Have you ever before imagined taking a tour of Mars? This is possible thanks to a no so new platform from Googlethe Google Mars, which allows you to explore the red planet and also all its details.

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The device was created in 2009, but only in 2012 to be it rendered acquiring more kind and functions. She is very similar to the Google Earth, but the world that is located 480 million kilometers far from Earth. Its attributes gather photos, geographic data and also various other information that space worth checking out. The app enables you to take it a look in ~ the plains, craters, mountains, dunes and all the surface ar of the place, consisting of the spaceships that were ~ above the planet together with their stories. And when checking all this, you can still select if you desire to visit Mars through the “normal” view, in infrared or in colors the signal the altitude.

All source information processing lasignoralaura.comes from a partnership between Google and also Arizona State university in the joined States. Recently, NASA, which has actually the Mars 2020 Mission in progress, landed the rover Perseverance on Mars, which indicates that the platform need to soon update, receiving much more data and also images, due to the fact that the existing people today space the result of the last years that collection, through probes and satellites additionally from NASA.

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And let"s get to the point: how to “visit” Mars through Google Mars?

Google Mars have the right to be accessed indigenous both her phone and your lasignoralaura.computer. You have the right to just create in the search ar the surname of the application that currently appears. You have the right to also accessibility it through Google earth by placing that in the Mars function.

In the menu, friend will discover 3 options: “Elevation”, which shows the colored image of the surface ar representing the altitudes, that is, showing what space craters and also what space mountains.

Elevation. Image: Reproduction / Google Mars

In “Visible” you have actually a black and white image, i beg your pardon is the most realistic in spite of the color.

Visible. Image: Reproduction / Google Mars

Infrared, on the other hand, records the planet"s temperature variations and also shows a free image of clouds or corpuscle in the atmosphere.

Infrared. Image: Reproduction / Google Mars

In the alternative "Spacecraft" you understand all the points wherein ships landed and get information about the an outlasignoralaura.come of that mission. In fact, the platform already has data ~ above the arrival of Perseverance at the Jezero crater.

Spacecraft. Image: Reproduction / Google Mars

A curiosity, Google Maps also has a “Space” version in that is functionalities. Over there you navigate in a simplified method through the planets of the Solar System and also even the moon.

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