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So, you want to learn exactly how to get rid of mealybugs in her home, garden, or farm.

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Mealybugs are damaging pests that are everywhere the US.

If you notice the white fuzz on your plants, roots, or soil, you’ll desire to act quick as this pests have the right to easily damage your plants.

This finish tutorial will certainly cover every little thing you require to know in one place.

We’ll cover organic ways come kill, control, and also prevent mealybugs that you have the right to do in ~ home!

Be sure to bookmark come this overview so friend can easily refer earlier to the on your question to rid this bugs.

Sound good? Let’s get mealybug free!


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What’s a mealybug?

Mealybugs will certainly eat up her plant’s roots and also crown when hiding under the soil. Take activity to safeguard your plants!

If you have mealybugs in her soil ns would indicate using a combination of the approaches above.

You can first try dunking the tree roots in hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol.

This will certainly be effective in death the mealybugs that are at this time on her roots. Manually remove any kind of mealybugs girlfriend see throughout the process.

After that, use diatomaceous earth use the DE to her potted plants, roots, or soil the lies approximately the roots of her plants.

This will certainly help collection up a nice obstacle of DE to her potted tree roots, i m sorry should help control the mealybug population hiding in the soil.

The diatomaceous earth should help prevent future infestations and also assist kill off current ones.

How to get rid of mealybugs in the pantry

if you have mealybugs in her pantry, they’re probably feeding on some kind of carbohydrate or street residue.

To get rid of them, you must make your own insecticidal soap in ~ home.

You can read over the dish soap or neem oil approaches in this case. The quite thing around this is that you don’t need to worry around damaging any type of plants due to the fact that they’re just in your pantry.

You would desire to remove all items from the pantry and also carefully inspect them one-by-one because that mealybug an insect infestations. If you view mealybugs ~ above the food items, dispose the them.

After girlfriend filter with your items, you desire to treat her pantry for mealybugs by either using dish soap or neem oil. Both the these work-related well.

After that, set up some natural repellents together as crucial oils. Then you have the right to replace the food items to the pantry.

Be certain to examine every solitary day come make certain that you’ve totally gotten rid the the mealybugs together you don’t want to it is in accidentally eating them.

Commercial pesticides

There room dozens the commercial pesticides you purchase from any kind of hardware store.

Be sure to do your research first.

Try to protect against using fabricated or dangerous compounds since they’re harmful come the environment, you, and your pets.

Look because that sprays that have actually pyrethrin together an active ingredient. Pyrethrin-based sprays seem to work best versus these pests.

How to protect against mealybugs

Preventing mealybugs all originates from the source. If mealybugs are native to your area, it’ll it is in very difficult to avoid them other than to use natural repellents.

There space a couple of different methods you can repel them that I’ve already covered in this guide.

Check out the coffee grounds, neem oil, and also essential oil approaches. These space all effective ways girlfriend can aid prevent mealybugs from infesting her plants.

If friend don’t have mealybugs aboriginal to her area, you deserve to prevent castle by inspecting brand-new plants you carry into your garden.

Always quarantine your new plants

Never present a mealybug infested plant to her garden together this will easily have them spread to your other plants. So this every lies in your due diligence once you to buy a brand-new plant.

Do a thorough inspection of all new plants you presented to your garden

Look for tiny cotton-like bugs and manually remove them, emboldened the root of the plant in rubbing alcohol usual dip the leaves and stems in rubbing alcohol, look for mealybugs on the underside of leaves and also around the stems.

Thoroughly check the plant roots and pick off any white fuzzy bugs you watch on them.

Put the plants in quarantine– away from your various other plans because that at least a week and also do inspections daily.

Never use garden tools through your new plant and also then directly onto your various other plants, together this have the right to transfer mealybugs from one plant to the other.

Use one of two people a separate collection of garden tools for your new quarantine plants or dunk her garden devices in rubbing alcohol prior to using lock on your various other plants.

Did you eliminate your mealybug problem?

You should now have actually all the understanding you must exterminate your present mealybug situation naturally.

With patience and also persistence, friend can properly reduce or remove the mealybug trouble on her plants. The cheat is to usage a selection of methods and see which one works finest for your situation.

Not every one of them will certainly work. Use the people that do work and also scale lock up. With suitable management and also control, you can eliminate the mealybugs you at this time have.

Then use herbal pesticides and also repellents to death off and also prevent future infestations.

Always check brand-new plants that you buy to make sure they room not currently infested v these pests.

Be patient and be persistent.

Given questions feel free to leave a comment below.

Or if you’ve faced mealybugs before, walk ahead and leave your words the wisdom to help out others who are taking care of the very same pests. If you found this man to it is in helpful, let me recognize also.

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Feel cost-free to send it end to a girlfriend who might be handling the exact same situation.