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Want to reduced the cord of her cable subscription, but still watch your favorite shows? Sling TV provides it easy, and also watching Sling on apple TV is also better. Incorporate Apple TV"s basic user user interface with Sling TV"s offerings, and the great picture and also sound of your TV, and also you"e acquired a wonderful entertainment combination.

This write-up covers making use of the Sling TV streaming organization on the apologize TV set-top box, not the apple TV app or streaming service of the exact same name.


Sign into the Sling TV application using the username and also password you set up as soon as you subscribed in action 1.

With your subscription created, the app installed, and also you signed in, you're ready to begin watching Sling TV on your Apple TV.

making use of the apple TV Sling application

Once you've got the Sling TV application running on her Apple TV, making use of it to watch TV is easy. Just use the far to open up the Sling TV app. Right here are some of the typical things you may want to carry out with Sling TV:

Browse Live TV: To browser the shows that room on now, swipe left and also right and up and down with the featured categories and show. To begin watching a show, click it.Channel Guide: like a classic TV Guide-style interface? Click Guide, climate swipe up and also down with channels, and side come side v time slots. Click a present to begin watching it.Sports: come see just what sports space on, click Sports, climate click the video game you want to watch.Search: To search for shows, channels, or movies, click the magnifying glass and then go into the surname of the show, movie, or channel you're spring for.

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You can likewise watch Sling TV on to apologize TV using AirPlay. If friend don"t want to install Sling TV on your Apple TV, yet you have actually the application on your iPhone or iPad, or use the website top top a Mac, you can mirror her device"s display screen to her TV.