* please be advised, as of right currently the U.S federal government requires U.S citizen to have special permission to visit Cuba. Any and all U.S charters to Cuba need to be approved by the U.S government prior.

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Directly throughout the Straights the Florida from vital West lies the island the Cuba. Just 90 miles away, however a million miles from any country you’ve ever visited. Call vital West Charter watercraft or fill the end a quote form. We’ll introduce you to several travel choices for journeying Cuba, indigenous single-day ring trips come excursions lasting a mainly or longer. Or if you prefer, fill the end a quote form. One of two people way, Charter boat to Cuba is an suffer you don’t desire to miss.

cutting edge power yachts from vital West come Cuba allow you to invest a work wandering with plazas that Havana and be ago in the United says by nightfall. For a more leisurely voyage, rental the expert services that a certified captain and sail to Cuba top top a 65-foot catamaran, making stops at Matanzas, Santiago de Cuba, Cienfuegos and also other culturally well-off ports around the island.

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Cuban history & Island Info

Circumnavigating Cuba has been renowned since Christopher Columbus first set foot here in 1492. The famous explorer liked the dry paradise so much, he declared it in the surname of Spain. Five centuries later, Ernest Hemingway feel the same, planting his flag and also living in the suburbs of Havana for over twenty years.

~ above a an essential West to Cuba charter boat trip, you can find the island’s colorful history for yourself. No ar in the civilization has fairly the same blend of cultures and traditions. You’ll appreciate why Cuba’s nickname, Pearl the the Antilles, is a an especially accurate moniker. Being on Duval street is nice by why not have an really Cuban experience instead?

Cubas Untouched Beauty

Fortunately, Cuba still has much the the extraordinary life beauty Columbus for this reason appreciated— unlimited pristine beaches the pure white sand, sparkling turquoise waters, verdant, rugged mountains. Guided excursions into the interior deserve to be i ordered it on the spur of the moment locally or to plan in breakthrough by an essential West Charter Boat.

The food alone is justification sufficient to visit this island country of eleven-million people. In addition to the exceptional local fare, be sure to bespeak the national dish the Cuba, ropa vieja. Local adaptations aside, ropa vieja is make of shredded flank steak in an aromatic tomato sauce base, served with black color beans, yellow rice, plantains, and fried yuca—nearly constantly accompanied through beer.

The cook masterpiece is both delicious and also affordable, costing roughly nine Cuban pesos ($9.00 U.S. Dollars) every serving. No wonder so many people return come Cuba year after ~ year because that vacation.

Ernest Hemingways mystery Retreat

Hemingway journeyed come Cuba for number of reasons, not least of which to be the world-class fishing. The warmth waters that the Gulf Stream circulation the entire length that the island’s phibìc side, attracting spectacular Sailfish, black Fin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, and also a diverse assortment of various other sport fish.

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vital West Charter watercraft can put you in the fighting chair the a sports fishing yacht trolling Cuban waters in a matter of a couple of hours. Surprisingly, key West to Cuba street is substantially much shorter than Miami’s proximity to the Bahamas. Trip to the southern coast of this globally acclaimed fishing destination and also you’ll it is in in the Caribbean Sea, whereby the daily record could easily include mammoth Tiger and Hammerhead sharks.