A porn star girlfriend is every man’s fantasy, am ns right? Unfortunately, the fantasy may be a lot more away from truth then one might wish for. If you space that dude SO fully in love v the idea the a nymphomaniac goddess the looks specifically like her Jules Jordan scene 24/7, and does the house work in certified dealer Provocateur, stop. Reading. Now. Look away. This will hurt.

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For those of friend brave sufficient to proceed reading, below is the horrifying truth: We space normal girls! porn is a job and nothing more. We don’t have actually orgies through the entire crew after our scenes, we don’t wear clean heels and fishnet dresses out come dinner. Yes, we can be slightly numb to nudity and forget that it’s not ok to talk about anal in front of your grandparents, however for the many part, we space normal.

That being said, the takes a monumental human to be in a relationship with a porn star. The level of understanding, patience, energy, and the finish lack the jealousy you should possess come be through these creatures is colossal. So i’m going come cover few of the an essential things friend should know if you ever happen to uncover yourself in the unicorn of cases that is "a partnership with a erotic star."


No. I don’t desire to have sex all the time.

I know, ns know. I’m together a killjoy, right? I obtain to have actually sex every day in ~ work and also then I have the right to come house to my boyfriend and also bang his brains the end all night, why stop there? I also masturbate in the taxi earlier from occupational to my house just so mine vagina NEVER, ever gets a break and turns right into some type of black hole the penises just loss into and never return from. Wrong. Ns going come say the awful thing the I know you guys don’t desire to hear: erotic sex no real. I mean, yes, it’s actual in the physical feeling that a cock enters a hole and also an ejaculation is achieved, yet for every intents and purposes, it’s acting. The noises, the facial expressions, the positions, that is choreographed and clinical.

there is nothing sexy around a porn collection and there is definitely nothing sexy around porn sex. I mean, it’s hard to important be turned on as soon as a dude with a camera is hovering over your challenge with sweat dripping from his brow and also the director is barking things prefer "10 seconds much more then change position" or "open up because that the camera i can’t watch the dick." such a revolve on. Being on set is favor hanging the end at any type of other picture or film shoot, except that everyone is totally immune come just just how naked lock are. Anyway, i’ve gone off on a tangent, shoot is physically and also mentally exhausting, and also after a long day ~ above set, all I want to execute is pull off these god cursed eyelashes, throw on mine onesie and also put an ice pack on my private components while I catch up top top Game of Thrones through a environment-friendly tea and also my dog. Are you aroused yet?


I’m a strong, independent, hard working woman that don’t need no man.

But that doesn’t median I don’t desire one. Want and need space two really different things. If you desire a girl the expects whatever paid for and also has a life that revolves entirely approximately you, and is residence every night come greet you through a cooking meal when you acquire in, don’t date a porn star. Porn girls at the optimal of their game are some of the most difficult working, business savvy, independent women I have ever seen. ~ spending years traveling the world, living in hotels and model houses, meeting new people every day, and, on many occasions, fucking them, it's tough not to become independent. You need to learn to be able to take care of you yourself in situations you wouldn’t constantly expect to it is in in. I love my relationship since my other half is just that, my other half. Equal. We break-up bills, we separation chores, we assist each various other out, us buy each various other gifts, whatever is a balance, an same partnership. I am no that girl that needs a guy to bring her. Come some men it can be extremely intimidating to have actually a woman the earns as much as them, works as tough as them, and also is as an effective as them. Find out to adopt it. A powerful woman is a wonderful thing.


I may be an effective and independent, yet I am much more insecure than all of your exes placed together.

Yup. I’m sorry dude but thats exactly how they do us. Yes, we portray the sexually confident, beautiful nymph queen on the screen, we wear outfits most women wouldn’t also dream the wearing, we put ourselves and also our bodies on present for the entire world to see. You have to be pretty self confident to carry out that right? Yes, or simply a bit fucking crazy.

Remember that our livelihood counts on our body and our looks. Ns can’t even start to define the heart sinking feeling as soon as you rotate up to collection and the girl you’re working with is undeniably in better shape 보다 you. Or the overwhelming self loathing the occurs as soon as you feel jealousy burning a feet in her chest, wondering why all your friends space booked because that the exact same movie and also you’re not.

The crippling anxiety and tremendous pressure that come hand in hand through doing erotic would revolve anyone insane. I can’t assist but chuckle when civilization insinuate the a copout career and a job for the lazy girls. Possibly some girls acquire into it because they desire to make a little bit of cash in a quick amount the time, however to be a career girl, to be peak of your game, this industry knows how to do you work, and after you job-related that difficult it can be soul damaging to see younger, prettier, thinner girls booked instead of you.

There space days i don’t even want to get out that bed, job I have gone to set feeling bloated, or sick, and also once the movie is released, anonymous web trolls have torn it come shreds ~ above Twitter, forgetting the I’m a human and also that reading about how "she looks choose shit here, she’s no as great as she was" is actually extremely hurtful. Come say you need a special skin to be in the adult sector is one understatement, and boy you much better have an also thicker one to day us.

Just because I perform porn doesn’t mean I’m ok v you having multiple girl on the side.

This one speaks for itself really. My task is my job, it’s no an invitation for you to have actually an orgy with your next chicks while you FaceTime me. Typical sense, people.


Don’t ever ask me to quit my task for you.

For me this is the many important point on the list. If girlfriend knew what my deal was going right into things then you have no best to judge me. Actually, also if you didn’t know, you still have no appropriate to referee me. I understand that it's difficult to different this sort of work-related from reality however if you desire to date a erotic girl, you better start separating.

transparent my time in the sector I have actually dated on and also off, performers and also non-performers. Because that me, date within the market was a no walk from the start, i don’t favor to "shit wherein I eat," so come speak, and there is nothing more awkward than transforming up on collection and finding out you’ve been booked with your ex. That being said, I perform adore porn's power couples: Mick Blue and also Anikka Albrite, Danny Mountain and Mia Malkova, note Wood and Francesca Le, Asa Akira and also Toni Ribas etc. They do it work and also it’s magic.

However, dating civilians likewise proved to be a no go for me, i constantly ran into two varieties of guys.

The quite Guy: This guy is really sweet, and very nice and wants come "save" me. Indigenous what, ns am never ever truly sure. The career i chose? The house in London ns bought? gift my very own boss? These guys will phone call a girl they are "too great for porn" and also then sell to "look after" them. In layman’s terms, this is their method of suggesting that us quit erotic so they space the just dude we space banging, and also in exchange they will certainly pay for every little thing for us, but in impact "own" us. I recognize it comes from a heartfelt place, however it’s selfish. I don’t want to be owned, or looked after, or need to ask for pocket money once I want to go the end for dinner v my girlfriends, favor I’m a thirteen year old questioning my daddy because that money because that the latest thing the girls at college have. No thanks. I’ll take it my independence over a man any day that the week, and if the intimidates you, nothing ever shot dating a porn star.The Misogynist: So we all know why this guy wants to date a porn star. She’s a trophy, a sex-related trophy. Something pretty to have actually on his arm and also to brag about to his friends. He doesn’t really treatment if she it s okay railed ~ above the daily because he doesn’t really care around her together a person, his interest is sex, and how countless threesomes the can get out the her. He thinks the just due to the fact that a girl go porn, this immediately makes her a braindead slut the is only an excellent for one thing. Over there is no usage trying to be in a appropriate relationship v this guy. That will never be in a suitable relationship, if ever he go lock down a girl, the will probably cheat top top her.


Dating can be a pain.

So as you have the right to see, dating for a girl in porn have the right to be a incredible pain the backside. A lot of us keep a single status and also marry our career. The is exactly what i did. As soon as I met my companion I was dead collection on nothing happening. He seemed lovely, sweet, funny, and also physically ticked every crate I could possibly have actually wished for. We fell into each other's lives with ease largely due to the fact that neither of us were spring to be in a relationship. There was nothing false or forced around our courtship. It to be like an excellent friends getting to know each other and also then having epic sex.

Recently, i scaled back my performing levels and also decided to work-related on other things: writing, music, acting, and yoga therapy. Ns have always planned on act this and the time was best for me, but a lot civilization thought it was due to the fact that of mine relationship. Let’s get one thing straight, i would never ever let a male dictate even if it is I carry out something v my life. Ns love mine independence more than anything. I have finished things with many guys, merely for hinting they wanted me come quit. He has never and would never ever ask me to stop.

My relationship works because we have actually mutual respect and admiration for each other, us both travel a large amount the the time, and we both work in entertainment, which makes knowledge each others lifestyles a lot easier. Time invested together is cherished because it’s no as often as if us did a 9-5 and also had the but on the weekend off.

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I could not ask because that anything better. I never ever feel pressured, i feel supported in every decision and everything i do. Ns feel free, but I feel it v someone remarkable by mine side. If you desire to date a porn girl you far better be that someone incredible, because we won’t was standing for anything less.