Sometimes piercings leaving scars and also sometimes lock don’t. Sleep piercings are among those piercings that space prone come scar formation simply because they go v cartilage. Cartilage tissue is an ext likely to type scar tissue contrasted to other areas.

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If you notification you’re emerging a nose piercing scar, this comprehensive guide can help you recognize why that happening, and also advise precisely what you have the right to do about it.

What reasons Nose Piercing Scars?

Nose piercing scars are regularly caused by epidemic or allergic reactions the irritate the site of your piercing. Under healthy and balanced conditions, her body frequently won’t createscar tissuearound thenose piercing.

However, some people are an ext prone to developinghypertrophicorkeloidscarring, particularly in locations with cartilage, favor the nose.

If you room prone to hypertrophic or keloid scarring, the scar may type as abump about the sleep piercing hole.

Any injury come the skin deserve to leave a scar, and also piercings themselves are a kind of wound. If you want to remove your nose piercing and let it heal ago together, girlfriend may have actually a little flat scar left where the piercing was.

Remember that scars on piercings are brought about by the very same thing that any type of scar is – trauma. Thus, noþeles you carry out to reason trauma to the area can increase your threat of scarring.


That includes cleaning the piercing too much, to the suggest of irritation, or constantly acquisition out and putting earlier in the jewelry, particularly if you’restill in the heal period. Sleep piercing jewelry have to be maintained in until the piercing is fully healed, which can take a couple of months.

Important nose Piercing Aftercare procedures You must Ensure girlfriend Take

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How To eliminate Nose Piercing Scars

Getting rid of your nose piercing scar counts on what type of scar you have:

Common scars

Common scars space flat and also slightly various from your regular flesh color. This scars can be long-lasting, yet they do generally fade over time. Common scars space the sort you usually have actually left after removing a nose piercing and also letting the hole flourish back.

Getting rid the these nose piercing scars requires waiting because that the scar come fade end time. Still, you can speed up the process by using lotions or oils and massaging the area whereby the scar is. You have the right to also aid the scar come fade much faster by applying a topical silicone scar treatment and also keeping it out of the sun.


Keloid scars

Keloid scars type from an excess of scar tissue, and they can type around her piercing even while the jewel is quiet in place. Castle look choose a bump that grows roughly the hurt tissue. Unfortunately, keloid scars room permanent and also usually i will not ~ fade much with time.

You’ll have to see a doctor, frequently a dermatologist, to get a keloid scar treated. Treatment options include surgical treatment or corticosteroid injections come shrink the scar. Your physician may likewise give you a subject cream to avoid the keloid from cultivation back.

Hypertrophic scars

Hypertrophic scars likewise look choose bumps, comparable to keloid scars. Contrarily, hypertrophic scar is fortunately not permanent and will generally fade as your piercing heals. Castle usually type early ~ above after acquiring a sleep piercing. Simply follow good aftercare by keeping your piercing clean and also avoiding moving the jewelry a lot, and your hypertrophic scar should go away.


Will sleep Piercing Scars reason Long-Term Damage?

In general, nose piercing scars space not a cause for issue in the long-term. Yes, they might take a lengthy time to go away, and also you may always be able to view the ar where her scar is. However, the biggest worry is if you have a bump that proceeds to causeirritation or pain roughly your nose piercing.

Scars that room bumps may rise your chance of epidemic in the piercing too, specifically if lock get recorded on something and also ripped open. However,most sleep piercing infectionsclear up easily with suitable care and also hygiene.

It need to be well-known that a significant infection deserve to spread transparent the nose tissue and cause severe damages to the cartilage and surrounding areas. In ~ the really least, it will reason the piercing to takelonger than normalto heal.

That’s why it’s necessary to treat elevated scars. Friend don’t should remove her jewelry for hypertrophic scars, however you might want to ask her piercer to location a larger piece of jewel so you have actually room because that the jewelry no to be too tight ~ above the scar till it goes away.

If you’re vulnerable to keloid scars, unfortunately, friend may have to remove your jewelry and have the scar gotten rid of through medical treatment.Adding larger jewelry or law anything to increase tension will only rise the danger of a keloid forming.


How To stop Nose Piercing Scars

Preventing nose piercing scars from forming in the an initial place is about having the right information for taking care of a brand-new piercing. Keep your hands off the piercing and shot not to touch the unless crucial even as soon as you are cleaning it.

Some places imply twisting the jewelry in a new piercing during the heal process, however this is actually the wrong advice. You need to not twisted or tug at your jewelry. Relocating the jewelry roughly actually rises irritation and also the opportunity for scarring. It also increases your risk of infection due to the fact that you room touching open up wounds.

You can also prevent scar by simply maintaining your piercing and the jewel clean. Rinse or soak her nose with saline or sea salt systems twice a day throughout the heal period, and use a tenderness skin cleanser just on the jewelry throughout your shower.

Avoid using harsh disinfectants prefer alcohol or hydrogen peroxide top top your sleep piercing. These products dry out the healthy skin cells and also increase irritation about your piercing. Any kind of irritation have the right to increase damage and also the opportunity of scars.

Instead, for sure you use either home-made salt water (saline) solution or a details piercing aftercare spray for this reason you have the right to gently clean the area without causing any type of further damage.

The finest aftercare productI’ve personally used is theAfter Inked Piercing Aftercare Spray. Not just is the vegan, yet it’s also totally alcohol and additive-free. The solution works fine on all skin varieties including sensitive skin, and it comes in a generously-sized mist-spraying bottle for simple application. Once using the from the an extremely start of the healing process, the spray help to decrease healing time and intends to get rid of anylingering pains or soreness.


The nose is just one of the many popular areas to get pierced, but nobody desires to address scars in this very visible area. You can shot to protect against nose piercing scars by utilizing saline togently clean the areawhile that heals, and also don’t relocate your jewelry about any much more than is certain necessary. Boosted irritation and also trauma rise the danger of one abnormal scar come form.

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Treating a nose piercing scar counts on the form you get. Most fade fine with an excellent hygiene and also topical scar gelatin or cream, however keloids will need treatment by a dermatologist.