The internet has actually your number—among numerous other deets. Prevent identity theft and also doxxing by erasing yourself from aggregator sites choose Spokeo and also PeekYou

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It doesn’t issue what you perform online: The net knows a ton around you, and that info is a mouse click away.

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Search any kind of people finder site—Spokeo, PeekYou, Whitepages, to name a few—and odds space you’ll find a web page listing your full name, date of birth, surname of household members, present address, and also phone number. Depending upon the site"s aggressiveness, it might offer (for a low membership fees or the price of registering an account) extr details together as previous addresses, social media profiles, marital status, employed staff history, education, court instances such together bankruptcies, hobbies, and also even a photograph of where you live.

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Forget the national Security Agency. Aggregator web page such together Intelius, Radaris, and also PeopleFinder have data warehouses full of information about you, available to people without her permission, and used for objectives you understand nothing about. While this sites ostensibly carry out background checks and also other windy services, they likewise simplify identity theft, stalking, and also doxxing (exposing personal information online to encourage harassment), i beg your pardon is both creepy and downright dangerous.

Fortunately, most aggregators have an opt-out policy, so girlfriend can clearly order them not to usage your information. But for many of them—surprise!—the opt-out process is time consuming if no irritating. It’s additionally an ongoing project because opt-out requests often tend to have actually a momentary effect. Tho up for it? climate let’s begin.

Get every little thing ready

Before you start, make sure you have every little thing you need to accomplish the request. This companies have actually no attention in easing opt out and also tend to provide you complicated, very certain instructions. Miss out on one step and also your request may be denied.

Some call for filling out an internet form; others need a call call. Part may need that friend fax a driver’s license or another government-issued file to check the identity, i beg your pardon is ironic: The goal is to eliminate your details in the first place, not give them more.

If castle ask for an ID, after you scan or copy it, black out (in Photoshop or Microsoft paint or v a mite on paper) her photograph and all identify information other than your name and resolve (and, if available, your day of birth). As formerly noted, eventually, her deets tend to matriculate earlier to aggregators after friend opt out. Friend don’t want that details to be richer following time.

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Some aggregators need a cover letter clearly requesting one opt out along with identification. The letter doesn’t need to be complicated. Try the following:

“Dear customer Support: together per your privacy policy, please eliminate my listing from her databases: a. Very first name: b. Last name: c. Center initial: d. Aliases & AKA’s: e. Current address: f. Age: g. DOB: say thanks to you for her assistance.”

Create a template and also keep that handy.

If you don’t want to deal with this on her own, you can constantly sign up v a third-party firm that will certainly take care of this for a fee. However buyer beware—some are scammers in search of another way to collect your data. Privacy startup Abine offers a DeleteMe privacy organization ($99 to $129 a year) the handles the job of deleting the data and also sends end a surveillance report every 3 months. DeleteMe is just one of the few reputable privacy solutions of this type that i have found.

Discover yourself

First, uncover out whereby your data appears. Several of the much less scrupulous sites might actually retain information typed into their search boxes, so it’s finest to usage a search engine: form your name adhered to by “site:” and also the URL the the people finder service. Next, scrounge about until you uncover the site’s opt-out policy.


BeenVerified’s opt-out plan is easy to find—it’s right in the site footer, as eliminate My Info. To opt out, friend must discover your listing utilizing the search tool at the top of the remove My info page, not the site’s key search box. Click the it is the One button, enter an e-mail address, and also fill the end the CAPTCHA challenge. BeenVerified will send a verification email to that address. If you perform not click the link in that email, her request will certainly not it is in processed, so check your spam folder if the email doesn’t show up.


FamilyTreeNow buries the opt-out link in the center of that privacy policy, under the Opt the end of Living people Records section. From the opt-out link, fill the end the CAPTCHA and also click ~ above the button start Opt out Procedure. The web page will then display screen a search tool to look for records. As with BeenVerified, if you don’t use the certain search device on the opt-out page, you can not send an opt-out request. When you uncover the yes, really listing, the will screen with a red Opt out This document button. (This switch will not appear unless you begin the search from the opt-out page.) click on the button to send a removal request.

Links throughout the website instruct you to copy and paste the URL containing her information and also send it come Customer service using one online call form. Don’t bother—those requests will be ignored.


The Intelius Opt-Out online form requires that you upload a record containing a scan of your identification. Agree identification includes a driver’s license, a U.S. Passport, a armed forces card, a state i would card, or one employee ID map from a state agency. The email attend to is optional because that receiving a check link, however it’s a great idea to administer it since the same resolve will be supplied to send a last email ~ the process is complete. Nothing forget to fill the end the CAPTCHA box.

Intelius likewise accepts notarized explanation proving identification using that Notarized to know Verification form instead that government-issued ID. Requests can also be faxed come 425-974-6194 or mailed come Intelius consumer Affairs, P.O. Crate 4145, Bellevue, WA 98009-4145. Use your covering letter layout for either method.

Intelius owns or is affiliated with ZabaSearch, PeopleLookup, public Records, Spock, iSearch, PhonesBook, DateCheck, LookUp, PeopleFinder, and LookupAnyone. Removing yourself from one walk not obtain you turn off the others—yes, you have to extract you yourself from each one individually. ZabaSearch only honors request by fax, conversely, PeopleLookup accepts both postal mail and also fax. Neither have online opt-out options.

Oddly, the opt-out fax number and mailing attend to for USSearch is the exact same as Intelius customer Service, however you can’t incorporate USSearch as part of the Intelius request. And also the only way to submit the opt-out request is by fax.


PeekYou includes its opt-out attach inside the FAQ on the Privacy page. Before you go to the online form, find the listing containing your information. The URL has a wire of numbers that acts together a distinctive identifier. Copy that numeric string from the URL and paste it into the distinct ID ar on the online form.

Under Actions, select Remove My entire Listing from the drop-down box, and in the message box, write: “As per your privacy policy, please eliminate my listing indigenous PeekYou and also all other affiliated human being search sites. Thank you for your assist with this an individual security issue.” There will be an instant email confirming receipt that the request—and one more a few days later on after the listing has actually been deleted.


PeopleFinder looks like basic opt out, but that’s only a trick. Every listing has actually an opt-out link toward the bottom that the Get more Detailed information box, in addition to an opt-out link toward the bottom the the privacy policy. Click the link in the listing—because that will ensure your information is prepopulated in the fields. The kind needs your full name, city, state, ZIP code, and either a call number or the street address in stimulate to procedure a removal inquiry (no require to provide the email address). Top top the page, select a Removal reason (“general privacy concerns” is suitable here).

Unfortunately, at this point, things protect against being easy. I acquired an error message saying there to be no listing linked with the find criteria and I must submit a help request. It is strange because I had gone straight from the listing page. Ns then saw the help page and also entered mine name, email address, and also a summary of the problem. Then I gained an error post saying all fields were required, though there were no other fields on the form. It appears to be a bug in the JavaScript validation. I turned turn off JavaScript in the browser and also submitted my details successfully.


No, that’s no a typo: PeopleFinders (plural) is totally different native PeopleFinder and also buries that opt-out link deep, deep in the site. It take it me four clicks native the key page to obtain to the privacy policy, the assist page, and the FAQ page prior to finally landing ~ above the opt-out page.

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Enter your info in the search tool and click on the This Is Me switch next to the correct listing. The listing page has two buttons: Keep showing My Info and also Opt the end My Info. Click the blue opt-out switch (make certain to turn on JavaScript if you newly finished v PeopleFinder) and also check turn off the commitment that PeopleFinders will block the record from being displayed. Fill the end the CAPTCHA and click on the continue button. You’ll be asked if you’d favor to buy a copy of her report prior to it disappears forever—you have the right to skip the offer.


Opting out of PeopleSmart is straightforward. Go to the opt-out page and also search for her listing. Once you click on the that’s The One switch to select your listing, you will certainly be asked that is opting out: yourself, family members member, or other. PeopleSmart also needs your email address to send a confirmation link, so nothing forget to click on the attach in that email. I was able to opt out myself and family members this way. Easy!


At least PrivateEye doesn’t require that you find a fax machine. Instead, you must fill in this opt-out PDF form, print it, and send it via snail mail. Make certain you to fill out just those areas for i beg your pardon PrivateEye currently has info about you; no should provide added details the company can usage to create a new record. The deal with to send the form: Opt-Out/, P.O. Box 110850, Naples, FL 34108


With PublicRecords360, the really complicated to submit a precious request. Follow to the instructions, you must first send a scan of your identification come the email deal with optout