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VIP ticket to one upcoming occasion in Georgia featuring previous President Donald Trump space going because that $1,500 each and will come with perks favor private bathrooms and food and also beverage.

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Trump is set to show up at an event with former Governor Sonny Perdue ahead of his figure in Perry, Georgia this weekend.

A copy the the invitation obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution stated that donors might purchase separation, personal, instance tickets because that $1,500 or couples ticket priced in ~ $2,500 to the "unique and exclusive" event.

Tickets will incorporate private bathrooms. Scheduled parking, expedited entry, food and also beverage in an air-conditioned tent and also admittance come a pre-rally reception v Perdue.

"President Donald J. Trump has actually graciously enabled the party to market VIP tickets in order to raise accumulation to secure and also win the choice in 2022," David Shafer, chairman that the Georgia Republican Party, stated on the invite.

Trump is intended to be in main Georgia on Saturday in ~ the Georgia nationwide Fairgrounds.

Tickets to the key rally are free. Spectators can register because that up to 2 tickets top top the website.

U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker, Georgia Secretary of State candidate Jody Hice and Lieutenant governor candidate Burt Jones room expected to be guest speakers at this weekend"s event.

Doors come the conserve America Rally in Perry will open up at 2 p.m., with Trump slated to speak at 7 p.m.


Former U.S. Chairman Donald trump card will organize a rally in Perry, Georgia ~ above Saturday. Trump card addresses pendant on respectable 21, 2021 in Cullman, AlabamaChip Somodevilla/GettyPerdue is recognized to be among Trump"s the next allies in Georgia. He served as Trump"s agriculture secretary from august 2017 until Trump left office.

Perdue, that is to run to be the next chancellor of Georgia"s greater education system, has actually been campaigning with a number of top Republican officials in recent weeks.

Last month, he joined governor Brian Kemp at a rally, defending the branch who has come under criticism from Trump supporters for the former president"s loss in Georgia.

"That office, and also the person who holds the office, deserves respect and also deserves honor," Perdue stated of the governor. He likewise told the group they must "demonstrate that respect and also honor because it"s a difficult job."

While the board of Regents has named one interim chancellor, Perdue"s supporters say that still has actually a chance to land the post. His critics, however, argue that an influential former politician would be a poor selection to lead the substantial system that Georgia"s windy colleges and also universities.

Teresa MacCartney, who formerly served together the deputy superintendent that Georgia"s room of Education, is at this time the acting University device of Georgia Chancellor.

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