Over the past couple of years, Instagram has actually seen exponential development -- indigenous one million customers in December 2010 to over one billion in 2020.

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If you"re interested in acquiring an Instagram account, or just developed one but aren"t sure exactly how to usage it, you"re in luck. Here, we"re going to cover every the basics, therefore you have the right to see why Instagram is the optimal social media platform because that engagement today.


Instagram is a society media platform the emphasizes picture and video sharing via its cell phone app. You can take, edit, and also publish visual contents for your followers to communicate with thorough likes, comments, and also shares.

It"s tough to remember a time before Instagram. "Do it for the "gram" has come to be a common saying, i m sorry means, essentially, "Do something for this reason we deserve to take a photo and post it to Instagram."

If you"re not part of the one exchange rate on Instagram, you might want to reconsider. The app is a great chance to remain apart the friends" resides -- once I want to see exactly how my college friends room doing, i don"t examine Facebook, I examine Instagram. Plus, you can follow her favorite celebrities or political numbers to see candid picture of their everyday lives.

Additionally, it"s a phenomenal platform because that investigating what other brands room doing -- for instance, Nike supplies the Instagram Stories" attribute to encourage inspirational athlete stories you won"t find anywhere else.

How to sign Up for Instagram

To sign up for Instagram, all you should do is download the Instagram application on her phone and click “sign up.” girlfriend can choose to authorize up v Facebook, through an email, or call number. After you select a username and password, you’re prepared to develop your profile.

If you"re ready to authorize up because that Instagram, monitor these measures below:Go come the Instagram site on your desktop, or download the Instagram app from the application Store (iPhone) or Google Play save (Android).If you"re top top desktop, click "Log in through Facebook", or fill in the type with cell phone number or email, name, username, and password. Then click "Sign up".On Android, click "Sign Up with Email or phone call Number".On iPhone, choose "Create brand-new Account".Enter your email resolve and phone number, climate click "Next". Alternatively, girlfriend can also sign up through your on facebook account ~ above the app.Once you"ve filled out your username and also password, you will be instructed come fill the end your file info. Then, insanity "Done".If friend register v Facebook, you"ll should log into your on facebook account if you"re currently logged out.

How do Instagram Notifications Work?

When her account is created, you"ll desire to adjust your notifications so you just receive the details you want. For instance, girlfriend can select to obtain notifications as soon as you get likes from everyone -- but, alternatively, you could decide to just receive notifications once you get a like from who you follow. Or, you could turn off notifications for likes altogether.

You can adjust notifications come "Off", "From human being I Follow", or "From Everyone", for the complying with categories -- Comments, Comment Likes, Likes and also Comments on picture of You, follower Requests, accepted Follow Requests, girlfriend on Instagram, Instagram Direct, picture of You, Reminders, first Posts and Stories, Product Announcements, check out Counts, support Requests, Live Videos, Mentions in Bio, IGTV video Updates, and video clip Chats.

If you"re overwhelmed by that list, I get it -- i am, too. If you"re unsure what notifications you desire to receive, you might start with your notifications ~ above "From Everyone", and if certain notifications begin to stroked nerves you, you have the right to turn them turn off later.

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In the next section, "Upload, Edit, and Post an Image", I"ll display you once a linked account comes in handy.

Upload, Edit, and Post an Image

Now, because that the many important part of Instagram -- how to upload and post one image.

Instagram is an completely visual platform. Unequal Facebook, which counts on both text and pictures, or Twitter, which relies on text alone, Instagram"s sole purpose is to enable users to share pictures or videos v their audience.

On Facebook, girlfriend might choose to short article 100 photos in an album. On Instagram, you have to be choosier around which photos you post. There room a few reasons because that this -- first, girlfriend don"t desire to post more than once a work (typically). For the objective of scarcity alone, girlfriend don"t desire to write-up too many similar photos. For instance, it would certainly be odd because that you to post ten photos from the exact same beach vacation on her Instagram. Instead, you might choose one or two.

Additionally, you desire your as whole profile aesthetic come look diverse.

To learn more about Instagram account themes and get inspiration, take a look at "12 Stunning Instagram Themes (& exactly how to lend Them because that Your own Feed)".

Additionally, if you want to embark top top a deep-dive, you deserve to take lasignoralaura.com"s Instagram Marketing Course.

Now that we"ve covered that, let"s discover how to upload, edit, and post an image.

1. Click the "+" icon in the bottom facility of your screen.

2. Here, you have actually three options. You can look with your photos library on your phone, you deserve to take a brand-new picture from ideal within Instagram, or you deserve to take a new video. Because that our purposes, i looked through my picture library and also found a snapshot of Boston I want to use. Then, ns clicked "Next" in the optimal right.

3. There are two category you have the right to use to edit your image -- "Filter" and also "Edit". Instagram automatically shows you filter first. You can scroll v the carousel and click any kind of of the filter to apply it to her image. Additionally, if you want to usage a filter but you desire to ton it down, double tap the filter and also move the cursor to the left come lessen the strongness of the filter.

4. Next, click "Edit". Here, friend can readjust contrast, brightness, structure, warmth, and also more. Once you"re happy with your edited image, or if you don"t want to modify it in ~ all, click "Next" in the peak right.

5. Now, you can add a caption, tag people (you have the right to only tag someone if they additionally have an Instagram account), and include a location. Additionally, click the button beside on facebook or an additional linked society media account to share your picture on the platform, as well. When you"re prepared to publish, click "Share" in the height right.

Upload a photo or video to your Stories

In 2016, Instagram launched "Stories", a feature that allows you to short article videos or pictures that disappear after ~ 24-hours. Instagram"s Stories function is comparable to Snapchat in terms of content -- users often post more casual and candid videos and also images, providing glimpses into their every job lives.

For instance, you might article a heavily-edited snapshot of yourself and also friends at a baseball game. Yet you might post a much more candid video clip to her Story the the stadium singing "Sweet Caroline".

To learn how to upload photo or video to her Stories, follow these steps:

1. Click the camera symbol in the peak left.

2. When you"re in ~ the story feature, you deserve to take a photo or video clip right from in ~ the app. Alternatively, if girlfriend have an image saved to your phone the you"d choose to use, click the tiny square in the bottom left corner.

3. Click a picture you"d choose to use in her Stories.

4. In the top right, you have a few different editing and enhancing features. The smiley challenge lets you add a location, hashtag, time, date, and also other fun photos or emojis to her picture. The pencil allows you handwrite or attract on your image. And the "Aa" icon is your message button. When you click "Aa", you have the alternative to readjust your font by clicking "Classic" at the top.

5. If you click the smiley face icon, you"ll check out the following screen. Simply click one of the symbols to include them to her image. If girlfriend don"t like it, drag it to the bottom, and a trash deserve to will appear so you deserve to delete it.

6. Because that instance, ns clicked the smiley confront icon to include a location and also hashtag to my image. Friend can likewise swipe come the left or ideal to add filters come your picture or video. When you"re happy through your content, you deserve to either click the "+ her Story" symbol in the bottom left, which allows you to share your Story with everyone who complies with you, or choose "Send To" to send the post to who specific.

How to follow on Instagram

It"s exceptionally easy come find and also follow users. Using Instagram"s search feature, girlfriend can discover celebrities, brands, and also friends. Additionally, you deserve to search "Tags" or "Places". "Tags" is specifically useful if you know what kind of content you want to find, however you"re not sure who posts around it.

For instance, you can search "#familyrecipes" under sign -- your results will include any kind of images with that hashtag. Together you peruse, you can find who who posts content you really like, and also you can select to monitor them so your content appears on your feed.

To monitor someone, follow these three basic steps.

1. Click on the search icon on the bottom that your display screen (it looks favor a magnifying glass).

2. Next, type in a human or brand. For this example, I began searching "mandym" (Mandy Moore) and found her together #1 in the find results. Alternatively, ns could"ve clicked "Tags" or "Places" to find those categories.

3. Once you"re on who else"s account, you"ll check out a blue "Follow" button at the top. Because that public profiles, you deserve to click and immediately begin following the account. However, if the file is private, you may need come wait for them to accept you first.

And that"s it! You"re on your means to becoming a pro. Come take her account to the following level, setup out her next short articles using an array of contents ideas and also templates.

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Editor"s note: This short article was originally published in November 2018 and has been updated because that comprehensiveness.