Whether you looking come raise your public profile, or hope to acquire the indigenous out around a new product, media coverage is one of the ideal ways to acquire your company noticed.

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Unfortunately though, obtaining press coverage no a basic matter the firing turn off pitches and also hoping because that the best. Like all good things, effective media public is the an outcome of tough work, and careful planning.

PR experts now outnumber journalists 5 to one. In order come stand the end in today’s information-saturated world, you’re walk to require a setup – one that will help you land the coverage friend need. Here are 5 steps the will aid you develop a strategy to get your firm into the news.

Step 1: begin With her Story


15Five has a compelling story and solid core worths that run through the organization and it’s customer base. Lock openly share their ideology as a way to understand their purpose and also the difficulty they solve. Http://www.15five.com/about/

What’s the secret to landing push coverage? law something that will get the media’s attention. Big-ticket stars use this tactic all the time. From celebrities come startups marketing widgets, the idea is the same: the media want something the will gain their reader’s attention. Give it come them, and also your possibilities of coverage will soar.

Forty-four percent the journalists obtain pitched a minimum the twenty times per day. The best means for your startup to get into the push is by having one amazing firm story, one that will help you to stand the end from the crowd.

Your story is your opportunity to current your news in a way that’s irresistible come the press. It’s your raison d’être, your reason for existence.

Develop your an individual story alongside your startup story. This will assist to provide your agency a face, and add a level of human interest, an extremely important because that making it right into the news. Go past the timeless “why I started this business…” Instead, be compelling. Show the people why your company needs to exist. Mention what trouble you’re solving, or what you’re law to readjust the world.

By occurring a solid and compelling story, you will do it be off to a an excellent start. Her story will lay the groundwork because that facilitating media coverage. So invest some time top top this and also make certain your story’s a great one.

Step 2: develop Goals – Reasonable Ones


Create a checklist of work you need to accomplish weekly, monthly, quarterly, and also annually.

Next, you’re walk to desire to emphasis on setup clear, reasonable goals.

It’s important to focus on smart goals, not just vanity metrics. Set your goals carefully, with the large picture in mind. Instead of, “become famous,” it is in specific. Collection goals that will assist you to reach your higher objectives: “Increase brand awareness by targeting famous publications,” or “Alert potential client to a brand-new product by search coverage in niche publication that our target industry frequents.”

Having plainly defined objectives will assist you to know at a glance if she on-track, and will show you once you require to change your strategy. Use a spreadsheet come categorize everything, and also build a tactical media list. Select journalists and publications the you would like to have cover your company, and also opt for outlets the will aid you to reach your publicity goals.

Less is always more. She busy and also don’t have limitless hours come pour right into media outreach, so make your initiatives count. In ~ this point, it’s no so much a numbers game as the is about the quality of her strategy. 2 or 3 solid relationships will far outweigh one foot in the door in ~ dozens that publications.

Step 3: develop Rapport v Journalists prior to You need Them



Short and straightforward inquiries to writers and journalists room best. Prior to sending this email, crystal made certain that the writer covered this form of content first and that she was supplying her help, together opposed to providing her an ext work.

Would you walk approximately a complete stranger and also ask for a favor? many of us cringe at the thought. But what about asking a girlfriend for a favor? much less pressure, right?

When pitching come the press, that the same thing. Through pitching to journalists, you’re essentially asking them for a donate – to cover your company. But without establishing a rapport front of time, you’re just asking strangers because that favors.

Journalists are people too. Prior to you start pitching to them, it’s vital to connect with them ahead of time. In fact, sixty-four percent of writers think the it’s necessary to develop a personal connection before pitching. Ideally, you have to start connecting with them long prior to you need them, and at the really least, two months before you pitch.

Successful media outreach is all around relationships. Your finest chance that coverage will hinge directly upon your partnership with the writers in question. Because you know them, that will assist you to pitch news that they’re actually interested in. And also since they recognize you, they’ll be an ext inclined to review your pitch.

Start Connecting with Journalists:

Connect with Them or In-Mail lock on LinkedIn – part writers like LinkedIn. If the writers you’re targeting are on there and also the timing seems right, pick their mind about how they choose to be pitched. Ask lock what type of story they look for and also how much an alert they choose to have actually when extending your news or announcement.Connect Locally – If a journalist is local, it’s necessary to attach in-person. Top top a regional level, to visit events, conferences, or trade mirrors to obtain some confront time.

One major win we freshly secured was as result of diligence in pursuing relationships before pitching. Our director of PR uncovered a mrs reporter who fit ours client’s demographic, and also started adhering to her on Twitter. She started engaging v her over points they had in typical for number of months. Only after establishing a link did she pitch her. The reporter provided us an e-mail that placed us in touch v the ideal producer, and also four months later our client secured an remarkable interview that sent their website web traffic skyrocketing!

Never underestimate the prestige of connections. Take the moment to affix with journalists on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or in-person. Present yourself, and also establish a connection. You’ll have actually much much better results the cold pitching.

Step 4: build the Perfect Pitch


If friend take the time to study the right outlet, journalist, and also equivalently invest time on do the ideal pitch, you deserve to turn one media mention into longtail exposure for yourself. Brenton Hayden (Renters Warehouse founder), added content to Entrepreneur.com, which obtained syndicated to Yahoo Finance and also thus led the to plenty of interviews and even a spot on the Steve Harvey show.

Most startups view every success as exciting – because, truthfully – lock are! however as straightforward as the is to be thrilled with your own news, it’s important to look at it indigenous the media’s perspective. Ask you yourself if the story will certainly be just as amazing to them.

Look at your news native a 1000-foot perspective, and shot to imagine a headline that your customer would want come read. This will assist you to handmade a pitch that will certainly be an ext likely to capture the writer’s attention.

This is where the relationships that you’ve been structure with the push will come into play. Before you pitch, it’s important to ask permission, or to learn how the journalist prefers to expropriate pitches.

Ideally, you won’t even have to key at all. You will have built rapport over time, and from over there you’ll have actually a great idea about what form of stories they cover. You’ll have the ability to ask if you can share part news the you believe they’ll be interested in. If did you do it done your homework right, you’ll be met with open up ears.

If her news doesn’t have a integrated story – create one. Name: coordinates an influencer project to create excitement, and also use the momentum to justification a push mention. Or adjust the edge of the key so it will be appeal to the reporter in question. Because that example, if the writer frequently covers company success stories, be sure to to mark this facet of her story in her pitch.

Step 5: near the Deal

Create beautiful and detailed assets for the media. Be all set to carry out the information they request. Time is of the essence, therefore anticipate your questions and also stockpile her answers and also assets accordingly.

No one wants to be believed of as pushy – visions of the clichéd used car salesman feather to mind. As soon as closing the deal with writers, don’t be aggressive. Your goal no to press a writer into covering you; you’re just confirming interest.

Follow up just after 2 or 3 days. Even if you’re in a time crunch, it’s vital to wait at the very least 24 hours.

When a writer responds v a “not interested,” don’t be discouraged: that happens. Instead, shot to usage no’s together an chance to discover what you deserve to do differently next time. Probably the timing was wrong, or the story to be a poor fit because that the publication. Every little thing it is, be sure to respond to the writer, thanking lock for your consideration, and also if the timing’s best – consider asking if you can pitch to them again in the future. Always treat a no like a future yes.

When a writer does respond positively to your pitch, make certain you’re available to give them everything they should tell her story. If she launching, make certain your website is ready. If lock ask for an interview, do yourself available for one. Have actually your push assets top top hand: founder bios, picture or videos the the assets in action, and also your company story or media release. A few great pieces can be very impactful, so focus on quality over quantity.

It can be simple to come throughout as rude, also without definition to be. So was standing by her promises and keep come deadlines. If you promise who an embargo, give it come him or her. Don’t adjust your mind. Be responsibility of the truth that you’re structure your reputation. If you do life less complicated for the journalists, opportunities are they’ll be receptive the following time you approach them through a story.

Media Coverage frequently Asked Questions

What are the three varieties of media coverage?

The three varieties of media coverage room owned, paid, and also earned. Own is your own media, payment is promotion media, and also earned is unpaid coverage from various other sources.

What space some means to get more media coverage?

Build rapport v journalists and also outlets prior to needing coverage indigenous them. Be energetic on society media, share articles, and also be more involved in the market to construct a better network.

What is a media coverage report?

A media coverage report shows a summary of what coverage you’ve been gaining in media outlets. This can include society media mentions, interviews, or articles about your brand.

Media Coverage Conclusion

Successful coverage isn’t landing a one-time feature; it’s about finding a means to facilitate consistent coverage for her company. This is where all of those relationships that did you do it been building with the push will come complete circle. Due to the fact that they’ve featured friend once, they’ll be more likely to cover friend again in the future.

Keep up through journalists who function you. Follow them on social media, comment on their articles, and share leads the you think they’ll find interesting. Work hard to keep the relationships that you’ve established. Girlfriend never know when you could have an ext news to share.

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About the Author: Renée Warren is the CEO and Co-founder the Onboardly, a demand marketing agency that helps startups fast-track visibility, brand awareness and lead generation. We job-related at the intersection whereby public relations, content marketing, and also social media meet, to supply marketing the gets results. Follow her
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