If you’re wonder if a threesome is for you, you’re certainly not alone. Group sex is the most usual sexual fantasy among Americans, follow to a study conducted by Justin Lehmiller Ph.D., Men"s Health advisory board member and also research other at the Kinsey Institute. Men especially fantasize around sex involving multiple people.

Studies display that about 10% that women and 18% of guys report having actually participated in a threesome. If you’re feather to add yourself to that lucky group of people who get to do their fantasies a reality, right here are some things to consider. Us polled sex experts and regular people who"ve had a three-way on every element of just how to have a threesome.

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Why do world love threesomes?

“Honestly, threesomes for me have actually been around getting come enjoy another woman through the woman ns love. It’s the endure with my companion that I reap the most. ~ above a next note, the opportunity to be inside multiple ladies in the exact same night is an ego boost. Simply keeping that real.” –Rafa, 34, san Diego

“I think there’s miscellaneous special around intimacy v multiple world at the exact same time. Ns don’t also think it’s about fantasy fulfillment, it’s much more just gaining the opportunity to gain loving two people like the at once.” —Spencer*, 21, Quebec

“You can get really an innovative in team sex cases thinking of new positions to try, taking turns to focus on one person, etc. I choose that the sex doesn’t stop even if one human taps out briefly to have actually a drink that water or simply sit and also watch the various other two. It’s a constant dynamic process that you simply don’t obtain in 1-1 sex.” –L*, 22, UK

What space the logistics of having a threesome?

There space so plenty of ways to pursue and also have a threesome, for this reason you’re going to have to really think around what friend want. Right here are some concerns to think about:

Who carry out you want to have a threesome with?

Do you want to join an currently couple, have someone sign up with a romp v you and also your partner, or are we feather to recruitment a few free agents? These components are going come determine just how you search for a threesome.

What space you and also your partners open up to?

What room your linked sexualities? that will be interacting with whom, and also what sort of activities are ~ above the table? part folks choose to have threesomes without kissing, or take the idea the penetration turn off the table. Some men want to have a “devil’s threesome,” i m sorry is a threesome including two guys who execute not have actually sexual interaction with every other. Others want a fully bisexual threesome.

Where are we act this?

Consider potential locations, sleeping arrangements and also the term of the experience before you jump into it. If you’re partnered and you’d rather not have the human joining girlfriend stay, you re welcome make the clear. If you’re open up to the opportunity, make certain there’s lot of of space in her bed for three.


How carry out I uncover folks to have actually a threesome with?

“It helps to find a community and also friends with similar opinions in the direction of sex and also relationships. We uncovered kink communities, LGBTQ areas that detailed opportunities come organize a threesome. Dating internet sites deserve to work yet it’s not cool to be a unicorn hunter.” –Rafa, 34, san Diego

“My main partner and I looked at each others’ Tinder matches and messaged the civilization we to be both drawn to (and that seemed prefer they could be open up to it!) asking if they’d it is in interested in a threesome. If the answer was yes, we’d chat a little about boundaries, likes, dislikes, etc., and then if things still felt an excellent thereafter, we’d accomplish up.” —Gabe, 30, Cape Town

“I would suggest that other civilization interested in threesomes need to start with their partners and talk come them about what possibilities they’re open up to. If you’re ~ above your very own I mean the apps (like Feeld and also OKC) and online neighborhoods are other areas to look. Most of the sex positive human being I’ve met and also have communicated with were found using these methods.” —Daniel L., 40, Queens

What is unicorn hunting?

Unicorn searching is when a heterosexual couple seeks a bisexual woman to sign up with them because that a threesome. It’s not inherently wrong come look for a bisexual mrs to have a threesome with. However, unicorn hunters have actually a negative reputation due to the fact that they frequently treat the mrs joining them as a transaction, as opposed to a person being.

Unicorn hunters also tend to usage predatory and also deceptive tactics in order to attract bisexual women into their bedrooms. They often will go into queer-designated spaces by specifically using the women’s file on dating apps, or even existing as a solitary woman, just to expose the intended plan AFTER a rapport has been struck up. This pipeline bisexual ladies feeling hurt and also misled.

“If every you’re interested in is getting a third for you and your wife through no actual emotional connection I would certainly recommend hiring a skilled sex worker,” claims Daniel L. Native Queens. It’s completely valid to rental a sex worker if you want to call the shots! That way you can produce the exact experience you want and not worry about the emotional attachment.


How execute I emotionally prepare for a threesome?

Communicate, communicate, communicate. Jealousy throughout a threesome with a companion is usual for people in monogamous relationships. Research studies literally present that communicating or producing rules that advantage you and your partner can amplify feeling of comfort. If you battle with communication, you may want to host off on having a threesome till you further build this skill.

“Start turn off threesomes v sharing every person’s desires, fears, and also boundaries," states sexuality education Cory Bush, CD. "Each human being (regardless if they’re partnered) should share their own.” This is a great way come air out any potential roadblocks, and determine what you might want to look the end for concerning any type of potential root cause or uncomfortable feelings.

Defining your boundaries beforehand is always recommended.

What need to I keep in mind throughout the actual threesome?

worry around erections. Penises often fail to continue to be erect in group situations and also that is completely normal, especially if you’re brand-new to it. Ns promise no one will care. It’s for this reason much an ext exciting finding an innovative ways come pleasure civilization without a emphasis on penetration.” – L*, 22, UK

“I think if you’re wanting a threesome because it’s a particular fantasy because that you, just change your expectations a little? They deserve to be a little stilted and also awkward at an initial and it have the right to take a couple tries to gain it come live approximately what you’re picturing.”—Spencer, 21, Quebec


There room a couple of red flags come look out for when engaging in a threesome.

“I think if who is exceptionally eager to gain down and dirty however dismissive as soon as it pertains to all the prep work-related (setting boundaries, controlling expectations, etc.), that human being may not have actually your ideal interests at heart.” –Gabe, 30, Cape Town

“When it’s around finding who to rekindle the attraction you need to your partner. That’s a different problem that needs inner work and communication and therapy.” —Evans, 29, Ghana

“The largest thing ns look for is the both parties space both excited—even if they present it in different ways. Mine biggest worry is that in the couple, one partner is the leader and the other partner is simply going in addition to it essentially.” –Emerson K, 21, Kansas

But what if everything goes horribly wrong?

If you’re going right into a threesome with a partner, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Jealousy might rear that is ugly head, insecurity might take over, or triggers may unknowingly become revealed. A threesome is a risky activity, and also can highlight instability in her relationship.

That’s why it’s incredibly important to get in the experience understanding that your partnership feels safe and secure. “Even if points don’t go how you believed they would or even if something root cause you, you understand that you have a supportive companion who is under to help you v that afterwards,” bush says. “We need to feel both physically and also emotionally safe in order to truly surrender to satisfied so if you’re worried around something the could reason a fight, hold off and focus on that for now.”

Even though it might be scary to go after a threesome, don’t let are afraid lead you. A threesome is a an excellent opportunity to have a tiny fun, discover sexually, and potentially obtain closer to her partner(s) in the process.

*Subject"s name has been adjusted to allow them come speak easily on exclusive matters.

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