It's not a stretch come say that parts of the united States have actually been rethinking exactly how they categorize cannabis; pot legalization and also decriminalization movements have actually been obtaining ground across the nation in recent years. As of 2016, the district of Columbia and four claims -- including Alaska and Washington, two popular cruise destinations -- have actually legalized marijuana for an individual use, and also another 21 states have legalized the for medical use.

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But go that median you deserve to blaze increase on the high seas? Hardly. Despite numerous states and also cities downgrading penalties because that possession, marijuana is still classified together a narcotic under federal legislation -- and also those space the rules the govern global cruise shipping. Besides the fact that the abovementioned law supersedes any kind of state or local laws, every solitary cruise line has a rule prohibiting marijuana in their contracts of carriage. An unified with the reality that practically all cruise lines room nonsmoking this days, and also you'll view why cigarette smoking pot on a cruise ship is a vast no-no.

And in a nod come the ever-changing development of cannabis products, we'll take our warnings a few steps further and offer this together a bottom line: No pot -- or any kind of of the myriad products on the sector that currently contain three -- is allowed on cruise ships, ever. It's really that simple.

Despite this clarity, we've discovered a few questions around marijuana usage on cruise vacations that are worth addressing. We'll carry out our finest to answer them below.

Can ns smoke pot ~ above a cruise ship?


Can I carry edibles (pot-infused food or gummies) ~ above a cruise ship?


Can I bring a vaporizer or hash oil or cartridges on a cruise ship?


I have a clinical marijuana card. Have the right to I bring any type of of the above with me top top a ship?

No. If you take it marijuana for a clinical condition, girlfriend will need to find alternative ways to treat your condition during her cruise vacation. The ships do not take it doctors' note or do allowances for medicinal use.

What happens if ns sneak pot or connected cannabis commodities on a cruise ship?

If you are caught, you space in big trouble. As in, you have just broken federal drug regulations -- not just for illegal use, but for carrying narcotics across international borders. You will not only be thrown off the cruise delivery immediately, girlfriend are likely to it is in turned end to the regional police, and also you will either face fines or prison time.

But i live in Denver! Isn't over there a one-of-a-kind allowance because that me?

No. There isn't.


Can I use marijuana in Seattle prior to or after ns board my cruise?

Here's one instance where the prize is correct -- however a very restricted one. Washington State has legalized an individual use of little amounts the marijuana. Travellers to the state that are period 21 and older have the right to visit an main dispensary and buy a minimal amount (less than 1 oz of yes, really plant, much less than 16 ounces of edibles, much less than 72 ounces of fluid or less than 7 grams the concentrates). Keep in mind that it's illegal to consume pot in publicly (including in state or national parks and also on long trails or navigable waterways). It's also illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana, resell the or mail it external of Washington. Add in the reality that nearly all hotels space nonsmoking, and also your alternatives become more limited.

The port of Seattle chin is commonwealth property, however, therefore you ideal have it every gone prior to you board.

Can ns buy marijuana in Alaska as soon as I obtain there and also use that there?

The rule in Alaska are similar to those in Washington. Girlfriend can't consume pot in nationwide parks or top top national woodland land. Girlfriend can't drive v it. And also -- this is the biggie -- you deserve to absolutely not bring it ago to your ship, also if your following several ports are additionally in Alaska. Think that the ship together the big "no" zone.

What around British Columbia? The Canadians seem an ext laid back around these things.

They aren't. While clinical marijuana is legitimate in Canada, recreational use is not.

Forget the Pacific Northwest. What around Jamaica? certain I have the right to smoke weed there?

Contrary to well-known belief and also a million reggae songs, entertain ganja has actually been illegal in Jamaica for decades. In 2015, the nation did be safe its medical marijuana rules so that tourists who have actually a card deserve to legally buy up to 2 ounces, but those details haven't been worked out (and there's no dispensary system comparable to what you view in the unified States). Practicing Rastafarians in Jamaica are permitted to acting ganja for spiritual reasons. Put on a crocheted beanie does no make friend a Rastafarian, however.

As cruise tourist know, if friend really want to find pot in Jamaica, friend don't need to work the hard. Vendors often solicit aggressively outside the cruise port, and also tours that visit Bob Marley's birthplace in the hills are particularly known for running right into marijuana sellers. Again, store in mind the if you make a purchase, that all needs to be gone prior to you obtain on the ship.

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My cruise begins or end in Amsterdam. Have the right to I visit the coffee shops and also buy pot assets there?

Marijuana is not technically legit in the Netherlands, but the Dutch laws do enable it to it is in tolerated, and also Amsterdam's city center still has actually plenty that "coffee" shops. Similar to in Seattle or Alaska, what you do in ports whereby marijuana is easily accessible is approximately you. Girlfriend cannot carry it on her river cruise, however, together the ships' contract of carriage prohibits it.