Are you searching for a crystal to prevent nightmares? This basic yet highly efficient crystal ritual deserve to be supplied to banish nightmares, disturbing desires or recurring negative dreams.

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I’m frequently asked around crystals to protect against nightmares, particularly when they space recurring or bothering someone’s child. The cause of nightmares may vary and also although they might be rooted in fears, anxiety or trauma, nobody demands to suffer.

Not every crystals room supportive the sleep

Can Crystals help Me?

My an approach only needs one crystal to avoid nightmares… In my experience and that of those who have actually tried the technique, i am going come share, crystals have the right to be an extremely effective.I knew someone that had disastrous recurring nightmares. Ns told lock what to do and also they admitted that they were not sure it would work for them. Their nightmare quit straight away and also they didn’t come back.They also reported other emotional and also mental health and wellness benefits i beg your pardon I believe were led to by a deep cleansing of their aura and mental body. This crystal and the specific method I use it seems to syphon off attached negative energy which may be bring about nightmares.

A powerful crystal to protect against nightmares

How Does it Work?

This crystal routine is a form of crystal healing done while we sleep come heal and also clear the resource of the nightmares. End the years i have developed this basic ritual to further enhance the effectiveness. Ns am sharing the many up to date version here.Please note I’m not a doctor and also this is not clinical advice. This is a purely holistic and spiritual technique. If nothing rather has operated for you, this might be precious a try. What have actually you acquired to lose?

Incense and smudging tools

Optional Step: space Clearing

This action is not compelled for this technique to work but it is something friend will benefit from if you’re not currently doing this. If you do have the time it’s a great idea to cleanse the room you or the human suffering indigenous nightmares sleeps in.How you cleanse your room is fully up come you. You might smudge through ethically sourced White Sage, Palo Santo or any cleansing incense choose Frankincense, Sandalwood or Dragon’s Blood (a tree resin). I recommend this is done at an early stage in the day and also that the room is fine aired during and also after with open windows.Alternatively, you might use a Tibetan to sing Bowl, Crystal to sing Bowl, Tingshas or even a brass bell. You can also use smudge sprays or any cleansing spray which use essential oils and also or gem essences.

The sound of to sing Bowls cleanses and transmutes negative energyWhat you room doing is cleansing any kind of lingering unbalanced or an adverse energy from pervious nightmares or the past. This creates a better energetic environment for sleep.

A decision To prevent Nightmares

You will need a medium-sized natural Citrine decision Point. A Smoky Citrine or Citrine v a smoky phantom development inside it functions really well too. The suggest can be raw or polished. Please check out my guide regarding Natural Citrine Vs warmth Treated.For protecting against nightmares ns recommend you only use organic Citrine because of its deeply detoxifying properties and greater vibration. I additionally do not recommend substituting this decision for miscellaneous else. This is what works and also why I’m share this v you. Please trust me on this one.

A organic Citrine Crystal point is a an effective crystal to prevent nightmares

Ritual: exactly how To use A decision To prevent Nightmares

Everything in this ritual has actually a purpose and reason behind the so you re welcome follow mine steps and avoid making transforms for the ideal results.


In the night or before going to bed take a warmth shower or a bath. This relaxes you and helps relax the power of the day. Bathing commodities that save relaxing natural essential oils or extracts of Lavender or any kind of cleansing herbs are ideal.


Make certain that your Citrine Crystal allude is cleansed prior to you use it. You don’t want any type of old or an unfavorable energies clogging your crystal.


Before you go to bed hold your crystal and focus on your intention to end all nightmares and have peaceful desires or you might program the crystal for this purpose. With a child, you deserve to go through the process of concentrating on the intention through them. You can also program the crystal for castle in advancement too if friend wish.


Place the crystal on the bedside cabinet or next table alongside your next of the bed or the next of the human being being treated. Make certain the termination suggest of the decision is dealing with away native the head and body (see the diagram below).

How to use a decision to prevent nightmares

The following Morning

In the morning remember to cleanse the crystal. This method usually works after one night but I think it’s better to repeat this routine every night for three nights. You can repeat this for up to seven days if you have serious problems yet after that remove the decision from beside the bed. If you ever experience nightmares again in the future, you have the right to repeat the process.If you try this crystal ritual please permit me know exactly how it went. I would love to hear from you in the comments listed below (PLEASE keep any questions you have actually concise and also stick to this blog write-up topic if you desire a response).With gratitude,


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