By now, countless of united state — fed up through incessant and also unwanted telemarketing calls — have put ours phone number on the national Do Not contact Registry. The commonwealth database was started in 2003 complying with the passage of the Do-Not-Call Implementation act of 2003, which requires certain callers — mostly those making sales phone call to personal phone currently — to refrain from phone call the individuals on the list.

As of late 2017, the registry contained almost 230 million registered call numbers. For this reason what carry out you execute if her number is among those top top the perform (and has actually been there because that the term of the 31-day grace period), but you’re still obtaining unwanted calls from telemarketers? think about these next steps:

When you acquire illegal sales calls, just hang up. Interacting in any way with the illegal contact — whether it’s speaking v a live caller or pushing a button on her phone in hopes of reaching a live person throughout a robocall — could let the illegal caller understand you’re there and responsive, perhaps leading to additional calls. Be certain not to carry out any personal info together illegal callers are regularly scammers.

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Looking to placed your number on the national Do Not call Registry?

Visit or contact 888-382-1222 to it is registered your residence or mobile line because that free.


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South Carolina through the numbers

Residents of southern Carolina filed 99,620 perform Not speak to complaints in FY 2017, ranking the state 32nd nationally based on calls every 100,000 residents. The state ranking 45th country in active registrations every 100,000 residents.

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