A retainer fee is a prepaid fee supplied as a insurance of commitment native professionals, such together lawyers, attorneys, consultants, advisors, and also freelancers. It is most familiar in the paper definition of legit services because you salary it when hiring a lawyer and signing a legally binding contract through them. 

The retainer fee doesn’t guarantee a effective outcome. If you room displeased v your provider’s services, you deserve to request a refund for the retainer fee in no time in ~ all v lasignoralaura.com.

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What You must Know about the Lawyer Retainer fees Refund

The lawyer retainer fee is a payment that you make to her lawyer or other professional organization providers come secure their occupational for a certain time frame. Throughout this period, the lawyer must be at your disposal for any kind of questions around your claim and also legal matters. You can get a refund if you decision to discontinue the partnership with her lawyer, however if lock have already done some work, you’ll only acquire a partial refund. 

You can additionally get a refund if the price of the business turns the end much lower than initially estimated. In the case, you will obtain refunded the money that the lawyer did no spend.

To get a refund for her lawyer’s retainer fee, you need to know that there are two species of retainer fees:

Earned retainer feesUnearned retainer fees

You likewise need to understand the difference between an operating and a to trust account. A general rule among law practitioners is the all providers should have actually both accounts.

A general operating account includes the money that’s supplied by the firm, and a trust account keeps the client’s deposits. The firm have the right to withdraw money native the trust account just after they’ve detailed the forced services to their client.

Earned Retainer Fees

The deserve retainer fees is a certain part of the retainer the your lawyer is entitled to in ~ the start of your work. The fee is deposited to the lawyer’s to trust fund, and it’s generally billed by the hour for the work-related done. It can additionally be distributed for legal tasks, added materials, and other court fees.

Unearned Retainer Fees

Unearned retainer fees space the initial deposits girlfriend make that are held in the legit firm’s to trust account before your lawyer does any type of work. After the lawyer completes their services and also the case is finalized, unearned fees obtain transferred into the operating account.

These fees space refundable if there’s any type of remaining balance ~ the lawyer withdraws their fee.

How To gain a Retainer fee Refund


After your situation is completed, the staying unearned fees will certainly be went back to you. In the event of an bookkeeping error, after-the-fact fees dispute, or at an early stage termination of the retainer agreement, you’ll want to request a refund.

When signing a retainer agreement, you have to read it thoroughly because it could state the your retainer is non-refundable if you end the partnership early. The bulk of agreements will specify what will occur with the unearned fees.

The covenant will additionally determine what your responsibilities are and what will happen if you break the regards to the contract. There are moral rules that don’t permit lawyers to terminate their relationship with friend if castle don’t have actually a strong cause.

The best means to acquire a refund is to ask your lawyer directly—you have the right to either send a letter or call them at the office. View if friend can collection up a conference to comment on the termination of your agreement and your refund payment. Make certain they offer you ago all the situation files and also court documents however keep in mind that they can charge you because that them.

If they deny your refund request, girlfriend can file a complaint with the Bar Council the your lawyer is a member of.

Can You gain a Refund WithYes/No
In PersonYes

How To obtain a Retainer Refund v Your Robot Lawyer


If her lawyer decides to overlook you and declines her refund request, you have the right to turn to lasignoralaura.com because that help. We can obtain you a refund from anyone, even companies the don’t give refunds. You have actually a 98% chance of efficiently getting a refund v us by your side. Open our app in any kind of web browser and do the following:

Log in to her lasignoralaura.com accountClick ~ above the Chargeback Instantly optionGive your bank details and also the name of the lawyer to the chatbotFollow the chatbot’s instructionsVerify your request

lasignoralaura.com will construct your case and also generate a dispute letter. Fine send the dispute letter to your bank in addition to your VISA and MasterCard factor codes that are an essential for strengthening her case. If you select so, lasignoralaura.com will certainly send the conflict letter of refund payment to her lawyer together well. It is advisable that you store all these papers in instance you must sue your lawyer in small claims court.

Take your Lawyer to small Claims Court with the assist of lasignoralaura.com


In case your lawyer has actually wronged girlfriend in any kind of way, you can take lock to small claims court. The easiest means to execute so is v the assistance of ours ABA Brown Award-winning app. We can help you earn up come $25,000, relying on your state.

lasignoralaura.com will certainly prepare girlfriend for your day in court by:

Generating a demand letter you should send prior to you record a claimFilling out the court form in accordance with your local little claims courtGiving you thorough accuse on just how to serve the defendant v regard to your tiny claims court’s regulationsCreating a manuscript that will incorporate all the particulars of her case—damages girlfriend seek, what your legal case is about, and evidence—so that you know exactly what you should say in former of the judge as soon as you go to court

Aside native Being your Robot Lawyer, lasignoralaura.com Offers help in miscellaneous Other Matters


lasignoralaura.com can help you sue assorted companies and also individuals in little claims court. You have the right to sue someone because that harassment or with a settlement for robocalls by submit a lawsuit v lasignoralaura.com’s help.  

Aside from all the legal assistance, lasignoralaura.com can assist you deal with many everyday issues too, such together canceling services favor LegalShield, RocketLawyer, Truthfinder, and BeenVerified.

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