Finger training parakeets is fairly easy. If you have actually multiple birds, train one in ~ a time, perform not try to train all the bird at once. Take time every day, because that each individual bird.

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Parakeets together Pets

Parakeets, otherwise well-known as budgerigars, space energetic little birds that adapt quickly to new environments and are really sociable. This frequently makes castle perfect as pets due to the fact that they make small mess and are otherwise easy to treatment for.

This post will comment on one technique on exactly how to finger train a parakeet the still bites her finger or go not want to come out of its cage.

How to Hand Train a new Parakeet

Parakeets that are bred and also raised by hand have to not have actually trouble adjusting to humans and also by the moment these budgies have the right to fly, castle are currently tame. However, parakeets which space purchased from huge commercial pet stores room not hand increased are regularly still wild and also afraid when you get them. The post will talk about how to train a store purchased parakeet.


Offering treats is a good way come motivate a shy parakeet

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Step 1: Clip the Wings and Acclimate to the new Environment

Before you bring a parakeet home, questioning the keep associate to trim both the wing feather so the bird deserve to not fly far for part time. Feathers flourish back fairly quickly but a one-time trim should have the ability to give you enough time come train the bird. Later on you have the right to decide if you want to continue trimming the bird's feathers (for example, if you are going to play with it outside, it is encourage you do so).

Once you bring a parakeet house from the pet store, that is essential to let it gain accustomed come the house. The is best if it is maintained in a quiet room that is only sometimes walked in, such together a guest bedroom.

Leave the parakeet in its brand-new cage in the room and also visit the a pair of times the day yet do not open the cage. Ns recommend leaving the bird alone because that at the very least one day, two days is also better.


Whether the bird is inside or exterior the cage psychic to save your hand close to the base of the parakeets feet.

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This parakeet is currently trained, yet note exactly how the finger is pushing versus the parakeets belly to do it step up.

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Step 2: take it the Bird Out

At the end of the second day, start by opened your parakeet's cage. If that comes the end on that is own, that's fifty percent the battle. If the does not, try holding a item of millet beside your finger so the the bird has to step on her finger to gain to the treat.

If the still does no come, climate darken the room so the you can see the parakeet, then usage a small, irradiate towel or a gloves to gently take the parakeet out. Location it on height of the cage and turn top top the lights.

Note: before you carry out this, you have to make certain your parakeet's soup feathers are trimmed so the they cannot fly also far.

Step 3: Be ready for Bites

Have part treats nearby, but leave lock aside for now. The parakeet will probably be too terrified come eat in ~ this suggest so have actually patience through the following steps.

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Have a light glove on her hand if girlfriend think you might not be able to handle a parakeet bite. It damages if the bites, however it is not as unbearable as you might think. The is essential NOT come jerk girlfriend hand far if the bird walk bite you as it will certainly teach it that biting you is effective in do the peril (your hand) walk away.