Of course, there room also more extreme actions you have the right to take if girlfriend no longer trust facebook — consisting of deactivating or deleting your on facebook account. Alternatively, you have the right to review exactly how much details you’re sharing with and on the platform. Here’s how to do every one of those things.

How come permanently delete your on facebook account

To completely remove your facebook profile and also all the photos, videos, condition updates and so top top you’ve mutual over the years, you’ll must permanently delete your on facebook account. Doing so will stop you from making use of Facebook Messenger, as well as disable any kind of Facebook-based logins you usage for other services, choose Spotify. (Facebook says you’ll require to contact those website to collection up a new login.)

After deleting your on facebook account, you’ll have a 30-day window to adjust your mind. As soon as those 30 days space up, all your info will it is in permanently deleted and inaccessible. (Your details won’t it is in viewable to other Facebook users during the 30-day period.) Facebook suggests users download their facebook data—posts, photos, comments, and also other file information—before deleting an account. On facebook can create a password-protected document containing all her posts and other contents that’s downloadable a couple of days after gift requested.

To permanently delete your facebook account, navigate come the Setting page with the bottom facing arrowhead at the height right side of the site. Click the Your facebook Information connect under Security and also Login and also navigate come the Delete your Account and also Information link. When there, you’ll have actually the option to Deactivate Account, i beg your pardon will allow you to either store Messenger access, Download her Information, or Delete Account.

Assuming you’ve already downloaded any kind of data you desire to keep, click Delete Account. you’ll be motivated to go into your facebook password. Click Continue and also then Delete your Account.

Again, you’ll have 30 days to change your mind before all your facebook data is permanently deleted. (To avoid a deletion in progress, log right into Facebook and also you’ll be motivated with the option to Cancel Deletion.) Facebook says that part information, “like messages you sent to friends,” could still be visible to other users even after your account is deleted. Anything her friends have posted about you will also remain ~ above Facebook, since that’s your data and not yours.

Deactivate your facebook account

There space other methods to take a step away native Facebook besides the nuclear option of fully deleting her account. Deactivating your on facebook account i will not ~ delete any kind of of your data, but it will make your web page inaccessible to various other users. It might be a great option if you desire to take a break from Facebook however don’t desire to walk so much as deleting her account entirely. Deactivating your on facebook account will also allow you to proceed using any kind of Facebook logins and Facebook Messenger.

To deactivate your on facebook account, navigate come Settings v the downward-facing arrow on the top-right side of Facebook. Click Settings. Next, click General and also navigate to Manage your account. Over there you’ll have the choice to Deactivate her account.

Manually delete information

Depending on her privacy settings, whatever you’ve ever posted to Facebook, as well as anything you’ve to be tagged in, might be viewable on Facebook’s Your info page. Her data is be separated into various categories, consisting of posts, photos, likes and more. This is comfortable if girlfriend don’t want to delete every your facebook data, but simply want to scroll with your user background and curate what her Facebook page displays.

You can likewise manually delete your details on this page — however it will likely be a time-consuming procedure if you’ve to be on on facebook for a while.

After navigating to the Download her Information page as described above, you’ll view a connect to the Access your Information page. If you interested in deleting points that you have posted come your own Facebook wall, click the an initial option: Posts. Native there, girlfriend can pick to view Your Posts, short articles You’re Tagged In, various other People’s posts To your Timeline, write-ups Hidden from her Timeline, Notes, and also Polls. Navigate to the section you’re interested in curating. If that’s posts, click Posts. Facebook will list each short article you’ve ever before made categorized by year. Within every year, write-ups are categorized by month.

If you want to delete a specific post, you’ll need to click the pencil icon on the best side of the post. There will be a couple of options depending on the post. To delete, click Delete. There are likewise options to hide content or permit content to display up on her timeline.



Facebook is in the news again, this time due to the fact that many civilization are realizing the social network for what the is: a vast surveillance network that provides the NSA look like amateurs. Recently a #DeleteFacebook trend ended up being popular top top Twitter. Deleting your facebook is the best feasible solution, however at the exact same time it could not be feasible for everyone.

Like that or no we’re every ensnared in Facebook’s claws, and also unless you can convince her friends and family to ditch the society network through you, you can find you yourself still utilizing it. However, that doesn’t mean you have to offer up your personal information to execute so. Enter Social Book short article Manager, a Chrome extension that allows you delete Facebook content in bulk.

Delete Facebook content in bulk using society Book post Manager

Delete on facebook Content

First, you can download social Book article Manager native the Chrome internet Store. After installation it, you’ll need to navigate to your activity Log. Nothing worry, because clicking the extension will automatically bring you come the pertinent page.

Deleting every one of your content will take a while, however if you’re really committed climate it’s the just way. In the activity Log sidebar top top the left, click what you desire to delete, favor Posts, Comments, or Likes and also Reactions. Then click the extension and pick a year , month , and also speed .

After exhaustively using this for the past pair of days, here is my advice. It’s far better if you choose one year and also one month in ~ a time. The manuscript won’t record everything, and also you may finish up having to manually remove stuff. Begin running the manuscript at 16x speed, then 8x , climate 4x , and also finally 1x to capture everything.

Clearing Chrome’s cache

The instructions say that if it no work, try removing or disabling your other extensions, climate reinstall social Book short article Manager. Clean the cache in Chrome by clicking the three vertical dots ~ above the upper right > more Tools > Clear browsing Data . Click on the progressed tab, inspect the box alongside each item, and also click clean Data .

After that, it’s additionally a good time come look in ~ your facebook privacy settings. You can remove third-party apps from her account or disable on facebook Platform altogether.


Please note that on facebook has readjusted check-in management significantly due to the fact that this post was released in 2012.

Due to this changes, the information listed below no much longer works or uses to deleting Facebook page check-ins.

This post will show you just how to delete Facebook page check-ins.

Check-ins space a an excellent idea if you have a physical ar of business. Butif you don’t have a physical location of business, customers aren’t checking in soyou may want come delete check-ins altogether.

Currently, in order come delete on facebook check-ins, girlfriend will have to removeyour address and map native the about section ~ above your on facebook page.

How to Delete Facebook web page Check-ins:

Note: Steps below are no much longer applicable. If, at some future point, a equipment is found, I will be certain to write-up here.

Log in to your page as web page administrator and also follow actions below:

1. Click the around tab

2. Click edit Page Info

3. Scroll under to address area and also uncheck the button below the map come hide your address, map, and check-ins:

4. Save your changes.

Your map, check-ins, and also street attend to will no longer display up on your page.

Editor’s note: This article was initially published in September 2012. It has actually been rewritten and updated because that accuracy.

Get rid of that account for good



What to Know

Go to Settings >Your on facebook Information >View >Deactivation and Deletion >Permanently Delete Account and also follow instructions.If you adjust your mind, you have the right to recover the account in ~ 30 work of deletion.It’s a good idea to back-up your data (photos, for example); you’ll have actually that option during the deletion process.

This short article explains exactly how to permanently remove an account from on facebook on her PC and also things come consider before you do. Must do this from your phone instead? Here’s exactly how to execute that on one Android and also what to perform on an iPhone.

How come Close Your on facebook Account

On the Facebook residence Screen, click the downward arrow in the upper right corner.


In the menu that appears, select Settings.


When the General Account Settings display screen appears, click Your on facebook Information on the left navigation bar.


In the information that shows up on the screen, choose View beside Deactivation and also Deletion.


On the following page, pick Permanently Delete Account and also then click Continue come Account Deletion.


A new screen gives you the alternative to Deactivate Account or come Download Info. If you have not however downloaded the an individual information (pictures, conversation histories, posts, etc.) that you want to keep, select Download Info and also wait because that the download come complete. Otherwise, click Delete Account.


Be certain you really desire to delete your facebook account before you do it. After 30 days, you cannot recoup a deleted account.

Enter your password as soon as prompted and then click Continue.


You’re triggered again to check you desire to delete the account. Click Delete Account.


Your account will certainly be temporarily deleted, and you are returned to the log-in screen.

What come Consider before Deleting Facebook

Before you delete your on facebook account, take some time to consider what you might lose by deleting it. Because that example, carry out you have actually pictures that just exist top top Facebook? Or what about other accounts (like Instagram or Pinterest) that might be tied come your on facebook log-in info to access? If you’re no sure how entwined facebook is in your digital world, it might be a much better idea to deactivate it very first to acquire a sense of what accounts and passwords you’ll require to readjust before you totally cut the organization off.

If you’re sure you’re prepared to delete your account, in ~ the an extremely least girlfriend should have a back-up of the data you have stored ~ above Facebook. This might be anything native your pictures to conversation histories and even friends lists. You’ll have the option to pick what data to download when you begin the process.

If you adjust your mind around deleting your account within the 30-day deletion window, you can log earlier into Facebook and also confirm that you desire to release deleting the page. The web page will then be restored. ~ 30 days, the account and all the data in the account will be permanently deleted.

It’s basic to lose track of the pages you’ve liked on Facebook, and also they can add up quickly. Prior to you understand it, your news feed is jammed with content from all those on facebook likes, and also you’re not seeing the posts from friends and also family the you’re really looking for. Exactly how to view your likes ~ above Facebook, and also how come unlike pages top top Facebook—those are the questions! There’s basic iPhone reminder to discover all your page likes on on facebook so you deserve to unlike the pages you’re no longer interested in; let’s obtain started!

Master your iPhone in one minute a day:

Sign up to iPhone Life’s pointer of the job Newsletter and we’ll send girlfriend a tip each job to save time and get the many out of her iPhone or iPad.

Master her iPhone in one minute a day:

Sign approximately iPhone Life’s tip of the work Newsletter and also we’ll send girlfriend a pointer each day to save time and get the many out of her iPhone or iPad.

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How to watch A list of every the Pages You’ve preferred on Facebook

Open the Facebook app on iPhone and go to your profile page.Tap About.Scroll under to Likes and tap see All.You’ll view a number to the ideal of all Likes; madness it.Your complete list of web page likes appears!Scroll down until you discover a page you want to unlike, then tap top top it, this will lug you to that page.You’ll view blue thumbs up through “Liked” written underneath, tap that, and also the option shows up to unequal the page, madness it.

Once you’ve unliked a page, madness the ago arrow at the peak left to bring you ago to your list of favored pages. It will look together though you still prefer the page, yet the next time girlfriend refresh her list, the unliked web page will it is in gone. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to it is in a way to massive unlike on facebook pages top top iPhone; you need to do the one in ~ a time. I’m setup a score to clear out five pages a day until my web page likes are much more manageable, and also am looking forward to a news feed full of contents I’m at this time interested in as soon as I’ve finished! permit me understand in the comments if you’ve uncovered a faster means to unlike on facebook pages; I’d love come hear about it!