Kaplan is a self-described "PR hacker" who used his an initial appearance ~ above CNN to press his brand-new book & create the sales described above.

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Since then, he"s had more than 50 on-air interviews ~ above CNN -- and also many other major news networks too.

At 36, Kaplan is a PR pro who runs san Francisco-based PR Hacker, an firm that specializes in generating push coverage because that startups, small businesses & crowd-funding campaigns.

But together a do-it-yourselfer, Kaplan loves showing little business owners exactly how they can pitch journalists on their very own & soil their suppliers on programs choose “Good Morning America” & “Today” – for FREE!

He spoke recently to a packed residence in san Francisco & revealed his tricks on exactly how to:

Make your company newsworthyUse “breaking news” and other new stories to generate PR for her businessGet lots of TV & radio coverage for freeGet viewed by journalists together a assumed leader in your industryMeasure the efficiency of her media pitches

Below I"ll lay the end Kaplan’s 10 essential laws the PR hacking -- which might easily offer as a blueprint because that your next public relations campaign.

These tips work whether you"re bootstrapping a startup or working for an developed brand.

This PR Hacker"s 10 Tips will certainly Probably gain Your Brand stated on CNN

In the last 15 years, digital media has transformed the PR industry.

Today, the most successful PR civilization use data to drive almost every decision castle make, including:

what topic come pitchwhat title to usehow to create the ideal email subject line

There are ways that you deserve to measure, test, pivot, optimize & improve.

This is what PR hacking is all about!

PR hackers use modern technology & tools to execute PR strategies on a enormous scale *ON THE CHEAP* -- to obtain their companies stated in print, TV, radio & digital media.

The score is to no just get 5 media hits, however 500! To not just obtain 1,000 news individuals to her site, but to get a million or 10 million new users.

Below I"ll call you an ext about exactly how Kaplan first got his book on CNN.

But let"s first go v his 10 necessary laws the PR hacking.

1. Develop Strategic Context roughly Your Product

You have to make your organization newsworthy before you can acquire media coverage.

You put all of that stuff roughly it, and every one of the suddenly it’s very newsworthy. It is the context.

And that"s comparable to surrounding your company with newsworthy context.

Most businesses, regardless of exactly how revolutionary the product or service, room uninteresting. However making your agency newsworthy is an essential to convincing reporters to write around you.

There is so lot noise the end there, there is so much competition to get noticed, that basically at the core, no matter just how revolutionary your product is, you’re type of uninteresting. In the scheme of the human being news, you’re no that important.

As a company owner or marketer, friend must produce that strategic paper definition on your own -- favor what the hockey riots execute for the couple making out in the street.

Kaplan used a customer as an instance -- Klooff, a photo & video app aimed at pet owners.

Klooff was in Chile & wanted assist entering the American market.

Instead that a classic press release, Kaplan suggested these 3 story concepts that Klooff might pitch come media in the US:

3 ways Pets Teach Your youngsters Important Life LessonsHow to Take far better Care of her Pets and Save MoneyWhich dog breed is most most likely to score girlfriend a date?

None of these concepts related directly to Klooff in a advancement way.

But every headline had actually a an excellent chance of gaining picked up by the press.

Kaplan decided the pitch around dating & relationships, understanding that connecting Klooff through that niche had substantial potential for coverage & sales.

Klooff surveyed 1,000 world & pitched the results to the media.

And they go bonkers! The story showed up in significant news outlets in 21 countries!

And Klooff walk from zero to 20,000 users!

2. Produce Story Ideas, NOT press Releases!

The press release is dead!

You-first PR put the audience an initial -- that puts their requirements first. You create a story that informs, inspires, entertains & enlightens. And when you do that, you acquire the privilege of having actually your message around your commodities & business ride along with that.

And friend don’t require a strong sales pitch in the media come attract human being to your company.

Instead of telling the audience around your company, try showing your expertise by turning your best features into beneficial tips & advice.

Too often companies shift to “tell mode” v their PR campaigns.

Instead that telling, display your expertise!

Here"s exactly how Kaplan pitched multiple news hooks to turn a few media hits into hundreds:

The math of great Story Ideas

You deserve to maximize media coverage because that your organization by coming up with multiple story principles for journalists on various beats.

Kaplan provided a weight-loss app to highlight this following example.

There were about 700 tech-related media contacts he could have pitched in the only Area. Also a short 1-percent conversion price would average that 7 journalists cover the story.

But watch what happens once stories space pitched to reporters who cover health, money & relationships.

Here"s an instance of a wellness pitch:

4 ways to shed Weight and also Not Sacrifice Your health and wellness Along the Way

If 1 percent that the 5,000 health and wellness reporters in the U.S. Covering the story, the generates 50 media hits.

But there are 7,000 journalists who cover money & an individual finance.

Here"s a story idea because that them:

How to save an Extra $100 in picking a Weight-Loss routine or Supplement

That"s another 70 hits.

And we might get one more 90 media access time by convincing 1% the the journalists who cover relationship to report this story:

How come Tactfully suggest to Your far-reaching Other that They need to shed Weight

As Kaplan put it:

Creativity has actually ROI. ... By being creative, by comes up through more an innovative stories, through pitching an ext verticals, every one of the sudden we have gone native 7 media hits to 217 media access time -- and we deserve to keep going.

Takeaway: you should leverage the PR numbers in her favor by pitching much more reporters & media outlets.

Many businesses don"t realize just how easy it is to acquire coverage from television & radio stations.

"We carry out it every day," Kaplan said.

3. Piggyback on stylish News or generate News Yourself

There room 4 species of news:

BreakingSeasonalTrendPersonal interest

“All the stories we can think of nice much loss into this 4 types," Kaplan said.


This is when President Obama announces a brand-new policy or program. If appropriate to her industry, a quick pitch deserve to land you as a resource in neighborhood stories around the topic.


Seasonal stories room holiday item & other subjects that space covered at certain times the year.


Trend story reflect brand-new or unusual fads in one industry.

Personal interest

An instance of a personal interest story could be a pitch around a difficulty your company"s CEO had to overcome.

You have the capacity to ride along with every one of this news or create this form of news for yourself.

So don"t just think about your product as soon as coming up with a pitch! Think about the understand & curiosity the the end audience.

“News is not simply something the is the tough news the the day," Kaplan said. “Creating news, developing stories is much wider than friend think."

4. Personalize & Localize at huge Scale

One the the most an effective & efficient ways to gain media coverage for her product is to customize pitches for neighborhood journalists by saying stories appropriate to the areas they cover.

Remember, most reporters just want to recognize the story that will impact their audience in a an individual way.

First, determine 3 niche locations of your expertise where friend could claim thought leadership.

For example, instead of do the efforts to end up being a society media believed leader, a consultant functioning in on facebook marketing have to specialize in coming to be an skilled in:

social media because that Realtors

Or also better:

social media because that Realtors spring to tempt high net-worth clients in the suburbs

Once you"ve created thought management in at least 3 specific niches, it will convey a tendency -- and also you will certainly perforce come to be a thought leader in her industry.

6. Measure the magnitude & rate of Media Response

When you key a story, salary close fist to just how long it takes reporters to respond. And test various headlines to check out which get the best response.

Kaplan operated for a customer with a product that helps regimen your smartphone to execute several functions. One function is reading your message messages aloud come you while girlfriend drive.

Kaplan & his team believed this feature would acquire the most attention indigenous journalists -- for this reason they tested 2 pitches on reporters:

5 simple Ways to finally Stop Texting and also DrivingHow to convince Your kids to never ever Text and also Drive Again

Which pitch carry out you think obtained the most an answer from the media?

Yep, the conversion price was 350% higher for “How to convince Your children to never ever Text and also Drive Again”.

The story was pitched come TV & radio stations throughout the country -- and also several stations even started petition drives as multiple sheriffs endorsed the app.

“That’s the strength of A/B testing & optimizing,” Kaplan said.

7. Test, Optimize & Pivot your Pitch

Lots the media pitching is carried out these work via email, i beg your pardon is great for do-it-yourselfers since it makes your PR strategies basic to measure & test.

Kaplan uses around 100 media outlets to test various pitches -- with different headlines, topic lines, etc.

He tracks the conversion price for the 100 emails he sends out to the press.

The switch rate shows how many journalists were interested in covering the story.

We love pitching through email because we have the right to measure it yes, really well. If you don’t measure, you can’t optimize. Just how will girlfriend know exactly how your stories are doing?

Kaplan likewise tracks exactly how long it takes reporters to respond -- 2 hours is far better than 2 days.

8. Time Your distribution to increase the Odds

A 24-hour news cycle method you have to be all set to pitch your firm as a resource at any kind of time.

The morning Kaplan landed his very first interview through CNN, he sent his email at 4:45am, the morning the the interview.

“The display started at 5am,” Kaplan said. “So we scheduled the email for the optimal switch time.”

Even despite he had actually the email addresses the the appropriate CNN producers, Kaplan rather pitched anchor john Roberts at precisely 4:45am.

He sent the email at the time since he knew Roberts was most likely bored while gaining makeup at 4:45am -- and also thus checking email on his phone.

So Kaplan hit that with an e-mail right at the time.

Two minutes later, I got the response: "let’s do it, forwarding to mine producers"

Roberts’ clout at CNN probably helped Kaplan make it on air -- because Roberts forwarded the email to the producers.

What perform you think is much more powerful, an email from me, someone they don’t know, saying I want to it is in on the show? Or an e-mail that is forwarded from john Roberts, to the producer, that says, "hey, need to we have actually this guy on the show?"

9. Embed straightforward Traction Steps

Always shot to work traction steps right into your story. Because that example, getting:

website visitorsnewsletter signupsapp installs

“A media hit is not the can be fried goal,” Kaplan said. “We desire to form the interview to obtain the most traction.”

Provide reporters & producers v sample questions & cartridge points expected to guide interviewers toward asking around your company -- or whatever you REALLY desire to talk about.

But the background info you administer should no be a sales pitch.

It needs to be target & amazing if you want them to usage it in the story.

10. Use Media inert to flourish Your Market

Make sure to syndicate your own media exposure.

Kaplan tells his client to share all their media access time on their:

blogsocial networksnewsletteremail campaigns

This conveys the post that the agency is everywhere the place.

But there is also more tangible ROI to gain from generating press coverage for her business. For instance here to be the results of Kaplan"s an initial CNN interview:

10k new website visitors25k new sales$60k in revenue pertained to the coverage

Check out Kaplan"s CNN interview:

Start Hacking!

Kaplan cases his brand of digital "PR hacking" is 25 come 100 times much more effective than classic PR.

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So try it out! What do you got to lose?

You have actually hundreds the daily methods to pitch journalists & create media coverage for her business.