A call from Santa will delight any type of child and fill their hearts through the magic the Christmas, and also they deserve to be received by using a free service or downloading a special app for your smartphone or tablet. Part phone calls native Santa Claus can be personalized through the child's name and also a tradition message just for them. To proceed the magic, publish out letter to Santa templates, letter from Santa, and also holiday great lists.

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Christmas Dialer

If you don't desire to download an application to your mobile device, Christmas Dialer supplies a quick and easy Santa Claus call call. Simply put in your phone number, pick whether you desire Santa or one elf to call, and choose a message out the the four choices. The speak to will be sent immediately. You have the right to receive one phone contact for free, when "premium calls"—which have the right to be reserved for a particular date and time and also are recorded—cost 6 cent each.

Package native Santa

Available because that both iOS and also Android devices, Package from Santa is an app that permits one totally free call from Santa. The call is personalized through your child's name, age, state/country, and more, and also you can select from one of virtually 30 post options. If your boy hasn't been behaving throughout the Christmas season, the call from Santa can resolve their habits and aid them shape up before the holiday.

message From Santa

With article From Santa, an app available from the to apologize Store, Google Play, or Amazon, Santa can speak to your boy or they can offer the big guy a call themselves. The app also offers 3 personalized video clip messages and, together an in-app purchase, a premium Christmas eve video, and also the capacity to leaving a voicemail because that Santa. Youngsters can even text through Santa v the app, and they will get an instant reply.

Santa's Hotline

If your child wants to speak to Santa appropriate now, you can let them speak to Santa rather of waiting for a phone speak to from him via Santa's Hotline native FreeConferenceCall.com, and also your child can leave a blog post for Santa. You'll be texted an audio file of the message as a keepsake the you have the right to share with friends and also family. This isn't simply for kids in the U.S.—there's a call number because that Santa in 12 various other countries, too.

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speak to Santa through Google house or Alexa

Both Amazon's Alexa and also the Google Assistant speaker permit kids to speak to Santa Claus. Through Google Home, her child can say, "Hey Google, contact Santa," and the speaker will certainly launch an interactive experience that requires both the elves and also Santa. Google Assistance devices with display screens also allow you to monitor Santa's place by saying, "Hey Google, carry up the Santa Tracker."

If you have actually an Echo from Amazon in your home, her child deserve to say, "Alexa, talk to Santa Claus," and this will aid create a unique Christmas music playlist the curated through the help of concerns asked by Santa himself. A boy can additionally say, "Alexa, ask Santa Claus if I"m naughty or nice" or "Alexa, start Santa Claus" to have actually a rapid conversation v Santa around what they walk this week the was mischievous or nice.