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On the web: pick Street View in Layers > More. Drag Pegman come a blue line on the map. Your display will change to a street-level view.Mobile app: pick Street View in Layers. Madness the Street View icon for a full display of photos or a blue line for a partial screen. 

This write-up explains how to get in Street view in Google Maps on the web and also mobile app. You have the right to then relocate the photograph to look approximately or walk forward come see also more.

use Street check out in Google Maps top top the web

With Google Maps top top the web, you can feel as if you’re component of a ar with Street View. Friend can likewise view larger photos of your Street View place where available.

On the bottom left, click Layers and select More. Then, choose Street View. You will do it then check out blue currently on the map indicating where you have the right to place Pegman (Google’s person icon) for a closer view.


usage Street check out in Google Maps on mobile

With Google Maps on her Android machine or iPhone, Street view is just a few taps away. You have the right to then screen photos in a full or partial screen view.

Tap the Layers icon and select Street View. Use the X on the optimal right to close the great screen.

Like the Google Maps website, you’ll watch blue lines display that market Street View. Friend then have two means to check out the photos.

First, you have the right to tap the Street View icon that screens on the bottom left. This puts the photos in full-screen mode on your phone for a beautiful view.

Second, you have the right to tap a blue line on the map. This displays the photos on the top fifty percent of your screen instead. This allows you usage the map and see the matching photos in ~ the exact same time.

In either view, you deserve to move the scene left or ideal by dragging it v your finger. Friend can also double-tap clues to relocate to various locations in the scene.

To leave Street view in the Google Maps mobile app, tap the back arrow on the peak left.

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And to remove the blue Street see lines ~ above the map, tap Layers and then Street View to disable it.