This is a pretty uneventful metro. Make your way south, looting and killing everything Ghouls you uncover until you reach a door bring about the Arlington nationwide Cemetery. There’s a bear catch by the door, but not really anything rather you need to be mindful of. Now that was easy, eh? south of Arlington national Cemetery phibìc you’ll uncover the entrance to Arlington Utility, a place we’ll discover later.

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The Arlington home stands high in the cemetery (left), within you’ll uncover the Bobblehead - lucky (right).

2) Arlington House

Bobblehead - Luck

Book - huge Book that Science

Head west, walk up part stairs, and kill part Raiders, then follow the road south previous a fountain. Once the roadway splits head south-west to uncover the Arlington House. By the toilet door is a locked room , and also in the kitchen girlfriend can find a Big publication of Science ~ above a table in the corner. Upstairs there’s a safe behind a dresser, and also in the basement you’ll find a locked safe , a locked very first aid box , the Bobblehead - Luck top top a shelf, and also a creepy shrine to Lincoln.

We are now quite done with our Bobblehead hunt, and if you want to continue on come the next component of the guide, feel totally free to carry out so. Otherwise, us will now cover the rest of Arlington Library, and the “return” trip out of Arlington, which will certainly cover the falls Church and Mason district areas… friend know, for the sake of completionism.


If you have actually the Lawbringer perk, this home will be populated by a Raider called Junders Plunkett. Once you placed him under you have the right to loot his corpse for unique Spiked Knuckles called Plunkett’s valid Points . Friend can likewise deprive him of a finger, as with all angry NPCs, and also a unique finger Junders Plunkett’s Finger . Musta to be one poor dude to have a distinctive finger on him, eh?

3) external Mama Dolce’s

Book - story of a Junktown Jerky Vendor

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Head south-east to discover Mama Dolce’s, a ar where we will uncover a good bit of loot. North of Mama Dolce’s is a blue truck through plenty the food in the back, and also north of the is one overturned truck bed. There are many radioactive barrels around, however none of castle will give you any type of rads. In the van bed is the human body of a Wastelander, and also near them girlfriend will uncover a copy the Tales that a Junktown Jerky Vendor . Now to discover Mama Dolce’s. You can go into either the Food circulation area or the Processed foodstuffs area, the doesn’t really matter which you carry out first, however this overview will cover the Food distribution area first.

4) Mama Dolce’s Food Distribution

Loot the room you get in into, consisting of the an individual footlocker and the ammo boxes come the west. Girlfriend should discover a Turret control System terminal top top a table, in addition to a Stealth Boy. Address the turret as you please and head down the stairs right into the bigger room come the south.

5) Chinese Remnants

You’ll most likely encounter some Chinese Remnant Soldiers… who room really simply well-armed Ghouls. Probably they don’t understand the battle is over? Dispatch them how you wish and also head through the noodle-laden room, v a smaller room, and also into another large room. Go up the stair in the southern finish of the room to reach the top levels whereby you’ll uncover a Chinese Remnant Captain, that possesses the “Mama Dolce’s Encryption Key”.

6) prizes in the Deep

Book - Tumblers Today

If you walk west you’ll pertained to a door causing the Mama Dolce’s Loading yard area… the which over there are numerous in this area. You’ll also find some stairs down. If you explore the lower levels you’ll eventually discover a room through a huge hole in the floor leading down into a cavern. Check out the tunnel a brief ways to find two locked safes and also , and also a copy of Tumblers Today near a skeleton.

7) The Captain’s Room

If you go eastern from wherein you found the Chinese Remnant Captain you’ll uncover a room with plenty the loot, including two wall safes and also , and also a Nuka-Cola Quantum and Pre-War publication on the desk. Continue through the door to the north along the ramparts to find another room, with one more exit to Mama Dolce’s Loading Yard. You’ll additionally find a Rolling pen on the table.


8) Mama Dolce’s Loading Yard

Book - Chinese Army: Spec. Ops. Cultivate Manual

Book - Guns and Bullets

This area consists of 2 balconies connecting Mama Dolce’s Processed foodstuffs to Mama Dolce’s Food Distribution, and a central loading area crawling v Chinese Remnants. ~ above the east balcony (the next we’re on) you’ll uncover a Chinese Army: Spec. Ops. Training Manual top top the ground close to a stool, and also on the west balcony is a copy that Guns and also Bullets . Over there are likewise bad men on the balconies, so it can be a an excellent idea to stealth-kill the guards increase here, climate sneak around to the other side to death those guards. As soon as everybody up height is dead you have the right to liberally pick off the civilization on the ground.

9) Mama Dolce’s handle Foods

In this room you’ll uncover a Pre-War publication on the table. Head through a door to the north and go down some stairs right into a huge room. Come the north with some double doors you’ll find a room through some kind loot inside, including a Stealth young on a table near the doors and the exit ago out right into the Arlington nationwide Cemetery. To the south you’ll discover a door leading ago to Food Distribution.

10) Finishing increase Mama Dolce’s

Book - Dean’s Electronics

Book - Guns and also Bullets

Go up part stairs in the south east edge of the rooom and you’ll find a four-way hallway beyond a door to the Loading Yard. To the west you’ll find the woman’s bathroom, wherein friend can uncover a copy that Guns and also Bullets ~ above the floor near the toilet in the stall. Come the phibìc is an uninteresting room over part water, and to the south lie some stairs. ~ above the first landing you’ll find a steel shelf v a copy of Dean’s Electronics top top it. Proceed up the stairway to ultimately reach a door leading to the Loading Yard, whereby you can finish this area. Death the sniper, and with the recorded Sniper Rifle kill the world on the ground. Seize the Guns and also Bullets , booty the ground floord the the Loading Yard, and head back out right into Arlington national Cemetery.

11) Arlington/Falls Church Metro

Book - U.S. Army: 30 handy Flamethrower Recipes

From Mama Dolce’s head west till you find the Arlington/Falls Church subway (marked top top the map in ~ “Arlington Cemetery South”), the next stop in our journey to discover Arlington. When iinside head west, then south into the subway station, whereby you’ll notification the bed the a van to the south-west. Run on in there to uncover a copy of U .S. Army: 30 comfortable Flamethrower Recipes top top a chair. Proceed to the south to find the gate resulting in the drops Church area.

12) falls Church North

Head up part stairs to find Falls Church North. This location iis greatly occupied by at sight Mutants, especially the building across the street come the south. Still, naught a little sneak-attack shotgunning can’t settle with wondrously lethal anonymity. Eastern of falls Church north you’ll discover Falls Church East, which appears to note the ar of L.O.B. Enterprises fairly than a metro.

13) L.O.B. Enterprises

Book - Pugilism Illustrated

In the front office you’ll uncover a L.O.B. Companies Front workdesk Terminal, which is funny if nothing else. Come the south are some relatively uninteresting bathrooms, and also up the stairs come the west room some relatively uninteresting offices. For this reason let’s head north. Occupational your means to the eastern after going v the door to the north and also you’ll eventually pertained to a room full of metal shelves, on among which is a copy that Pugilism Illustrated .

14) glowing Goodness

Loot your way to the west until you involved a room with more metal shelves. You’ll have actually passed some stairs under to L.O.B. Companies Archives, yet in the rooms come the west you’ll find one more exit. Head right into the room west the the room with the metal shelves to uncover a Nuka-Cola Quantum glowing in plain sight on a table. Go down the stairs, then through a gas-filled room come find an additional door to the Archives.

15) L.O.B. Enterprises Archives

Book - Chinese Army: Spec. Ops. Maintain Manual

Head north into one more gas-filled room, then go down some stairs. This area is greatly guarded by leveled robots, most likely Sentry Bots through this point. You have the right to expect come encounter approximately a half-dozen of castle on this level. Gaining close to them therefore they’re less likely to fire missiles is a an excellent idea, and also if you can thin the herd by placing a couple of of lock down through Robotics Expert … also better.

Once at the bottom the the stairway go v a door come the east. Dispatch any type of Sentry Bots that may be lurking around, climate head phibìc from the door, then west when you can. There space a most empty steel shelves come the east, yet as you walk west under a hallway you’ll pass numerous lootable filing cabinets, as well as a grenade box, and also a mine crate , close to which is a lootable room . Once you can’t walk west any further, turn south and go v a pair of entry to with a little cafeteria, within which you’ll find the typical food items and a locked safe . Continue to the east past two toilets (within the toilet that one you’ll uncover five Cherry Bombs) to with a maintenence room v numerous contents on steel shelves, including a Stealth Boy. There are additionally two first aid crate in here, among them locked .

Now backtrack the end of the maintenence room, with the cafeteria, and also into the huge room with the cabinets and grenade/mine boxes. Keep going east past the empty metal shelves to uncover an eastern room. Do your means to the north-western edge of the room wherein you’ll discover an office. Top top a desk near a computer system you’ll be able to score a Chinese Army: Spec. Ops. Training Manual . Currently head earlier up come L.O.B. Enterprise via the same route you gone into this level and also head maximum floor to with L.O.B. Enterprises east Wing, the door come which have the right to be uncovered up some stairs, in the south-western edge of the L.O.B. Enterprises level.

16) L.O.B. Enterprises east Wing

Head north and also check out the “Security operations Terminal” come the right, wherein you have the right to see much more of L.O.B.‘s tasks and-more importantly-grab a Stealth young from a desk near a non-operational terminal. Friend can proceed north into a bigger room through an collapsed ceiling for part minor loot, and also through an additional door to reach part stairs leading to the upper level, yet we’ll gain there soon enough.

17) R&D work Terminal

Instead head approximately a corner and also to the west. Discover the rooms come the north and also south to discover a method past the rubble-blocked hallway… in addition to a little bit of loot. In ~ the finish of the hallway you’ll find a door come the south resulting in some stairs. Ascend them and follow the hallway above to the east and also you’ll uncover an office come the north, containing, amongst other things, 2 Pre-War Books and also the “R&D operations Terminal” . The terminal talks around some incendiary weapon L.O.B. To be creating. Before you obtain all excited, however, keep in mind the the manufacturing prototype used 10mm Rounds, which method it can’t be really powerful.


18) Zhu-Rong v418 Chinese Pistol

Book - Tumblers Today

Head earlier into the hallway and also go east some more. Come the south is a locked door , and also to the phibìc is one more office. Go v the office and also to the east to reach the upper level that the room v the destroyed ceiling. Creep follow me the ledge come the east and go with a doorway to uncover yourself in ~ the far finish of the rubble that blocked the hallway us were simply in. Ahead of you is a much less locked door leading to more offices. Explore the very first one, climate head to the west to discover the CEO’s office, which contains a fair amount of loot including a room , a very first aid box , a copy that Tumblers Today , and the L.O.B. Companies Secure-Case , inside the last of i beg your pardon you’ll discover the Zhu-Rong v418 Chinese Pistol . In the workdesk you’ll uncover the L.O.B. Enterprise CEO Key, which will unlock that pesky door because that you.

Note: Weapon details (Zhu-Rong v418 Chinese Pistol):

A really fast pistol that deals moderate damage and sets foes ~ above fire. It’s in reality pretty neat, all things considered.

19) Office Building

Once you’re done v L.O.B. Companies head west through the supervisor Mutant occupied structure until you reach a playground ~ above the other side. South of this playground is an office structure for your exploring pleasure. Go east up part stairs and also explore the bathroom, disarming the expedition wire at the door at acquisition the rigged shotgun in the rubbish can. Go south into an office room to uncover two dead at sight Mutants and two dead brother of stole Initiates. No telling which side winner in the end, but neither will require their prey anymore. Continue on until you discover some stairs leading down to one exit ago to autumn Church.

20) Paladin Hoss’ Request

Head west until you find Falls Church Metro, wherein you’ll discover that there’s a heated fire-fight between two Brotherhood of steel characters and a far-reaching number of supervisor Mutants. This late in the video game you really need to baby sit the Paladins, as they seem mindlessly incapable of surviving even versus Super Mutants with hunting Rifles. ~ the at sight Mutants are dead talk to Paladin Hoss, that will tell you the they were struck during one exercise and were cut off from among their initiates. Offer to assist and head southern to the building where the begin fled to. Possibilities are you had to clear this Super Mutants out already, together fighting near the Paladins tends to draw much more Super Mutants into the fray.

21) saving Initiate Pek

Book - Tumblers Today

Mutants, Mutants every where. And also unlike the people outsides, these will certainly level every the way up to Overlord… or at least one of lock might. Head through the door to the west then walk through an additional door to the phibìc to discover a room with a few Super Mutants inside. Make sure to kill them decisively, yet sylishly for bonus points. The term “room” must be supplied loosely here, as this was number of rooms at one point, yet through time and perhaps some Super Mutant remodeling countless walls are now gone. In the southern-most “room” you’ll find a workdesk with a copy the Tumblers Today ~ above it, and a safe underneath it.

Continue north until you find Initiate Pek in a room by himself, unarmed. If you have actually a high enough little Guns skill you deserve to make a check to fix his weapon, giving him the capability to tickle any kind of Super Mutants he might encounter v his 10mm Pistol. Walk return the inept Initiate come Paladin Hoss, that will now accompany you transparent the falls Church Area.


22) drops Church/Mason Dst. Metro

Book - D.C. Newspaper of interior Medicine

Book - Duck and also Cover!

Now head right into the falls Church/Mason Dst Metro, i m sorry is eastern of the Merigold Station. In below you’ll be attacked by a variety of Raiders. Death them and head east to uncover the metro station, wherein a formidible seeming Raider fort stands. Top top the peak level, however, you’ll notice the place has actually been overrun by Ghouls, most likely stemming native the Franklin subway Utilty in the east. In a ticket booth you can uncover a missile, a very first aid box, and also a copy of Duck and also Cover! In a diner you’ll discover a Pre-War book on a table and a Stealth young on the back of an oven. If girlfriend head earlier to the reduced level and also continue to the east you’ll find the departure to the Franklin Metro energy , i m sorry can likewise be opened by a terminal . This area can be explored by the brave and also the greedy, and so we shall First, however, explore the upper level, heading phibìc to find some bathrooms. Inside of among them you’ll find a D.C. Journal of interior Medicine relaxing on optimal of a first aid box ~ above the wall. If you proceed on you’ll find the exit to the Mason District… but we’re walking to discover Franklin metro Utility, first.

23) Franklin subway Utility

This ar is absolutely wretched at a high levels, because it’s crawling with leveled Ghouls. There’s a good bit of loot in this place, however you have to decide if you’re approximately killing that numerous Reavers and catching a decidedly unhealthy lot of rads. In the very first room you’ll uncover a to draw of materials by the computers and in the lockers, including two Stealth Boys. On an additional metal shelf to the east you’ll discover two Pre-War Books. Just eastern of the table inside wall with damaged computers you’ll uncover a wall safe . Search the upper area and kill your very first Ghouls. You’ll more than likely get enough loot the you’ll want to head back and stash it!

Trivia: A Baker"s Dozen:

I once encountered no fewer than eleven Feral Ghoul Reavers here. That simply sucks no issue what your construct is.

24) The Turret Path

Book - Tumblers Today

There are two methods out that this room, come the eastern you’ll uncover some stairs resulting in a small room with a deactivated turret in it. This route deserve to be a small dangerous, as there are numerous Ghouls milling external the door through the turret, return you deserve to hack the turret and also get it come fire ~ above the Ghouls, it’s just as likely to shoot in ~ you, provided its location. In the fenced-off area in the turret room you’ll find a stash of loot, including a copy of Tumblers Today on an mine crate . There’s additionally a steel shelf surrounding with part goodies on it.

25) Ghouls Galore

Book - Guns and also Bullets

The other method down is to the north, whereby you’ll discover some stairs leading down. One of two people way, both paths lead you to a big room v a fenced-off main area. Death the Ghouls bordering the fence (for me this was a mix the Feral Ghoul Reavers and Glowing Ones) and loot the north and also south ends of the room before exploring the fenced-in area. ~ above a table in the center of the room you’ll discover a Combat Shotgun, a Stealth Boy, and also a copy of Guns and also Bullets.


Head into a sewer to the east where you’ll find some RadAway. Finding part chems isn’t uncommon, however in this situation take it as a warning the radiation come come. Proceed heading with the drain until you find a flooded tunnel. Swim east into the submerged area a quick ways to find a heap of radioactive barrels behind a Radiation suit Case, on height of which is a Mini Nuke. Take the Radiation Suit and swim earlier west. Swim through a feet in the wall surface until friend reach dry land ~ above the other side. Continue up a organic ramp top east and you’ll uncover yourself in an additional metro tunnel. Proceed east v a tunnel full of radioactive barrels to find a truck, within the earlier of i beg your pardon lies a unique Flamer: Burnmaster , a Nuka-Cola Quantum, part drugs, and also no much less than 5 ammo boxes, 2 of which room locked .

Note: Weapon details (Burnmaster):

It’s around 50% much more powerful 보다 a common Flamer, and yet has the exact same value… Ah well, pyromaniacs delight.

27) there and earlier Again

U.S. Army: 30 comfortable Flamethrower Recipes

Head west end the hole resulting in the flooded area and also continue increase a tunnel. Protect against in prior of the barricades long sufficient to loot some device boxes and also metals shelves, on among which you’ll discover a copy that U.S. Army: 30 handy Flamethrower Recipes . Continue west and loot some an ext metal shelves, climate loot a defunct connection tunnel, and also finally proceed on till you uncover a room come the southern that has actually various components inside, consisting of two much more Stealth Boys. Instead of walking all the way back, classily drop through the feet in the floor to land in a rubbish bin earlier near the entrance. Currently it’s time to ago track with the falls Church/Mason Dst. Metro, and also from there make your method to the Mason ar exit.

28) Mason District

Book - Dean’s Electronics

Book - Guns and Bullets

You’ll surface near the Hubris Comics map marker. As usual, as soon as you surface you’ll most likely spawn some Regulators/Talon agency Mercenaries. Over there are likewise plenty of super Mutants come the south. Very first loot the Pulowski conservation Chamber and also grab the copy of Dean’s Electronics within. In the center of the playground south of Hubris Comics you’ll discover a van bed v some ammo boxes and several Chinese attack Rifles inside. In a building overlooking the playground come the south you’ll uncover a Sniper Rifle, part ammo boxes, a 10mm Pistol, two Frag Grenades, and a Stimpak, along with a copy that Guns and also Bullets . Various other than that, girlfriend can discover some much more ammo boxes and also Chinese assault Rifles in a ruined building some ways to the south, and you can uncover the far end of the Flooded subway which will certainly return surface near Arlington Library. To finish off this area… and also with it every little thing in the southern half of the map save D.C., head right into Hubris Comics.

29) Hubris Comics Publishing

Book - tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor

In Hubris Comics you have to be wary of two things: traps and also Ghouls. Previous the receptionist desk is a barricade, consisting in part of a bookshelf, top top which is a Pre-War Book. There’s a trapped restroom in the bathroom come the west, and also one the the terminals ~ above the receptionist’s workdesk is rigged. Above this rigged terminal, top top a shelf, is a copy that Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor , so try not to blow up the terminal. If friend go through the door to the east you’ll uncover the Hubris Comics energy Tunnels, if you walk north over the barricade you’ll continue deeper right into the building.

30) reign of Grelok

Go north end the barricade and east under a tunnel. Rest the expedition wire and also deactivate the rigged infant carriage. You’ll involved a door leading southern which just connects to one more tunnel east that terminates in a north-south fork. Head south to find an office room near a Nuka-Cola vending machine. Within are plenty of desks to loot, part stairs leading down, and also a huge hole in the floor, over which looms a Grenade Bouquet. Under on the reduced level you’ll find much more desks come loot, some ammo box and first aid boxes in the south-western corner, and also a terminal with the game “Reign that Grelok” ~ above it. To my knowledge there’s no reward for play it, various other than the glory of playing a game within a game.

31) to Hubris Comics Printing

Return come the upper level and exit this office room, returning to the north-south hallway, this time experimenting to the north. Here you’ll find a large room with many desks and a hole in the floor on the east side that the room. On the bottom floor are number of Ghouls which space unable come close with you. Prefer shooting fish in a barrel. There is little reason to check out the lower level. If friend go through a door come the eastern (carefully walking follow me the broken floor approximately the leaf of the room) you’ll find another route to the Hubis Comics utility Tunnels, and if you go the west under a hallway (disarming the trip-wire rigging up 3 pitching machines) you’ll eventually concerned a door resulting in Hubris Comics Printing, i m sorry is our existing destination.


32) mad Johnny Wes

Book - Grognak the Barbarian

Just come the south you’ll find a large room, inside you’ll find Mad Johnny Wes, his (leveled) turret defense, and some Ghouls. It is much far better to just let the 2 sides death each various other off before making your existence known. Why resolve Mark VII Turrets, a pyscho with a Minigun, and also Feral Ghouls in its entirety if girlfriend don’t have actually to? when the Ghouls space dead head into the printing room. Be wary the landmines. Also, foolish Johnny Wes will shoot at miscellaneous explosive aspects (generators, waiting cannisters) near you, whether he in reality detects girlfriend or not). Head down some stairs to the reduced level, proceed to the southern wall, whereby you’ll uncover a doorway. Go v it and also head under a hallway come the west previous some pitching machines. Up part stairs you’ll discover a locked door , past which is foolish Johnny Wes. Death him and his turrets prior to looting his three ammo boxes, three first aid boxes, and also stealing his Nuka-Cola Quantum and also copy of Grognak the Barbarian .

You have the right to mess v the print press, yet doing for this reason doesn’t it seems ~ to do anything other than draw your attention to the skeleton jamming increase the works. And also that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we stop machinery when it’s being operated. There is currently only one area left to explore before we are done with our glorious sweep of Arlington: the Hubris Comics utility Tunnels. The following step will certainly assume you entered via the door near the enntrance gate to Hubris Comics (east of the receptionist’s office), just to set a typical for navigation.

33) Hubris Comics energy Tunnels

Book - Dean’s Electronics

Another collection of pre-war tunnels filled with components and also teeming through Ghouls. By now we’ve to be through locations just prefer this a dozen times or more… well, that seems like it, anyways. Go approximately the fencing to uncover a skeleton near a grenade box, 2 ammo boxes, and also a first aid box. Come the north you’ll discover a v a Turret manage System terminal nearby, which, if you bother, can activate a mark I Turret. Proceed north, then east until you pertained to a four-way split. To the east you’ll discover the various other entrance come Hubris Comics Publishing, and south is a dead end, therefore head phibìc up part stairs. You’ll automatically come to… another split!

Go east to uncover a room wherein a dead skeleton lies amidst Caps, 5.56 Rounds, an attack Rifle, a Stealth Boy, and two first aid boxes. Currently head west to find a room with numerous Ghouls in it. ~ above a workdesk in this room is a copy of Dean’s Electronics . Proceed down a tunenl come the north, walk up part stairs, and also into a short sewer to find the departure to the capital Wasteland. You’ll leave near Wilhelm’s Wharf.

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Our second an excellent Bobblehead hunting is over, and so is our expedition of Arlington. Before we handle D.C. Fully, let’s finish the north central part of the capital Wasteland, once done we’ll really only have actually D.C. Left come explore. Our next target is the Reclining Groves will Homes, which is north of Germantown.