Chicken breasts room a clip in mine kitchen. Crisped up, doused in marinara sauce and also mozzarella, poached with milk and also herbs—I"ve cooked lock every i m sorry way. Normally, the prepare is pretty basic (and by prep, I mean taking them the end of the package). However there"s one thing that"s consistently a pain: removed those the stringy, hard tendons.

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You know which ones ns mean: The unsightly white ingredient that just hangs off the cut. Do you carefully shot to part them off, only to hack turn off hunks of valuable meat? Or perform you simply neglect them, transforming a remote eye to those unsavory bits?

As a lazy cook, I normally do the latter (dousing the totality thing in bread crumbs help you forget they"re also there). But I also couldn"t assist but watch—first in skepticism, then in awe—as tik user Mandy Klentz common a brilliant hack because that extracting them from chicken breasts in five seconds flat.

All you need is a fork and also a towel (try a paper towel or miscellaneous sturdier, favor a kitchen towel). Oh, and some chicken breasts.

It"s so simple. Every you have to do is slide the fork under the tendon at one end of the chicken breast, then utilizing the fork to host the chicken in place, you grab the finish of the tendon with a document towel and also pull up. In one single, glorious motion the chicken is freed indigenous its tendon-y sheath (sorry, gross) and also ready to chef with.

“I understand just how Tik Tok deserve to make a hack extensively viewed, however, the easiest way to remove this tendon is through laying the piece of chicken top top the cut board. V a knife in your ideal hand and a short end the the tendon in the left forefinger and also thumb (sorry lefties, simply reverse the directions). Then place the knife on the exposed tendon and slide away from the left fingers holding the tendon. I discover this on food preparation shows in the 80's. Ns guess I should be older 보다 dirt.”

If over 4 million views and also 600,000 likes is any proof, I"m not the just one that finds this hack miraculous.

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Don"t think me? provide it a watch because that yourself. Spicy orange-ginger chicken, pepita-crusted cutlets, and also all the piccata you might ever want awaits.




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