The Non-filer form takes 15-30 minute to complete if you have actually everything provided below.

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To complete the form, you will need:

A computer system or mobile with accessibility to the internet: the type does not work well on phones. You’ll need to scroll right and also left to complete all the kind fields.Full legitimate nameYour SSN or ITIN and SSNs of her qualifying childrenDate that BirthStep 1: Visit the IRS website to access the Non-filer form

Scroll come the bottom that this IRS portal:


Click the blue “Use the Non-filer Sign-up Tool” button.


You will be taken to this page:

Click the blue “Get Started” button.

Step 2: develop an account

Fill out the details to produce an account.

Email address: usage an email resolve that girlfriend have access to. You will need to inspect your email to verify your resolve before submitting the form. You will receive an e-mail confirmation after ~ submitting the form.User IDPhone number: while not required, that is recommended and also can be supplied to aid you access your account if friend forget your password.


Once you complete the kind and click the blue “create account” button, friend will check out an account check page. Fight the “Continue” switch to start completing the form.


Note: If you don’t use the form for 20 minutes, it will time out and you will see the complying with a post that states “We have actually logged you out. We perform this automatically if girlfriend haven’t provided Non-Filers: enter Payment information in the last 20 minutes.”

Step 3: Fill out filing status, case dependents, and carry out banking information

For “STEP 1. Fill the end Your tax Forms,” over there is required and optional information to complete. Skip the optional fields if they carry out not use to you.


Filing Status (Single or Married submit jointly)First name, center initial, and also last nameSocial security Number (SSN) or separation, personal, instance Identification Number (ITIN)Home address

Note: these fields are compelled for both you and also your spouse if you room married submit jointly. If you have a brand-new qualifying boy in 2021, you will certainly be able to administer their information in a separate tool this summer.

Optional info:

Bank account routing info: If you leaving this blank, your payments will certainly be mailed.Identity defense PIN: only incorporate if the IRS listed you a number since you’ve experienced identity theft.

After entering all the info that relates to you, click “Continue to action 2”.


If friend didn’t get your full an initial or second stimulus check, girlfriend can go into your recovery Rebate credit transaction amount to obtain your money. It is in sure you understand the specific amount friend received. If friend don’t go into the ideal amount, her CTC and stimulus checks may be delayed.

To discover the quantity of economic stimulation payment(s) did you do it received, you can refer to the IRS notices that were mailed to you. IRS notification 1444 shows just how much you obtained from the an initial stimulus check and IRS notification 1444-B shows exactly how much you obtained from the 2nd stimulus check. Girlfriend can likewise check your financial institution statements if you had actually your payments straight deposited. If girlfriend no longer have the IRS notice(s) or received a document check, friend can provide this information based upon memory. The IRS will correct the amount for you if girlfriend made a mistake. However, this have the right to slightly hold-up the processing of your taxation return. The IRS will educate you of any changes made to your taxes return.

Here’s just how you calculate how much you space owed.

1. First, watch up exactly how much you obtained with your first and 2nd stimulus checks. Include these two amounts.

2. Second, number out exactly how much you qualify for. Include the amounts for your very first and 2nd stimulus check.

First economic stimulation check: $1,200 (single) OR $2,400 (married) + $500 per dependent

Second economic stimulation check: $600 (single) OR $1,200 (married) + $600 per dependent

3. Finally, subtract the quantity you got from the lot you are owed.

Step 4: fill out income and personal identification information

“STEP 2 E-file your taxation forms,” request both required and also optional information.


Personal verification: The kind asks for your 2019 readjusted Gross Income. If friend did NOT paper taxes last year, get in “0” in the box. Ignore part B i beg your pardon asks because that last year self-selected signature PIN.DateElectronic signature: instead of signing your name, your signature is a 5-digit pin number the you create.Date that birth

Note: these areas are forced for you and also your spouse if you are married submit jointly.


Cell call numberDriver’s patent or state issued ID number, state, issue date, and expiration date – leave empty if you (or your spouse if married submit jointly) don’t have one
Step 5: Verify her email

Before you deserve to submit your form, you need to verify your email address. On “STEP 2 E-file your tax forms,” scroll to the bottom the the page. Click the “Update your Account” link.

That will certainly take you to the following page. Click the “Verify email” link. Then click “Send verification email.”


Check your email. Friend will obtain a article from the sender “Non-filer Sign-up Tool” through the subject line “Your Non-filer Sign-up device – Account”. The message will look prefer this:


Click on “Confirm mine account’s email address.” You will then see this confirmation screen:

Step 6: Submit her form

Click the blue “Continue to E-file” button. If you’ve gotten in all the important information, you will do it be view a captcha confirmation page. Fill in the code.


Another screen will appear with a disclosure statement. Inspect “I agree” and also “Transmit my Return” to submit.


After friend submit her form, you will receive an e-mail to confirm effective transmission. You’ll obtain a different email acknowledging that the IRS welcomed or rejected your submission. This deserve to take up to 48 hours. You can also view the condition of your entry at any time by signing into the Non-filer Sign-up Tool and also clicking the ‘Check E-File Status’ button.

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Additional help

If girlfriend need much more guidance to finish the Non-filer form, see the Free paper Fillable develops FAQs.

For questions about Child taxation Credit payments, contact your regional 211.For information about the boy Tax credit transaction and breakthrough payments, visit the federal government’s key page because that information: 2021 child Tax credit and advancement Child taxes Credit Payments frequently Asked Questions