If it appears like just yesterday the 2020 ACM Awards took place, you're not too much off: The annual awards present last developed in September, after being postponed native its normal April date as a an outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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In 2021, however, the show is slowly adjusting earlier to its normal schedule, keeping the an ext traditional ACMs run day of mid-April. And also while the event will still it is in a small different than fans are provided to early to proceeding social distancing regulations, critical year's occasion proved that also amidst a pandemic, the ACMs room still sure to provide an evening full of action-packed excitement. It's no billed as country Music's Party the the Year because that nothing!

At the 2020 ceremony, Taylor Swift performed for the very first time since 2013, Mickey Guyton ended up being the very first Black mrs artist to ever perform solo top top the ACM Awards stage, and, five yeah -- there to be a tie in the entertainer of the Year category, in between Carrie Underwood and also Thomas Rhett, for the an initial time in ACMs history.

In 2021, The boot will as soon as again it is in on hand come make certain you don't miss a moment of the epos performances, well-deserved wins and curveball surprises. Read on for every the details we understand so far about the show!

When and Where are the 2021 ACM Awards?

The 2021 ACM Awards will certainly take location on Sunday, April 18. That's a move back to a run date that's much more typical because that the show, which was compelled to postpone its annual event indigenous April to September in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the truth that the ACMs space getting earlier to a more normal schedule time-wise, the ar of the consciousness will once again be influenced by the pandemic. In February, news broke that the awards present will take location in Nashville, throughout three various legendary Music City stages: the cool Ole Opry House, the Bluebird Cafe and the Ryman Auditorium. Select performances will additionally take place at the leg Building and also the station Inn, and on reduced Broadway.

That's a extension of how the proceedings took location in 2020. The show generally takes ar in las Vegas, Nev., but in the attention of maintaining artists safe and socially distanced, the occasion moved to Music City and also spread out throughout the three various venues.

Where can I watch the 2021 ACM Awards?

The 2021 ACM Awards will certainly air live ~ above CBS in ~ 8PM ET. Showrunners will air the occasion from the miscellaneous venues, but fans deserve to watch every the performances and also winners announcements on CBS, no matter on which stage they take it place.

The 2021 ACM Awards will also be accessible to present on Paramount+. Sign up for the streaming business here.

Who's Hosting the 2021 ACM Awards

Keith Urban is ago to host the ACM Awards this year, for a 2nd consecutive year; however, this time around, he'll have a co-host: Mickey Guyton, who metropolitan accompanied top top piano during her 2020 ACM Awards performance. The was that performance, in fact, that convinced showrunners to ask Guyton come co-host v Urban.

"I'm sitting with the executive-producer team at dick Clark Productions and also we were watching the live performance, and we literally had actually goosebumps simply watching her blossom onstage like that," recalls ACM CEO Damon Whiteside. "It to be so an effective watching Keith beat piano for her. We were so relocated by it. Literally, best after that, us were like, 'We've obtained to ask her to hold with Keith following year.' us let the display cool and gave the a tiny time to breathe, but we were thinking about it from then."

When she steps on the ACMs stage, Guyton will certainly make background once again: this time, as the an initial Black woman ever before to host the show, and also the first Black artist overall to execute so since Charley Pride did that in 1984.

Who's Nominated in ~ the 2021 ACM Awards?

On Feb. 26, Kelsea Ballerini and the brothers Osborne appeared on CBS to announce the nominees because that Entertainer of the Year, mrs Artist the the Year, male Artist of the Year, Duo that the Year, group of the Year and single of the Year. Nominees in various other categories to be revealed shortly thereafter.

Maren Morris and Chris Stapleton are the most-nominated artist at the 2021 ACM Awards, each receiving six nods this year. Miranda Lambert, Ashley McBryde and Thomas Rhett aren't much behind, though: Lambert expand her document as the most-nominated woman in ACMs history with five brand-new nominations, if McBryde and Rhett each have four.

A full list that 2021 ACM Awards nominees is available here; Gwen Stefani notched she first, when Carrie Underwood is no nominated because that Female Artist the the Year for the first time in 15 years. Here's a look at that else earned 2 or more nominations this year: 18 artists and three producers in total.

Who's going to success the 2021 ACM Awards?

It's difficult to suspect in breakthrough who will take house the trophies ~ above the big night, despite the categories of brand-new Male Artist of the Year, new Female Artist the the Year, video of the Year and Music event of the Year have already been announced. The Boot will certainly share additional winners as they space announced.

There is one big-name nation artist who certainly will not be among the 2021 ACM Awards winners: with a newly released dual album and a recent No. 1 single with "More 보다 My Hometown," Morgan Wallen would likely have actually been a frontrunner to it is in nominated in ~ the awards show, but the Academy of nation Music ruled that ineligible for this year's display after video clip footage surfaced that verified him using a racist slur.

How does Voting occupational for the 2021 ACM Awards?

Click here for a complete explanation of the ACM Awards poll process.

Who's Performing in ~ the 2021 ACM Awards?

Miranda Lambert, Eric Church, Dan + Shay and many much more are set to perform at the 2021 ACM Awards. Every told, more than 2 dozen artists will take the awards show's phase on the large night.

As artists room being tested for COVID-19 front of the show, some changes have to be made come the power lineup. Luke Bryan, for one, will certainly not it is in performing -- or at the show, duration -- after trial and error positive because that the coronavirus; Little large Town, meanwhile, will be down a member, after Phillip Sweet contracted the virus.

2021 ACM Awards: The Performers

Jimmie Allen, "Freedom to be a Highway"Kelsea Ballerini and Kenny Chesney, "Half of mine Hometown"Gabby Barrett, "The an excellent Ones"Dierks Bentley v the War and also Treaty and also Larkin Poe, "Pride (in the name of Love)" in ~ the station InnBrothers Osborne, "I'm no for Everyone" and also "Deadman's Curve"Kenny Chesney, "Knowing You"Eric Church, "Bunch of Nothing"Luke Combs, "Forever after All"Dan + Shay, "Glad you Exist"Mickey Guyton, "Hold On"Ryan Hurd and also Maren Morris, "Chasing after ~ You"Alan Jackson, "You'll always Be mine Baby" and "Drive (For daddy Gene)"Lady A, "Like a Lady"Miranda Lambert, Jack Ingram and also Jon Randall, "In His Arms"Miranda Lambert and Elle King, "Drunk (and ns Don't Wanna walk Home)"Little huge Town, "Wine, Beer, Whiskey" on lower BroadwayAshley McBryde, "Martha Divine" at the bridge BuildingCarly Pearce and Lee Brice, "I hope You're Happy Now"Thomas Rhett, "What's Your nation Song" and also "Country Again"Blake Shelton, "Austin" and "Minimum Wage"Chris Stapleton, "Maggie's Song"Carrie Underwood, my Savior gospel songs medley special CeCe WinansKeith Urban, "Tumbleweed"Chris Young and Kane Brown, "Famous Friends"

Who's Presenting at the 2021 ACM Awards?

Ingrid Andress, Blanco Brown, Amy Grant, Leslie Jordan, Martina McBride, Dolly Parton, Darius Rucker and Clay Walker will all be presenters at the 2021 ACM Awards.

Who will certainly Be Attending the 2021 ACM Awards?

Prior come the pandemic, fans were able to acquisition tickets come the ACM Awards, yet in 2021, pan are, as soon as again, not invited come the show. Media, too, are rather participating in a backstage press room and red carpet coverage in a online capacity.

Performers, nominees, presenters and also other artists typically attend the large event in person, though they'll be spread out out between the venues and on your buses backstage. Additionally, Vanderbilt college Medical center staff -- all of whom have actually been vaccinated, however will still it is in wearing masks -- have been invited to the show.

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What about the remainder of the 2021 ACM Awards-Related Events?

As in 2020, the ACM canceled that is Party because that a Cause in 2021. However, Brantley Gilbert is hosting a charity trail ride and acoustic concert ~ above Saturday night (April 17) to advantage ACM Lifting Lives' COVID-19 solution efforts, and also a virtual ACM Pre-Party because that a Cause, also on Saturday night, will attribute an hour the live music. Fans can tune in come the Pre-Party for a reason on Facebook and YouTube at 7PM CT.