From to win the mrs of the Year award, creating award-winning TV collection 13 reasons Why, to she hit solitary Wolves and advocacy for Lupis - over there are many reasons to love Selena Gomez. Beauty and brains, there is no doubt the this Hollywood starlet is a woman we look increase to. If not every one of us deserve to be Selena, there is one this we can shot to emulate—her gorgeous hair.

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To try to recreate the magic the is Selena"s hair, us scraped the net for every Selena hair-related post we might find, and gathered the finest tips, tricks, and also styles this beauty uses. Watch the video below to see just how we fared through Selena Gomez"s hair routine. 

Use a Leave-In Conditioner because that Extra Shine 


We all recognize that Selena has an eternally beautiful mane, however what"s her mystery to the shine? To attain the healthy and balanced sheen Selena"s hair is recognized for bring away a most TLC. From hair masks to oils, the is all about giving her hair the nutrients it craves. Here"s what she had actually to to speak in a Vogue interview:

“One the the most vital things for me is mine hair. I’ve constantly been about my hair, and also I love that my mom and also my nana teach me how to take care of the myself. The goes through a many every day, but I try to keep it healthy. I have to admit, that can gain a small dead ~ above the ends. I choose to leave conditioner top top overnight sometimes—I’ll wrap it up and also let it sit."

We tried this the end ourselves v a natural leave-in condition and also a simple french braid for some added texture. Simply spritz a couple drops of the leave-in conditioner and disperse transparent the ends. Then follow this indict on developing the perfect French braid. If you"re leaving this treatment in overnight, us recommend making use of a scrunchy to avoid any weird creases on the braid.

Hair expansions for Red Carpet Volume


Ever wonder exactly how Selena can readjust up she look so quickly? In the last pair of months alone, Selena has actually sported every little thing from brief bleach blonde locks come long, dark, glamorous waves. Her trick to these seemingly overnight transformations? Hair extensions! Although some celebrities are more open about it than others, hair expansions are an amazing means to add volume, length, and color come transform your hair in simply minutes—nothing to be ashamed of. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin said:

"I"m a really large advocate that stopping expansion shaming, it"s nothing to it is in embarrassed about and ns think much more women have to talk openly about it."

To recreate Selena Gomez"s infamous voluminous red-carpet waves, we included a full collection of Luxy Hair extensions and then utilizing a curling wand to include some extra texture. Follow this accuse to acquire big, sexy curls - comparable to Selena"s.

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Wash Less, For much better Results


The old wives tale is true - washing your hair less is actually far better for it. According to an interview with Allure, Selena washes her hair when every four days. She says:

"I have thick hair, so it gets much better the much less I wash it. By the third day, mine hair in reality holds nice well. It simply holds curls better, and it stop product better. It"s so strange, but it in reality works. I simply use a tiny dry shampoo, and also I tease it to keep the volume up. Commonly by day 4 is once I have to absolutely to wash it."

While waiting four days is not something that works for everyone"s hair type, us recommend discovering our article that answer the age-old question, how frequently should i wash mine hair?" To aid you on your pursuit to washing her hair much less a-la Selena, we recommend making use of your fave dry shampoo to soak increase extra oil and also revive the roots.