By pass in some aid you’ll not only even up the number some-what yet they can also prove to it is in a advantageous distraction.

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The most essential thing come remember during this battle is that if friend ‘kill’ one of them climate the other one will certainly go over to recovery them! plainly this have the right to be something of a problem; for this reason what’s much better is to try and acquire them both practically equally low on wellness at the same time.

This way that when one of lock is down then the doesn’t take plenty of hits to end up off the last boss (and they won’t retaliate together they’re trying come revive).

**BOTH** bosses space weak to **poison** assaults so if you"ve obtained something choose **Poison Mist** then you can deal lots of damage without actually obtaining too close.The W *atcher* (boss in white) is the faster one and also likes come dash around the arena slicing whatever up.Pretty much of their attacks can be parried; opened them up because that more critical attacks.The *Watcher* also has the least amount of wellness (making it an ext likely it"ll go under first). Thus if you"ve summoned assist do your best to emphasis on the *Defender* (in black).If you carry poison **and** summons right into this fight then it"ll be **much** easier!

As shortly as both the them are dead climate the display will soon fade to black and also it’s on come the final boss!


Dying after beating the Throne Watchers way when you run ago to the door you’ll only have actually to challenge the final boss again.


Make sure you destory a couple of cursed smoke plumes and then continuing to be close (with a an excellent shield) isn’t a negative tactic for a great part of the fight.

The last boss isn’t precisely super-difficult (sadly). The main considerations space the cursed beacons that appear around her. If you obtain too close for too lengthy you’ll obtain cursed; so you can destroy them one-at-a-time to make her life easier.

Or friend can tempt her far from them and also attack through ranged combat whilst she’s within the beacons. She laser beam have the right to be side-stepped (if relocating forwards) or rolled under (if relocating sideways).

If you prefer your action close-up then bring a 100% physical damage (and as lot dark resistance as possible) with you and her Scythe will certainly actually miss out on you on most assaults if you acquire super near to she (as you’ll check out in our video).

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Just acquire ready to run if you see her chest glowing together that suggests she’s ready to perform an area-of-effect attack.

Keep the up, claim her soul and also then method the ago of the room to trigger the cut-scene! Congratulations on beating Dark Souls 2! (Now go finish it without dying or using any type of bonfires - there’s cool rewards for doing these challenges too girlfriend know)…