You desire to exercise and also push her limits, but you are afraid of acquiring too bulky in the process?

The fact is, girlfriend can obtain a lean body you desire without placing too lot of undesirable muscle size…if you emphasis on the right type of exercise.

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Before we obtain into much more details, let me simply say the there is nothing wrong through women who are muscular and also strong- if the is their preference!

This blog article is for the girl (like myself) who ended up with a bulky body once their goal to be to obtain lean and slim down.

And because that the girls that were repeatedly told that they have the right to not obtain too muscular and also their fears room irrational, also when they couldn’t fit in their tops and also jeans anymore.

Since this topic appears to be taboo in the fitness world (mostly consists of ”girls can’t get too big” members), I determined to share with you my guide on just how to get lean and toned, however not bulky.

So, if you are wondering exactly how to get slim under your foot without bulking up muscle, or just how to tone your arms there is no making castle bigger, you’re in the appropriate place.

So, let’s start!


OK, for this reason I get this question a LOT.

And, I have the right to relate. I remained in the same instance a couple of year ago, therefore I can speak frommy very own experience.

When I started going come the gym, my goal was an easy –reduce human body fatand gain toned.

So, in the beginning, ns was mainly focusing on cardio, and I skipped resistance training.

Cardio helped me slim down and reduce human body fat yet it didn’t help me acquire toned. I actually ended up looking thin fat.

And as soon as I asked because that advice, ns was told I should forget around cardio and shot heavy weights. I observed a most girls doing it, and also everybody kept telling me it’s the right means to go, therefore I kind of went for it.

And at first, i was really happy and excited around my progress!

I was acquiring stronger and also toned, and also I also had appropriate abs. But, ~ a certain point, my ago became too vast and i felt like my thighs were HUGE. I just started feeling favor my body was too bulky.

I was constantly asking myself,why to be I acquiring bigger rather of slimming down?

And why some girls seem come be gaining smaller native lifting heavy and I was just obtaining bigger?

The an ext I lifted the bigger i got.

I speak to different an individual trainers in ~ my gym, and also they every told me the same thing –women cannot bulk up, they don’t have enough testosterone.

But that’s simply not true!



To it is in honest, i’m so tired of hear thatwomen can’t obtain bulky.

If a mrs thinks that she has actually too much muscle and has a bulky body, then who is anyone to tell her that she is wrong?

The late of ”bulky body” is much various for men and also women.

It might be nothing compared to the 6-pack bodybuilder next to you in the gym, but it have the right to be too much for a girl’s liking.

The suggest is, this should totally up to you and your fitness goals.

And as lot I assistance girls wanting to acquire stronger and also put ~ above a decent muscle, I like a lean look through some muscle yet still a slim frame. And I don’t like lot muscle on mine legs.

This is my own an individual preference. And that must be OK!

So, when I realized the my human body had readjusted in a way that ns didn’t like, I made decision to perform something around it.

I go a many research; ns tried different styles the training and also finally identified what was resulting in me to acquire a bulky body:

I was doing theWRONG form of resistance training.

So, if you are additionally getting bigger, instead of slimming down, you’re more than likely making the very same mistake.

I’m going to share with you what are the finest exercises to execute – and also which persons you must avoid – to acquire lean without obtaining bulky.



There room 4 straightforward steps you need to follow if you want to obtain toned without obtaining too muscular.

This is what I have learned over the year in terms of the type of practice to do and also which persons to protect against to attain this look.


Not all resistance training will make you get bulky.

How you end up looking lean is in reality by getting muscle, which could sound contradictory, butyou need muscle come look toned.

I know some of you may be tempted to simply skip resistance maintain in fear of gaining too muscular (been there, excellent that), but I promise you, yes sir a method to carry out it without bulking up.

Let me describe :)

This is what ns looked like before I began doing any resistance training, compared to what ns looked favor after a few months.


As you can see, i was not toned, and also I had an ext body fat – acquiring muscle will aid you lose body fat quicker.

Muscles are an ext metabolically energetic than fat, which way they burn an ext calories transparent the day.

So, if girlfriend have more muscle, you will do it burn more calories than someone who has actually a high percentage of human body fat.

Also, you can not look toned if girlfriend don’t have muscle.

So, also if friend do lots of cardio and also manage to slim down, friend won’t obtain nice muscle an interpretation if friend skip resistance training completely.

You will just finish up looking thin fat.


There room some practice that build muscle in a method that provides you look more muscular and others i beg your pardon don’t.

The form of exercises that will obtain you toned without looking too many muscular include:

I posted one of the full-body workouts from mine 3 procedures to skinny Legs routine that will give you an idea of how to slim under legs without bulking increase muscle and also how to gain a lean top body.

Check that out:

In addition, I likewise posted 3 totally free resistance-training sessions on my blog, so have a watch at these to get a further idea of the type of practice I’m talk about:


2. Prevent CERTAIN types OF exercises IF YOU desire TO get LEAN and also NOT BULKY


In my experience, these are the species of practice that add to the bulky look. Don’t acquire me dorn – castle are great exercises for her body. Yet if you want a leaner look (especially in your legs), avoid them.

HIIT (High strongness Interval Training) – Overdoing the on the lower body have the right to make her legs as well muscular (depending on yourbody type), and lots the women have complained come me about this happening to them. I have actually someHIIT workouts on my blog that won’t do you bulky. Have a look at these for some methods to combine HIIT into your workouts:Step machine – This will build muscle in your quads at the former of your legs, which most women nothing like

I have one more blog article in my “how to acquire skinny foot series”and it’s onhow to perform weights without gaining bulky. Have actually a look at at that if you desire some extra details :)


3. Learn YOUR human body TYPESO friend CAN readjust YOUR WORKOUTS & DIET ACCORDINGLY

I mentioned body form twice in the vault sections, and I talk about body species a many on mine blog.

Knowing your body type is an extremely important as soon as you’re deciding on your fitness goals.

and it’s even more important when you’re planning just how to achieve your goals.

There space three key body types, andtwo that those can end up being bulky really easily!

They all shed weight and build muscle differently, for this reason it’s super important to know exactly how to train for your body type.


If you space an ectomorph body type, likeKarlie Kloss, you room most most likely naturally very slim, and you don’t construct muscle really easily. So, workouts – favor squats and also HIIT – are not very likely to bulk you up.

You shoulddo cardio to stay lean and also incorporate resistance trainingin bespeak to acquire toned and avoidthe thin fat look.


Mesomorphs, choose Jessica Biel, are usually of typical size, and they lose and gain weight fairly quickly. Also, they are athletic by nature, which means they can construct muscle easily.

So, if you space a mesomorph, and also you desire to gain toned without coming to be too muscular,you must do cardio to reduce body fat and also skip certain types of resistance training. I’m likewise a mesomorph body type, and also as ns mentioned, I tend to mass up as soon as I do CrossFit and heavy lifting.


Endomorphs, prefer Jennifer Lopez, have a normally bigger frame, and also they can bulk up quickly if they perform the wrong form of resistance training.

For example,most endomorphs should do lot of of cardio and avoid HIIT and also weightsif they want to obtain a leaner look.

To save a smaller sized frame, you have to be incorporating cardio right into your practice program. I love running and walking and also am always slimmer once I do cardio.

Plus, lock both good for leaning the end your legs andlosing weight. I would shot to execute cardio approximately 3 times per week.

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FAQ: how TO SLIM under LEGS without BULKING increase MUSCLE?

A the majority of women have actually asked me how to gain skinny foot without getting gaining muscle and whether certain species of workouts cause bulkiness.

So, I will answer these right here :)

WILL mine LEGS get BIGGER indigenous CYCLING?

With cycling, it depends on yourbody typeand how frequently you carry out it. If you’re no sure about your human body type, you deserve to take myfree body type surveyand uncover outquickly.

Ectomorphs and mesomorphs are probably fine through cycling, however endomorphs might shot to prevent it. I am a mesomorph and also used to do a spin course a couple oftimes every week, and also I was fine (but ns did a many running, also).

I would simply make certain you nothing overdo that on the cycling and also monitor it come see exactly how you go. If you an alert your legs beginning to mass up, I would stop and also focus on the walking/running.


Pump class are also fine, and also I don’t think girlfriend will mass up doing pump class as the is an extremely high rep and also usually pretty light-weight.

But again, ns wouldn’t overdo it. I supplied to perform Pump and also was fine. I simply prefer come do various other exercises now, together I uncover them more effective and also don’t take it as lot time.

IS DANCING going TO aid ME obtain LEAN LEGS?

Dancing is rather variable, for this reason it relies on the type of dancing she doing.

I think many dancing need to be fine. However again, i would just monitor it and also see just how your human body responds. Ns love dancing, and if you love it, i would certainly do it!

If you have actually any much more questions, feel totally free to questioning in the comment section! :)

3 measures TO lean LEGS PROGRAM

If friend need assist with gaining lean since you bulk up from weights, or girlfriend don’t recognize where to begin with resistance training, then my3 measures to skinny Legs Programis perfect because that you!

My program contains a full workout and also nutrition regimen which will assist you obtain a lean and also toned human body without including unwanted muscles.

And because all of us room different, ns have created separate programs because that each that the 3 key body types.

This way, you can be sure you space going to gain the best possible results!

3 steps TO skinny LEGS PROGRAM before & AFTER


”I trained with a personal trainer 3 time a week and also while traveling, I used to perform Kayla Itsines’ SWEAT program.

However, mine thighs ongoing to it is in a problem despite exercising like a device (in fact, I began measuring them and the more SWEAT i was doing, the bigger they became).

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With program, I began seeing the results practically immediately. I measured my thighs, butt and also muffin top and also I lost inches after very first week!

Read Jeanne-Mare’s complete Review of The regimen Here


Here’s my 6-month revolution


This is just my 5-week progress, i was also eager come share the outcomes with you. After year of trying other programs and also even once I entered fitness competitions, I have never watched my foot this lean! i can’t wait to watch my progress at the end of the 8weeks and also again at the finish of 16weeks after ring 2! thank you and also your lovely team. Ns am beyond grateful!

And from currently on, the resistance training component of my regimen will additionally haveFULL-LENGTH VIDEOSyou deserve to follow from warm-up to cool down.