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Dry cleaning king john Mahdessian (who girlfriend might likewise know together "Real Housewives of brand-new York City" star Dorinda Medley’s boyfriend) is committed to keeping the people clean, one stain at a time — and he"s not afraid to take it a bite out of his own business, by sharing insider secrets to removed garment stains at home.

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"Time is that the essence," stresses the owner of madame Paulette"s, one of the earliest dry cleaning solutions in NYC. "The sooner you tackle a stain, the simpler it will certainly be to eliminate — i m sorry is why it’s an ext effective to manage it yourself, rather than wait come take her item to the dried cleaners."

He also admits that labels deserve to be misleading. Once tags say “dry clean only,” they’re actually just a warning no to use a washing machine. The fact is, you deserve to gently hand-wash also the most vulnerable items without damaging them.

Here, he reveals his an enig formulas for getting out wine, tea, coffee, blood, sweat, grease, lipstick, ink + more.

Simply monitor John’s direction below and watch the video clip above to check out the magic in action. Think about this the ultimate DIY guide to coming to be your own dry cleaner!

1) EARTH-BASED STAINS: WINE, TEA, COFFEE, JELLY, KETCHUP, SODA, JUICE fight these by put a white absorbent towel under the stained area. Flush v cold water. If the stain persists, make a 50/50 equipment of 2 ounces that vinegar, and also two ounces of food detergent. Dip another cloth and or Q-tip right into the formula, and also tap top top the stain (you deserve to use boosted tamping pressure, but don’t rub). Revolve the absorbent fabric underneath as you"re remove the stain. Permit to sit because that 20 minutes prior to washing on delicate cycle or hand wash along with detergent or security bleach (such together Clorox 2).

2) PROTEIN-BASED STAINS: BLOOD, SWEAT, URINE, VOMIT, EGG, MILK, YOGURT, MEAT JUICES for this group follow the over steps, yet use a systems of five ounces the water, one ounce of ammonia, one ounce of peroxide and also one oz of color safe laundry detergent (such as cream color liquid soap) if the stain persists.

P.S. Constantly make sure your garments are clean prior to you save them, since John says traces that perspiration can tempt moths and insects.

3) OIL-BASED STAINS: PETROLEUM, GELS, GREASE, MAYONNAISE, LOTION, MAKEUP, LIPSTICK Again, monitor the over steps, but use a treatment equipment of 2 tablespoons the citrus-based degreaser, such together Palmolive.

4) squid While john insists that no stain is impossible to remove, he admits the an extremely toughest enemy is ink. Which is why the invented and patented a stain removal kit simply for the job; perfect for transferring in her purse or briefcase, in order come combat any workplace mishaps.

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STILL CAN"T obtain THAT STAIN OUT? Head come a experienced for help… but don’t be afraid to negotiate, claims John! Considering he"s a expert dry cleaner, his many charitable reminder is to bring clothes come the dry cleaners throughout the off-season (January and also February). Due to the fact that business is slower then, girlfriend might have the ability to get a far better deal than throughout peak season (April v June).