The an initial time I saw my favorite band in concert, I had to drive all the means to Canada. Arcade Fire was headlining the outdoor Osheaga Music Festival in Montreal, an interpretation they weren’t playing until late at night. But, wanting that front row view, my ideal friend and also I lined up external the venue at an early stage in the morning, climate sprinted come the prior of the phase the minute the gates opened—10 hours before the tape was slated come perform.

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absent ‘n’ roll is below to continue to be | picture courtesy Unsplash user Anthony Delanoix

Now, also Canada gets hot in July, however I would gladly repeat those long hrs standing in the unrelenting summer sun if it supposed I could relive the endure of watching Arcade Fire rock out to a group of thousands just feet from where I to be dancing my heart out v my bestie. Nothing can match the suffer of going come a live show. I understand everyone says it, however the lead singer yes, really did do eye contact with me, ns swear!

For music lovers, yes an energy you gain from an artist once you check out them in human being that’s shed in a recording, no issue how an excellent the manufacturing value; gift in a crowd of fans who love the same music together you is a nearly spiritual experience. That’s why concert ticket are among the ideal gifts you deserve to give—they treat someone to an endure that is one-of-a-kind. Concert tickets room a thoughtful gift come celebrate your finest friend and the things that they love. Also if they’ve viewed the band before, every power is unique, and will leave an indelible impression on their soul.

Concerts tickets room a gift the deserves the absent star treatment; merely handing over some paper stubs in a greeting card v a white envelope just won’t do. You require to discover that creative, musical genius within so the the experience of acquiring the ticket is practically as memorable together the present itself. And also so, without further adieu, here are part rockin’ ideas for how to offer concert tickets together a gift.

Idea #1 – how to give Concert Tickets as a Gift: A music Scavenger hunt
Concerts space a work of arts | image courtesy Etsy seller RetroStubs

Every Christmas Eve, my mother sends mine sister and me top top a scavenger hunt, the result bounty constantly being a new pair of cozy pajamas. Even as adults, we still walk on our search, currently with our youngsters in tow. The thrill of looking for clue ~ clue, and the structure momentum, makes the night before Christmas almost an ext fun 보다 the following morning, proof the scavenger hunts can turn gift providing into the main event of any kind of celebration.

If you’re offering the gift of concert tickets, try putting with each other a musical scavenger hunt for the recipient. Incorporate trivia around the band in her questions. You have the right to use text from their songs to overview the hunter, because that instance, and hide hints in their CD or record collection, on tape posters, or ~ above musical tools decorating the house. The recipient’s excitement will develop as they start to establish that all of the ideas are related to their favorite tape and, once they lastly find and open the tickets, their joy will be together explosive as the first guitar riff tearing v the speaker at a rock show.

Idea #2 – Gifting Concert Tickets: A Balloon and Dart Prize wall surface Surprise

I couldn’t believe it. My $40 was missing, and also I had been in a finish daze because that at least an hour. Ns looked up and saw the the carnival was still going on about me, and came to the embarrassing realization that, yes, I had actually just spent $40 playing carnival games. In mine defense, they’re really fun!

Most carnival games are a lot more active than your typical board or map games, and there’s something so satisfying about knocking stuff over, throw balls, and, the course, popping balloons. Therefore why not offer someone the ultimate prize for winning a video game of balloon darts—concert tickets! the a much much better bounty than any kind of stuffed animal could be (though don’t tell the to mine teddy bear Robert).

These are literally waiting guitars… | photo courtesy Etsy seller Drawcord18

Setting increase a Balloon and also Dart Prize wall surface Game

Mount a piece of cork board on a wall surface somewhere much away native anything fragile. Acquire a fill of small, opaque balloons. Being careful of the tickets’ corners, shimmy them into one of the balloons, then blow it up and tie the off. Punch up the rest of her balloons too—aim for 25. Tack the end of your balloons to the corkboard in a 5×5 network pattern. Hand your gift recipient a collection of darts to shot to pop the balloons. Depending on their luck and also skill, this game could be over in a jiff or could take a little bit of time, v a tiny taunting around their aim, of course. One of two people way, you’re sure to wind up laughing as you clock them try to efficiently pierce the balloons.When they ultimately pop the balloon with the tickets, the watch of excited in your eyes will entirely make her waning lung capacity from blow up all those balloons precious it. Idea #3 – Announce your Concert Ticket Gift by to sing Telegram

I’ve always wanted to obtain a telegram. What even is a telegram? If i were savvier around early forms of telecommunication I could probably tell you but, as it is, the the next I have the right to come is a singing telegram.

sing it loud, sing it proud | picture courtesy Unsplash user Jason Rosewell

Now, singing telegrams space not because that the faint of heart. There’s a certain embarrassment threshold someone needs to have in order to uncover this gift delivery method funny rather of mortifying, so select your recipient wisely.

Got a goofy, good-natured candidate in mind? Great! contact your neighborhood singing telegram organization (you can uncover one online). Request the they sing a song from the tape whose concert you space gifting tickets to and then, once they’re done, lock can current your recipient v the ticket stubs.

The gift in ~ the finish will an ext than make up for any kind of flushed cheeks and also self-consciousness your loved one experiences during the to sing and, who knows, the next time it’s your birthday you just might find you yourself being serenaded at work-related by one Austin powers impersonator who comes bearing gifts. Currently that’s karma.

Idea #4: give Concert tickets as gifts by Revealing the surprised in a Playlist

My ideal friend native college and also I haven’t lived in the same state for 8 years, but we still hear to the exact same music every day. How? with online streaming services! We’re both obsessed v Spotify, but you have the right to make playlists on apologize Music, Amazon Music, 8 Tracks, and other apps. (They’re also good for keeping in touch with your friends end summer vacation; nothing inspires a arbitrarily phone call like part music you’re dying to discuss!)

If you and also your friend share a love of music, try sending lock a playlist (or, if she old school, a mix tape through a handmade track listing). Include a an enig code buried in between the lines; think of it together a modern, musical version of one acrostic poem. Every you need to do is pick a short sentence like “You room Going come a Concert,” then uncover songs that start with the words in the sentence.

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handmade the can be fried playlist as an extra keepsake | photo courtesy Unsplash user mark Solarski

Here’s a sample playlist:

You Look good by Lady AntebellumAre girlfriend Gonna it is in My Girl by JetGoing to California by Led ZeppelinTo develop a residence by The Cinematic OrchestraA case of girlfriend by Joni MitchellConcert pitch by empire of the Sun

Share the playlist with them and see exactly how long it takes castle to number out what’s going on. Once they realize what the playlist is trying to tell them, you deserve to share the news that you bought them concert tickets. And, that knows, the playlist girlfriend create can actually come to be one of her favorites because the music will certainly be tied to the good memory of surprising who you love.

Idea #5: Hide your Concert Ticket Gift in a Bucket that Popcorn

People love hiding engagement ring in food, however I don’t think the the soon-to-be-engaged have to be the just ones who get to have some fun through their snacks! This concert ticket gift idea is really easy (and delicious to boot). Invite the gift recipient over for a movie night, best to see something musically-themed. Shot to find a concert DVD indigenous the band whose tickets you purchased or a documentary about the genre that music they play.

Popcorn is a how amazing perfect location to hide a current | photo courtesy Etsy seller LaReveuseDesign

Make a big batch of popcorn. On slide the concert tickets into a zip-top sandwich baggie, then place the bag in ~ the bottom that a huge bowl or bucket. To water the popcorn on optimal and, voila, you’ve obtained your surprise ready to go!

As you and also your guest munch ~ above the popcorn during the movie, the surprised at the bottom that the key will progressively be revealed. The just thing far better than finishing up a big batch of buttery popcorn is realizing the the fun is walk to continue at a concert sometime in the close to future.

If friend think who you recognize would love to view a concert, but you’re not sure which ticket to feather for, shot doing some research. Encourage lock to it is registered on a gift exchange website that allows you to do wish lists, like lasignoralaura.com. Tell lock you’re having a music-themed gift exchange, and ask lock to add some of their most-coveted tape merch to their wish list. Then, you can see which musician they’re crazy around so friend know specifically which concert to take them to.

Seeing a band you love in concert is one experience prefer no other. As soon as I came home from seeing Arcade Fire every those years ago, ns listened to your albums even an ext obsessively than before, each note of each song a reminder of the amazing time I had actually singing along to their music with thousands of like-minded people.

When you give someone the gift of live music, you want the experience to record some of the energy and whimsy of the yes, really concert itself. These creative gift giving concepts will do the memory of receiving their concert ticket stick in your mind just as long as the memory of seeing their favorite song by your favorite band played live ~ above stage.

Still require some gift principles for your music-obsessed friends? check out our music gift guide and also you’ll be all set. And also you can always get an ext inspiration by adhering to lasignoralaura.com’s Facebook page, or visiting united state on Instagram