So, you want to obtain verified top top Twitter. Happily for you, there"s now an official method to make that happen.

On Thursday, Twitter announced the users deserve to once again use to get that coveted blue check which has actually been the center of so much drama over the years. The process to carry out so is rather simple, yet whether or not your account meets the social media giant"s needs is noþeles but.

Before you gain too excited, save in mind that while Twitter states it started rolling the end the application process Thursday, it additionally said in a Wednesday press contact that the application may take a few weeks come become easily accessible to everyone. So if you don"t see the choice yet, don"t provide up hope — it need to be there quickly enough.

With that little bit of business out the the way, let"s obtain right to it.

To apply for Twitter account verification on mobile, go to Settings and privacy > Account > Request confirmation > start Request.

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Within her reach.Credit: TWitter

Once there, you"ll it is in asked to answer a series of questions about your account. Because that example, does your account loss under among the six broad categories the accounts the Twitter is right now verifying?

Those include:

Activist, organizer, or influencer

Company, brand, or organization

Entertainers and also entertainment groups

Government main or affiliate

Journalist or news organization

Professional sports or e-sports entity

Once you"ve selected which category uses to you, you"ll be asked to provide some much more info. In the instance Twitter detailed to reporters Wednesday, a expert athlete can submit an official link to a team roster showing that human being as a member.

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Next, you"ll be triggered to chose a type of identification verification. Twitter will certainly accept a government-issued ID, an official email address, or an official website that "directly referrals your Twitter account."

This is good for those who don"t want to send Twitter a copy of their government-issued IDs. Instead, usage your proved email that proves you space who girlfriend say her are. Because that example, returning to the experienced athlete example, you might use your email address, , come prove that you space that person on the aforementioned roster.

Once you"ve excellent that, you"ll be presented v a review screen of all your data, and also the opportunity to struggle "Submit."

Hit "Submit."

That"s the (at least on your end).

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You"ll receive an email within one to four weeks (the size of time relies on how plenty of other people are in the queue front of you) letting you know of Twitter"s decision. If Twitter approves your application, a blue examine will appear on her profile.