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This article was median reviewed by Debra Jaliman, MD, a board-certified dermatologist v a private exercise in brand-new York City.
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toxicity ivy and also poison sumac reason a similar skin reaction. A poison ivy rashes (shown above) can also cause intense itching and also blisters. CDC
A toxicity sumac rash is commonly accompanied through redness, swelling, blisters, and also an intense itch. After you come in contact with toxicity sumac, you must clean the area through soap and water. Then, girlfriend should try anti-itch creams like calamine or hydrocortisone cream or take an oatmeal bath.
Poison sumac is a shrub or tiny tree the grows in wet, wooded areas of the Eastern joined States. Poison sumac grows year-round and any component of the plant, including the leaves, stems, and also berries, can reason an allergy reaction.

Touching the plant triggers a decision that usually isn"t dangerous, but can be very uncomfortable and may last for weeks. If you gain a poison sumac rash, there are several remedies girlfriend can shot at residence that may reduce her symptoms and help you heal an ext quickly.

Poison sumac rashes symptoms

Poison sumac functions the same method as poison ivy and also poison oak — all three plants save on computer an oil called urushiol that reasons an allergic reaction in many people.

You can obtain a toxicity sumac rash by emotional the plant directly or by touching something contaminated v the oil, choose clothing.

Note: Once the oil is absorbed into your skin, that can"t be spread — so poison sumac decision aren"t contagious. However, if who touches her skin or apparel while the oil is quiet on it, castle can gain the rash the way. The oil can remain on surfaces because that years therefore be sure to wash it off v water or rubbing alcohol.

After coming into call with toxicity sumac, you will usually develop a decision on her skin with symptoms like:

RednessSwellingIntense itchBlisters

"If it"s your first time being exposed to this chemical, it could take up to 2 weeks for the rash to appear," says Troy Madsen, MD, a professor of emergency medication at the college of Utah.

But if you"ve had actually a vault reaction to toxicity sumac, her immune system will be much more familiar v the plant and also a decision might appear as shortly as one day after gift exposed, Madsen says.

How come treat poison sumac

Poison sumac rashes will normally fade ~ above its own over time, but the symptoms can be very uncomfortable. There are numerous at-home publication you have the right to use to manage itching and also pain and your doctor deserve to offer therapies for an ext severe cases.

1. Wash v soap and water

If you think you"ve come into call with poison sumac, the very first step you should take is to wash the area through soap and water. This can help limit the severity that the rash by removing any oil that"s still on your skin, Madsen says.

"However, when you"ve been exposed, washing through soap and also water likely won"t totally prevent a reaction," says Madsen.


exactly how to do an oatmeal bath to soothe and also moisturize skin, follow to dermatologists

"Lukewarm baths deserve to be great for symptom relief for any type of itching, and oatmeal baths in particular have been recommended because that rashes and also itching," Madsen says.

Oatmeal contains compounds that bind to your skin and create a safety barrier versus any irritants. It"s finest to usage colloidal oatmeal, which is a flour made from ground oats.

To do an oatmeal bath, follow these steps:

Fill your tub with lukewarm water.Sprinkle one cup that colloidal oatmeal powder into the bathwater.Soak in the bath for 15 minutes.Get the end of the bath and also quickly pat your skin dry.Use a tenderness moisturizer choose Cetaphil.

5. Use a cool compress

A cool compress can aid calm inflamed skin and reduce itching indigenous a sumac rash.

To make a cool compress, soak a clean washcloth in cold water and also then wring it out so the doesn"t drip. Climate lay the compress on your skin over any influenced areas. You must remake the compress whenever it stops feeling cool.

You can likewise use ice wrapped in a towel, however putting ice directly on her skin can make wake up worse.

It works finest to usage a cool compress on your rash because that 15 come 30 minutes at a time, number of times per day, Madsen says.


When to see a doctor

If poison sumac symptom are obtaining worse or haven"t worked out after seven to ten days, girlfriend should contact your doctor.

"It"s worth trying some over-the-counter treatments, but don"t hesitate come talk v your medical professional if you"re not able to regulate the symptoms well at home," Madsen says.

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For example, if your rash spreads to her eyes, mouth, or genitals you must see a doctor immediately.

You should additionally contact your physician if girlfriend have any kind of signs of infection, including:

Puss coming the end of your rashYellow scabsRed streaks on your skinA fever over 100 levels Fahrenheit