Especially currently that I have actually kids, figuring out just how to clean velcro became really important. From cloth diapers to coats, over there is velcro on so countless things in ours home. Yet having long hair and two dogs, there are numerous thing that gain into the hook and loop fasteners that ns don’t want there. Not just does that look awful, but it renders the velcro not work properly. So here’s a quick and easy means to improve the duty of your hook and loop velcro and also get out the lint and other unwanted and unsightly visitors.

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Clean Hoop and also Loop Velcro without Headaches

Instead of sitting over there meticulously picking the end hair and also other piece of every little thing came your means and decided to attach itself to her velcro, over there is an inexpensive and straightforward solution.

So what’s the mystery weapon? It’s dubbed a Snappi. It’s intended purpose is to replace safety pins for families that usage old-school fabric diapers. When we room a cloth diapering family, girlfriend don’t need to also have kids to purchases and use this awesome tool. It’s tiny (fits inside of the palm of her hand) and durable, do it ideal for any laundry room because that a quick and easy fix when you an alert your velcro obtaining a little dirtier.


Watch a video clip of how I cleaned velcro out of a thrift store find

Steps to get fur and also hair out of Velcro

1. Hold apparel or piece of velcro in between your hand gripping the firmly v your thumb. You want to make certain that girlfriend don’t snag anything and also that girlfriend can effectively pull out as much lint together possible. (And establish it may not be perfect when you’re done, but if that looks 99% much better and functions better, climate that’s the goal!)


2. Fixed Snappi v your other hand, place your thumb over the back of the claw. Again, a great grip is necessary and also helps v efficiency.

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3. Make easily downward activities with the claw of the Snappi fastener and continue come move all of the built up hair under the hook and also loop fastener. As you carry out these rapid motions and also gather up every the junk that is in the aplix, velcro, and also hook and also loop fasteners, it will ball up.