Show Status: ActiveWendy Williams is 3 hrs long 5 Taping(s) every week opened July 14, 2008 display Closes: Open ended Daytime talk Show/Tabloid/ Interview TV Broadcast

The Wendy Williams present is a self-styled TV display that is composed of tabloid-talk, celebrity interviews, food preparation segments and occasional music performances.

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In the new York City area, The Wendy Williams display broadcasts at 10:00AM and also 4:00PM.

The Wendy Williams show is transfer on many channels in the US. In the brand-new York City area, the display is broadcasted top top the My9 and FOX5 channels. The show is syndicated throughout the united States.

Wendy Joan Williams is most known for her outspoken attitude. She has had plenty successes through landing it s her in her very own radio speak show, producing her very own production and much more recently v her renowned talk show. In 2009, she to be inducted in the nationwide Radio room of Fame. Return the business man has remained in several celebrity arguments, she has not let that get in the means of her mainly career.

This trusted TV show is not simply a pleasant endure to attend, but you additionally have a good chance of being on the TV screen. Audience members have the right to take part in segments from hot Topics come Ask Wendy, where Ms. Williams offers advice on relationships and Wendy solicits questions from the audience and they often appear on camera. Wendy encourages natural reactions from audience members and their inclusion in the show production, particularly as she motivates everyone in the audience come be she co-hosts. This is a good departure from other brand-new York TV present productions the are frequently contrived. Other TV mirrors are often decidedly fake and the in-studio experience have the right to be sub-par. Wendy keeps her display real and also she is a credit transaction to the profession. The Wendy Williams display is videotaped live and during the commercial breaks a DJ plays trivia games with the audience members if blasting some of today’s peak 40 hits. The commercial break is additionally an opportunity for audience members to interact with Wendy and win prizes and also learn funny facts around her. Prior to the show taping there is a small waiting but lots the coffee to keep the display audience happy. Fairly than jetting off after the show , Wendy stays approximately to communicate with her fans and will autograph she books. Going to this present is a fun and also lively experience.


During the taping of her show, Ms. Williams is often outspoken yet she always tries to save the dialog funny. She is clearly not afraid to to speak what is on she mind even if it is it is during an over-the-phone interview or to a guest sit right next to her. In the past she has remained in heated arguments/feuds through both Whitney Houston and Omarosa Manigault (The Apprentice). Ms. Williams has had actually the call of no backing down, which, when hilarious, has actually put she in the shoot line. These moments are an especially unsettling if she is later discovered to be wrong top top a certain subject matter and lambasted she guest. She has actually the sense that she deserve to steer the TV display in her own direction and her guests way up fast, if they try to take over the show. One famous taping of the display was with Omarosa Manigault who was attempting to plug her book without really permitting herself to it is in interviewed. It also helped that this well known interview was in Sweeps Week, which further underlined Wendy Williams in she TV role.Ms. Williams is more than simply a quite face, however, she is also about pretty hair. She security a many time discussing beauty and also hair, health and fashion tips as well as plugging her very own self called wig repertoire for women. She is a significant advocate for women who experience from balding or thinning hair and also she has actually done a an excellent deal of work-related for this in the neighborhoods that can frequently ostracize these women.

Williams was previously well-known for she radio show on HOT97. She additionally had a VH1 TV display entitled The Wendy Williams Experience. This 2006 TV show chronicled her radio show on HOT97 and can be viewed as a documentary of she time ~ above the radio. Because leaving the radio show, Ms. Williams has tried to burned the HOT97 metropolitan audience together she moved into an ext mainstream daytime tv with her show The Wendy Williams Show.

The style of the Wendy William show is damaged into 3 parts, the first where Wendy discusses current hot topics that are mainly celebrity gossip. The other segments space advice inquiries from the audience and then the show concludes with a celebrity interview, that has featured A-List celebrities including Jennifer Lopez.

Ms. Williams advice on the TV show is constantly frank, funny however sometimes harsh. She is additionally famous for she greeting "How you doin?" i beg your pardon she has applied for the trademark. Ms. Williams has also appeared in hit tv shows like 30 Rock and Law and also Order: SVU. She likewise gave a great performance top top Broadway in Chicago as Mama Morton, i m sorry received good reviews.The Wendy Williams display is owned by Fox and also rights come reruns room owned by BET. The show now ranks number one in every syndicated speak shows.

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Infamous Argument in between Omarosa & Wendy:

Omarosa Manigault walk on the Wendy Williams show in July 2008, to encourage her brand-new book and also the interview escalated right into a linguistic cat fight. As soon as Manigault sat down, the cable of insults started rolling out. Williams and also Manigault went ago and forth because that the 10-minute interview in the many passive-aggressive manner till Williams practically threw she off the set and finished the interview with curt "...thank you because that coming on mine show." Omarosa apologized later, but the damage was already done.

Noteworthy dates for this TV show :

July 14, 2008: show PremieresJuly 22, 2008: Omarosa and also Wendy Williams argumentSeptember 15, 2014: Premier that the sixth seasonJanuary 30, 2015: 1000th Episode