I desire this quest due to the fact that I heard it provides 1000-yard rigid sniper rifle. I have the pursuit "The bring away Wars: Venus" instead. Is it one of those situations where if I choose 1 quest, i forfeit the others?

Update: i completed the take away Wars: Venus. I got the legend armor as a quest reward native Ikora, which isn't very great compared to vendor options. Therefore did the unlock take away Wars: Earth? Or Mars? Nope... So the was a rubbish of time. Someone should article a PSA about it since it's one unforgiving failure that's straightforward to make. Girlfriend basically have to be absolutely sure that the quest you pick is the one you want since you can't do them all.

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You have to do the Shield Brothers to win questline. Once you hand the to Cayde-6 girlfriend will get the an initial step in the bring away War: earth quest line, which is Blighted Coven to go attend to some taken wizards on Cosmodrome.

Also for anyone that doesn't know, the Shield brothers Strike quest is ~ the Patrol the Dreadnaught quest offered after the TTK storyline pursuits are completed.

it appears you obtained the take away assault:earth combined up through the taken wars: earth. 2 fully different quests.

Taken War planet was just given to me indigenous Cayde-6 after ~ handing in the pursuit for the Shield brothers Strike, and also it is a mission to walk clear a coven of witches that have established a foothold in the cosmodrome. Usually it is a different quest 보다 the one you space thinking of.

No, I have actually both active right now. To begin it, speak to... Ns forget her name. She provides the house of wolves bounties, directly left once you get in the Reef. She'll send you come Vilkas and he'll send you to Earth. Simply beware - you'll must be ~200 Light, Level 40 to also stand a chance. Lock don't crap around.

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i acquired 2 quests from there ns think. 1 is referred to as "A cry for help", and also the other "The bring away War: Petra". Do one of those turn into the one I'm feather for?


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