Some things have moved about in the run from the N64 come the 3DS - and two that these things are currently in areas that do a good deal much more sense!

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One the the many beloved elements of The Legend the Zelda: Majora"s Maskwas the sheer variety of sidequests and collectibles available. With whole page the masks available, it was occasionally more fun acquisition time the end to warp with all 4 corners the Termina to collect them all.

InMajora"s Mask 3D, countless things have been updated and some points have gotten moved roughly a small (e.g. The Bomber Kids). Some of them, prefer the new locations the the Stone"s Mask and the Giant"s Mask make a lot an ext sense in ~ the context of the game.. No that this provides them much simpler to find.

Where Is the rock Mask?


Finish Snowhead Temple and also learn how to use Powder KegsPossess theEye that TruthLearnEpona"s Song

In the original game, girlfriend can discover this mask as soon as you gain accessibility to the road to Ikana. When you callEpona and use she to jump over the 2 fences barring you from the main road area (just before the cliff that leads to Ikana), usage theEye the Truthto discover Shiro, an inconspicuous (and invisible) Clock city Soldier lied in a one of stones to whom you provide the potion and also receive the stone Mask in return.

On the 3DS, Shiro won"t be anywhere near Ikana however right in the middle of one area that is make exponentially easier with the Stone"s Mask:the Pirate Fortress in an excellent Bay.

REMINDER:Bring one of two people aRed Potionor aBlue Potion.Completing the an initial part of the Pirate"s Fortress is much much easier if girlfriend buyTingle"s map of an excellent Bay.

Reach the mystery underground enntrance gate asZora Linknear the eastern wall of good Bay and smash through the wood boards impede the method (2nd native the left).Dive down right into the water once all the patrol watercrafts have passed friend by and swim off to the much left, wait for the patrol boats to pass you when again, then climb up. At the optimal of this piece of land girlfriend will discover a large switch and across a steep drop, friend will check out a big open doorway.Goron Pound this move to open an underwater entrance to the Fortress.This section of the Fortress is quite linear. Make your means through the puzzles till you exit a door that leads back out into this big area v the patrol watercrafts (be careful not to run off). Monitor the grated pathway to the open doorway you saw in step 2.Directly in the center of this vast open room is a big tower v a ladder.
Using her Hero Bow, shoot the guards patrolling in prior of friend (there must be around three that are most likely to view you). This will certainly stun them, not kill them for this reason you have a restricted amount the time to operation forward come this ladder.Tatl will certainly chime and, if you choose to speak to her, she"ll tell girlfriend she thought she heard something. Move on the Eye the Truth and also look around. Shiro need to be sitting near the basic of the tower.Speak to him and also give the theRed or Blue Potion. The will offer you theStone Maskin return.

This mask keeps regular enemies and pirate guards from being able to watch you (unless you shot to talk to them). In a ar like the Pirate"s Fortress, it have the right to come in very handy!

Where Is the Giant"s Mask?

NOTE:I introduce bringing aGreen Potionor drinking someChateau Romani before beginning the stone Tower boss fight.

In the original N64 version, part-way v completing the stone Tower holy place in Ikana, friend would discover this mask in a chest shortly prior to you get in the ceo area (just after friend beat the big eye monster ~ above the bridge). You put this mask on automatically once you get in the ceo area and fight both Twinmolds at once.

On the 3DS, the boss fight is damaged in fifty percent - girlfriend fight the blue Twinmold very first as normal Link, and also only when he is defeated will a chest show up in the center containing theGiant"s Mask. You will must use thisin the fight versus thered Twinmold.

(see How come Beat the brand-new Temple Bosses for much more on the Twinmold fight)

Note: This mask is not as sensible or valuable in any other instances outside of this particular boss hit (it deserve to only be equipped in ceo areas) however it must be acquired in stimulate to finish the ceo fight and complete this section of the story quest.

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